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XD 45 or full size 1911

Discussion in 'Handguns: Autoloaders' started by mikep99, May 25, 2006.

  1. mikep99

    mikep99 Well-Known Member

    Right now I have fallen in love with the springfield 45 acp and the springfield full size 1911.

    I am stuck in between which one to get. They, of course, are the same caliber, but to many, it ends there. They are pretty much completely different firearms.

    What do you guys make of the Springfield XD 45 and the 1911 individually? Which one would you go with?
  2. Steelharp

    Steelharp Well-Known Member

    Get both... sell the one you like the least later... which will be neither... :evil:
  3. 10-Ring

    10-Ring Well-Known Member

    Everyone needs at least one 1911...then add whatever else makes sense to you!
  4. mikep99

    mikep99 Well-Known Member

    Yeah I know everyone needs a 1911, and I think that is where I am leaning towards....for most of the time. Yet, the springfield XD....wow!

    Which one is more reliable?
  5. xring44

    xring44 Well-Known Member

    I had the opportunity to handle/fire one of the xd-45s recently at our local range, and although I have never been a fan of the "modern look" it was a treat to shoot. It was suffering from FTF occasionaly, but accuracy was good and it feels good in your hand. I'd certainly never give up my stainless 1911 for one though.
  6. mikep99

    mikep99 Well-Known Member

    The 1911 is a classic, however, I know that many have it because of its beauty and the fact that it has a lot of history, etc. Nevertheless, how is the reliability on a 1911, since I don't know to much about the firearm except for it being a very nice one.

    what is FTF?
  7. longtooth

    longtooth Well-Known Member

    From an old timer. Because of age the 1911 has been in my hands a lot of yrs. Therefore all motor memory has been set in practice & more practice. I will pass my 11's to my son just before they shut the lid & have asked him to set his aside & carry one of mine at the service. His is an XD 40. He really likes it. I have shot his. No issues from the start. He did a military tear down & clean before it was fired. I have shot it several times. It points really good. Accurace is excellent out of the box as xring said. The XD is the only modern frame gun that I have shot & said, "if I couldn't have a 1911 I would really look at this." xd is good 1911's are forever. You choose.
  8. ugaarguy

    ugaarguy Moderator Staff Member

    That all depends on who you ask, what brand it is, and what trim level - i.e. Mil Spec or VERY tight competition gun; and thats a whole nother thread. I think after running a few hundred rounds thru it to verify function, as with all semi autos, I wouldn't be worried in the least. Even after the Beretta 92 replaced it as "standard issue" the 1911 has stuck around within specialized groups in the US Military; noteably Recon Marines, and the pistols that were made to spec for the MEU-SOC (Marine Expeditionary Unit - Special Operations Capable) folks. If 1911s weren't reliable they wouldn't be pushing 100 years in service with our military. JMB (John Moses Browning) definetly knew what he was doing when he designed it.

    Failure to Feed or Failure to Fire; FTE is Failure to Eject
  9. mikep99

    mikep99 Well-Known Member

    Thank you for your wonderful response. I really like the "forever" comment. I currently have a Walther P99, and I have never enjoyed such a wonderful pistol. It is a perfect fit for my hands. I never liked Glock because the grip was just not for me. I have never had a problem with the P99. Perfect firearm.

    However, I have been feeling like I am missing something. I have always been told that you can't go wrong with an all metal gun-- the 1911. Does anyone know how much I can get a springfield full size 1911? I am on a budget and if that is what I decide to get, then I am going to have to find a good model for a good price.

    The Xd 45 I like, but am not feeling it like the 1911. In addition to this, I tell myself, "if I am going to get a .45, I might as well get the 1911."
  10. eagle45

    eagle45 Well-Known Member

    I have to agree with 10-Ring, everyone needs at least one 1911. They are classic and once you adjust to the grip and safety, they are very natural and are actually a pleasure to shoot. By adjusting to the grip, I mean making the adjustment after having shot exclusively revolvers or double stack autos. I have owned two 1911s, currently own just one.

    Mikep99, you ask about reliability. As an XD fan (I own three in 40 caliber and the 45 ACP is next on my list) I have to say from a reliability standpoint, my own experience shows that the XD far exceeds the 1911 in the 'pull trigger, go bang' category. This includes both factory ammo and reloads. I have put a few thousand rounds through my XD Service model and 95% of that has been reloads. I have had only one feed problem with the Service model, and that was due to a bent magazine after it was dropped on a concrete floor in an IPSC match. My Tactical model did not like the FP bullets that I used in the Service and Sub Compact models, but I switched to a RNFP and they work fine. My own personal experience with the 1911s with both factory ammo and reloads (with a variety of mags) comes nowhere close to this.

