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XDs Series Pistols

Discussion in 'Handguns: Autoloaders' started by Tomcat47, Mar 17, 2013.

  1. Tomcat47

    Tomcat47 Well-Known Member

    I love my new XDs .45 ... I was very lucky last year to get one pretty quick upon release. I want another one as well as one in 9mm.

    what I am seeing though is a lot of upset Firearms dealers that cannot get them.

    Seems Springfield cannot bring to fruition its ability to produce them on the same level as they put into marketing them??

    May be due to current 2A issues, but I was looking for production numbers from Springfield, but have no results as of yet.

    Just an observation....
  2. JRH6856

    JRH6856 Well-Known Member

    Sounds like Jerry Jones and the Dallas Cowboys. :(
  3. au01st

    au01st Well-Known Member

    All I see is people buying them and flipping them for profit. Love seeing brand new guns on Armslist...
  4. 4v50 Gary

    4v50 Gary Moderator Staff Member

    They may be this generation's Seecamp. Elusive and in demand.
  5. r1derbike

    r1derbike Well-Known Member

    I've got over 1K rounds through mine, more tomorrow, when I get bored shooting .38 specials (my wife will shoot them, as that's the caliber she wants). The thing has been rock-solid with just 1 failure to return to battery from my severely fatigued grip.

    They were hard to get when I got mine 6 months ago. Now, I'm running low on .45acp ball for range work. Bummer.

    If you remember, the XD-S was many months late to the party, and left us livid, after we were told they would be out quickly.
    Last edited: Mar 18, 2013
  6. Tomcat47

    Tomcat47 Well-Known Member

    XDs Production

    Contacted customer service at Springfield and they relayed that production of XDs 45 was at capacity and I suppose Gunbroker reflects that they are becoming readily available.... At a price of course.... :scrutiny:

    I paid $569 out the door for my first Xds 45 ..... some on GB and other sights are at $700+ (not happening) And other sights are under $600 but out of stock, some bids on GB are around $500 but I dont suspect they will stay there?

    On The XDs 9mm they stated that they would not ship before end of second quarter of 2013.... So we are looking at July....:eek:

    But that is the way they play the game I guess. Will be waiting patiently...:(
  7. m3mh0g

    m3mh0g Well-Known Member

    Even when they were first shown to the public at shot show, they were not going to be for sale until at least the 2nd quarter is what Springfield mentioned. I have my 45 and another 9mm on order (the first one at me dealer) I can't wait. Remember "Patience is a virtue"
  8. JRH6856

    JRH6856 Well-Known Member

    Like vaporware with computers: announce a new product, see how much buzz it generates, then decide whether or not it is worth producing and how many.
  9. PO2Hammer

    PO2Hammer Well-Known Member

    Huh, my LGS (MN) has several in stock. XD9, XD9 Tac, XD45 XDm's.
    I plan on getting a 9mm Tactical for a fun gun. The ergonomics work well for me.
  10. m3mh0g

    m3mh0g Well-Known Member

    PO2 we are talking about the sub compact XDS line. The first 45 was introduced last year and the 9mm is due out in Q2
  11. Outlaw Man

    Outlaw Man Well-Known Member

    My bet is it is typical "initial production run" woes combined with the current hoarding insanity. It's not uncommon for a recently released handgun to be hard to find. Current market nuances only exacerbate it.

    Why? I don't know. It's not like they're on anyone's CURRENT ban list. They're even legal in New York in standard capacity.

  12. Double Vision

    Double Vision Well-Known Member

    I'm really happy with my XDs.
    Today my cousin & I put 100 rounds through it using the 5 and 7 round mags.
    It was his first time with the XDs, and he really liked it, outshooting me by a long shot.
  13. zerofournine

    zerofournine Active Member

    I just bought a two tone XDS 45 from Grabagun in Texas. They sell them online. I paid $580, not too bad for the two tone. They just sold the black version last week for $530 and change I believe. They get them pretty regularly. Sign up for an account with them, and put the gun on notification, and they will email you when they get one in stock.
  14. Mousegun

    Mousegun Well-Known Member

    Unbelievably accurate for a small gun. With a little polishing, the trigger is quite good too with a moderate take up and good let off.

    The sights are nice with a red or green plastic fiber optic front sight and two white dots at the rear.

    People are making holsters for them and it is my favorite carry gun so far.
  15. Delford

    Delford Well-Known Member

    Finding them in my area is an issue. Hope that will improve soon. I'd feel more comfy carrying the XDS than my P345. I asked this question in another thread: how does it handle 230 gr round ball?
  16. Tomcat47

    Tomcat47 Well-Known Member

    By Far My Favorite as well...and ditto on accuracy in a small package!
  17. 460Shooter

    460Shooter Well-Known Member

    Hmmmm, I would like to see one in .38 super. May not be fun to shoot though.
  18. riceboy72

    riceboy72 Well-Known Member

    I just bought one two weeks ago and so far, so good. No malfuctions, no funky brass getting flung at my head, and this thing is accccccccurate.

    At my local indoor range, 25', with five shots. Shoots a tad bit high, but for being only my second time out with it, I'd say it's damn accurate. The target is an index card cut in half with a colored adhesive dot stuck on the card.

  19. CZ223

    CZ223 Well-Known Member


    I hope mine is nearly as accurate. I picked one up this week on a whim. Mine was $530 out the door. Haven't had a chance to shoot it yet. I have tons of 45 reloads and lots more components.:neener:
  20. OilyPablo

    OilyPablo Well-Known Member

    I don't think the XDs 9mm is actually in the market yet. I could be wrong.

    I love my XDs .45ACP. A 45 this size, super accurate and reliable PLUS fun to shoot? Not much to hate there. BUTTTTT if the 9mm is exactly the same size - I could wrong - there are so many other smaller 9mm pistols, I would struggle with the benefit, maybe increased round count, well and nice feel, and grip safety...and accuracy.....:D I could be wrong.

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