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Yes, yet another thread about the Bersa .380cc.....HELP!!!

Discussion in 'Handguns: Autoloaders' started by K-Rod, Jan 3, 2011.

  1. K-Rod

    K-Rod New Member

    Ok so the wife came home from shopping today & what did she have, a Bersa .380cc. The problem is it won't strip off the rounds when I rack the slide. Haven't fired it yet. I tore it down cleaned it & lubed & still same problem. I did notice that if I rack the slide REALLY fast, it seems to eject them ok. It's more of a FTE then a FTF.

    Any advice?
  2. K-Rod

    K-Rod New Member

  3. bdb benzino

    bdb benzino New Member

    If you havent shot it yet, dont worry til you do. There is no way to duplicate real shooting by hand racking the slide. Not to mention if you shoot the bullet out of the case, the case will be alot shorter and easier to eject. Good luck!

    MICHAEL T Active Member

    Clean the pistol real good and the mag They are shipped with lots of protective gunk.
    After Clean lube and shoot.

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  5. W L Johnson

    W L Johnson Active Member

    Are you maybe "riding the slide" (still holding it as it travels forward) or after pulling it all the way back letting it go like you should?
  6. kludge

    kludge New Member


    push with the shooting hand pull with the support hand, when the slide reached the end of it's travel, follow through, keep pushing and pulling, allow your support hand to slide off the back of the slide.

    As it is designed to do.

    Be wary of loading and reloading the same round multiple times. When the bullet is repeatedly hitting the feed ramp it can push the bullet back into the case, creating a dangerous overpressure situation.

    And if you are loading live rounds at home make sure you have a backstop that will stop a bullet - a 5 gallon bucket of sand for instance.
  7. K-Rod

    K-Rod New Member

    Thanks guys. We shot it yesturday & it works fine. I must say i'm impressed with this little .380. It's the CC & at 10yrds all 7 all on a paper plate. I'm gonna put a couple hundred more FMJ through it then check out the JHP. Had a couple FTF & FTE issues but I'm chalking that up to "Limp Wristing" & that "New car smell"

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