    I believe the XD is not only more reliable, but it does this with a lot less maintenance than the 1911 design, and the chances of getting one that performs flawlessly out of the box in greater with the XD. My opinion only, your own results may vary of course. Not trying to start a 'design war', just answering the question.
  11. mikep99

    mikep99 Well-Known Member

    eagle45 thank you for your response and your opinion.

    I am amazed about the 45 XD that has come out. To me it is pretty amazing and I think it hold 13 + 1, which is pretty neat.

    I am stil up in the air about the 1911 in general. I want one, but am not sure if I want to get into it right now. I will think about it and see.
  12. Skirmisher

    Skirmisher Well-Known Member

    Had the same decision problem, so I got both.:D
  13. the pistolero

    the pistolero Well-Known Member

    Springfield GI .45 definitely worth consideration

    I got my GI .45 (link -- with the parkerized finish and 5" barrel) for ~$420 after tax. May be a little more, depending on who you get it from and if you go the stainless-steel route; browsing the GunsAmerica site, I saw another parkerized GI model for $445, and another for $550, and a stainless-steel model for $490. Granted, the GI model is a real stripped-down, no-frills 1911 open to all sorts of modifications (so far, I've put a set of Hogues on mine), but a great buy. Shoots good, (though those low-profile GI sights took me some getting used to), and with the money you save by not buying a more pricey pistol, you'll have plenty of money left for ammunition. :D
  14. vzwnnj

    vzwnnj Well-Known Member

    Everyone complains of the reliability of the 1911 and the maintenance involved..I've got a Springfield TRP and a Kimber TLE/RL that have now gone thousands of rounds w/o ANY issues...maintenance - sure (clean 'em)

    Also have a Dan Wesson commander bobtail...some issues with this one, but now corrected under warranty by the factory (400 straight rounds without an issue now)

    so what are you 1911 guys doing with yours to make them fail?
  15. PCRit

    PCRit Well-Known Member

    I compared my SA Lwt Loaded Champion to my new XD45 (both have 4" barrels). My main purpose is for CCW, not range plinking or competition. The XD is just as accurate up to 10yds, holds more rounds, is easier to clean/maintain, and will handle a wider range of defensive JHP rounds (with no "tweaking" required).

    Sold the 1911, kept the XD45ACP.... 'nuff said:D
  16. fletcher

    fletcher Well-Known Member

    I went through this same dilemma a couple months ago, and ended up getting the 1911 in my sig.

    I went to the store and picked up / held both of them, and each felt excellent. However, the 1911 eventually won because 1) It was on sale, 2) It was all metal, and stainless on top of that, 3) Not as heavy when fully loaded, 4) Many aftermarket upgrades available for it because of its popularity.
  17. cnyankee

    cnyankee Well-Known Member

    i was sold on the sa xd but what was undecided which caliber to get 9 mm or 40. then i saw the xd45acp (though they dont show that price). so i started reading posts and got more educated (i love this site) but now the 1911s have entered my thought process. the one thing im sold on it will be a SA. as for caliber i have handguns from a buckmark 22 up to a S&W 460 so power isnt an issue. also i assume if i go with the 45acp that they do have 10 round mags for it (though i would love the 13 round mag but i live i cal). with the 30 day waiting period i will be playing with my new M1A but want to buy the handgun this week. Accuracy is important. thanks for all your input.
  18. Busta Prima

    Busta Prima Well-Known Member

    They're both different enough that they simply compliment each other. The only thing they have in common is the caliber!!

    The 1911 is big, beautiful HARLEY and the XD-45 is a high tech "crotch rocket."

    Buy them both. Hey . . . if you buy a used 1911 and a new XD you can get both for under a grand!

  19. peanutlover

    peanutlover Member

    Get the 1911

    Hello all.

    I, too, like the look of the XD-45. I've not yet held one.

    I got my Springfield Full-size Milspec last year. I carry it daily in a Lou Alessi Bodyguard. It stays cocked and locked.

    I've put about 2000 rounds through her already. No problems. I can't remember having any FTEs or FTFs. Not one.

    I chose the 1911 platform because of the 3 safeties: (1) grip safety; (2) thumb safety; (3) the safety that resides between our ears. The 'trigger safety' on the XD isn't a safety at all. The trigger pull weight is not enough to reduce the chance of an accidental discharge.

    Just my 2 cents.
  20. Frenchy

    Frenchy Well-Known Member

    Got the XD-45 and the RIA 1911. Wouldn't unload either one of them!

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