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Ya'll's Crazy! 5" 1911 is Comfy!

Discussion in 'Handguns: Autoloaders' started by brockgl, May 23, 2008.

  1. brockgl

    brockgl Well-Known Member

    I just received in the mail my Brommeland Max-Con V IWB holster for my full-size 1911. This is the first holster I have owned for my 1911 (just got the gun last week), and it very possibly will be my last! I am wearing a tucked-in white undershirt (for comfort), a pair of suspenders (for support), and an untucked polo shirt over the top (for concealment), and this thing just disappears! I can barely feel it on me while I am seated typing this post. It is firmly against my body at 4 o'clock under a pair of normal size (for me) blue jeans. I think I'm in love! It's a big gun, but it's so slim that it works! This style of dress is how I always CCW. But usually hiding under the untucked polo shirt is my beloved S&W 642 Airweight. I just wanted to tell those who say that a 5" 1911 is not concealable that I have found a way (for me at least). This thing hides better than my P229, and I am pretty sure it's because it uses a single stacked mag instead of double stacked which keeps it so thin. Anyway, just thought I'd share--it's exciting!
  2. Lonestar49

    Lonestar49 Well-Known Member


    Need some pics and a link..

  3. brockgl

    brockgl Well-Known Member

  4. northwestneighbor

    northwestneighbor Active Member

    i need to get me a holster like that :D
  5. MikePGS

    MikePGS Well-Known Member

    Nice, thanks for the pics :D

    MICHAEL T Well-Known Member

    1911's conceal very easy with a good holster I carry my DW bobtail or a Colt Commander every day I use a http://ubgholsters.com and works great
  7. Green Lantern

    Green Lantern Well-Known Member

    Dang, that looks nice - AND "discreet!" :)
  8. Lonestar49

    Lonestar49 Well-Known Member



    That works..

  9. Curiousity

    Curiousity Well-Known Member

    That looks Nice!
  10. Richard

    Richard Well-Known Member

    I love 1911s but my opine is that even with a good holster and belt a Government Model gets old by the end of the day. Regards, Richard:)
  11. combatantr2

    combatantr2 Well-Known Member

    Great concealed carry set-up. I used to carry that way (but no suspenders). My problem with leather IWB holsters is that overtime they lose their form and eventually the opening collapses everytime you draw the gun after so many times. Now I carry OWB Fobus for 1911 with outer shirt covering.
  12. MaterDei

    MaterDei Well-Known Member

    Nice. Did you order it via Coal Creek Armory? Is that a standard belt you're wearing? It doesn't look real thick.
  13. retgarr

    retgarr Well-Known Member

    I hear people say that the 1911 is a hard gun to carry, but I manage to carry my CZ75 semi compact which is a good deal wider and about the same weight. And I know other people carry the CZ75's too. I've also carried a 1911 and found that due to it's slimness it is easier to carry than my CZ75,
  14. combatantr2

    combatantr2 Well-Known Member

    Retgarr; With a non thick belt but as long you have ur suspenders on your pants waistband won't sag that much.
  15. brockgl

    brockgl Well-Known Member

    Yes, I did order it from Coal Creek, it took 2 days to arrive via Fedex ($15 shipping though), but I am very happy with the purchase, and yes it is just a standrad belt I got at the mall one year.

    THE MACHINIST Well-Known Member

    [​IMG]this is my favorite mode of carry for a 1911 lightweight springfield loaded.
  17. 45auto

    45auto Well-Known Member

    Perhaps not hard to carry a 5", but sitting down with it can be interesting, depending on body style, rig, etc I believe.
  18. vanilla_gorilla

    vanilla_gorilla Well-Known Member

    I carry my full-sized 1911 almost daily, and don't have a bit of a problem with it.
  19. Anonymous Coward

    Anonymous Coward Well-Known Member

    Fat guys have all the luck.
  20. Hoppy590

    Hoppy590 Well-Known Member

    im 130 lbs. and my P14 (double stack 1911) is comfy and easily concealed, even OWB.

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