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XS Ghost Ring, Marlin 336

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by caliber729, Nov 5, 2006.

  1. caliber729

    caliber729 Member

    Anyone out there have any experience with the XS Sight Systems Ghost ring aperture set for the Marlin 336?

    I bought a set and mounted it on my Marlin 336. I ran out to the range today and had not-so-good results. Even with the rear aperature bottomed out, the rifle was shooting close to 12 inchs over point of aim at 100 yards with standard Remington 150 grain round nose ammo. I also tried the 170 grainers with nearly the same results.

    Anyone else have this or a similar problem? any suggestions for a fix?
  2. Shawnee

    Shawnee member

    Higher front sight. Make sure to get a white bead or a post.

    Or take the Ghost sights back and get a Williams aperture sight.

  3. X-Rap

    X-Rap Well-Known Member

    Did you replace the front sight as well ? If so is the new sight the one that came with the ghost ring rear?If so your sight picture needs to be different with the ring and front blade compared to the buckhorn and bead. Try placing your target on top of the blade rather than covering like you would a bead then center the target in the ring. Also make shure the ring is set into the base completly
  4. Rock_Steady

    Rock_Steady Well-Known Member

    Contact XS, they have great customer service. Tell them where you are hitting and they will send you a new front sight post, free of charge, and send you a shipping envelope to send back your old one. That's what they did with me and the problems I had with the sights for my 1894c.
  5. caliber729

    caliber729 Member

    I did replace the front sight with the one that came in the set. I also adjusted the rear ring completely down into the base until it bottomed. I finally hit paper when I aimed at the bottom of the target to see if I was overshooting the target.

    I am more than a little suprised that my rifle could have such a large variance compared to other 336's with regard to vertical bullet placement. That is assuming that XS did its homework when putting together a calibrated set of sights.

    I will take the rifle back out and shoot with only the standard sights to get a feel of the relative shot placement with those sights.

    I think I will contact XS, thanks for the advice everyone.
  6. de

    de member

    Yep, and I bet you paid a big price for that little chunk of steal too didn't you. Mine did the same thing. Those things are way over priced in my opinion and over rated too. I ended up going to a Lyman receiver sight which I like much better. I have had the Lyman sights for years (over 20) and have had very good luck. I have the Lyman on a Model 94 Winchester 3030, a Model 92 Winchester 357man, and a Marlin 1895cb in 4570. Lyman told me they wouldn't work no the Marlin, but they will. I used the same model on all three rifles.

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