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Yo Yo Yo!! Did someone say Colt 45?

Discussion in 'Competition Shooting' started by BlindRat, Apr 8, 2003.

  1. BlindRat

    BlindRat Well-Known Member

    Yo Dogs!! Hide your Bling Bling and Hoes...The Supa Fly BlingRat done found where Brutha's Steevie and JonnyC be chillin'!!! I think I be setting up shop on this corna to help the brutha's find the best in Highpower Chick Attracting and Point Stylin'. [​IMG]

    Steeevie!! Tell me you finally traded in the SS card for the Supa Turbo Master Card!!!?
    BTW, psst straighten up your head in standing. Bring the rifle to your face. It'll help with the subtleties in equilibrium
  2. yankytrash

    yankytrash Well-Known Member

    This has GOT to be one of Steve Smith's wiseass HP buddies! :D
  3. Steve Smith

    Steve Smith Moderator Emeritus

    OMG, there goes the whole neighborhood. The pimp has arrived. Hide your womenz and chilluns. Of course, Chris only WISHES he looked as fly as that guy in the suit. Guys, don't let him fool you...I've seen the chicks this guy attracts...you don't want them.

    FWIW, Chris, I never had an SS card. Went from MK to EX, and I should get a MA purt darn soon. No reason not to you know. Of course you know how friggin' long it took for the NRA to change my status before. That's ok, I can win all the EX money this year if they get lazy again.

    Oh, and regarding my standing? Dude, that is THE reason I'm not looking for a High Master card yet. Would becoming a Palma shooter be taking the easy way out? ;) :eek: :evil: Of course, I am kidding. HM is just around the corner I feel. I think I will smell it by the end of the season.
  4. BlindRat

    BlindRat Well-Known Member

    Bummer Steeevie,
    Ah said SS because Chevy don't make no MK and only Honda be makin' a EX (and I know Dog Steevie be knowin's Rice Rockets not be where it's be).

    You be focusing on the Class still Brutha? Remember, you best be refining your process, mental and physical and leave the class baggage behind.

    Palma...? Wachoo Jive Talkin' about fool!!? You be talking about my chasin' down some Krieger Bling Palma Toobs? They be for my UpsideDown Palma Team Brutha visiting later this month. For me it's Black and high cap is where it's at...Word.
  5. Steve Smith

    Steve Smith Moderator Emeritus

    Man, you really get me. Glad you're around. FWIW, I gave up worryin' 'bout class just like you guys suggested. I'll get it when I get it and until then I'll steal all the EX money. Of course, look who brought it up FIRST in this thread! ;)

    What is really scary is that we three (you, me, and Jon) are the only ones browsing this forum right now.
  6. BlindRat

    BlindRat Well-Known Member

    Cough up the Bling and the Rat Man will represent the Standing Word. You still be using the "yank" technique in Standin'?
  7. Steve Smith

    Steve Smith Moderator Emeritus

    No, thank God my hold has gotten better than that! Your standing word would be appreciated, but I think I need in-person coaching for it. All the words ever written about the subject fall short.

    Anyways, here's a pic of Chris in his BlingRat shootin' pants and hat trying to take out a seagull. Chris, did you give that hat back to the bag lady after you were done with it?

    Note the one foot on the mat, one foot off technique.


    Dude, one more thing...you ever used that N140? I'm thinking about getting in on that deal with Jeff R.
  8. BlindRat

    BlindRat Well-Known Member

    Don't you be dissin' my Brutha Piccolo! Pic Man was lobbing a few at Canada that day. You gotta know that rifle's too brown and too "low cap" for the Gangsta Rat.

    Steevie, Standin' be about Basics. Shoot your Hold and work to minimize your wobble. Clean execution of the break.

    Getting your head straight (figuratively and literally) will help with the Wobble and the break. Remember...standing is the easiest position. You're closer to the target than any other position and you get to shoot them one at a time.

    You be talkin' about N540? N540 be the supa dupa bomb. But remember, when it comes down to it, it's just another powder to try. Yes you might get more vel...but groups is where it's at. A BUNCH of folk win with RE15. The one shooter this weekend running N540 at 2900fps finished behind Rat Man (and the Federal 69 chick and an M14 shooter).
  9. BerettaNut92

    BerettaNut92 Well-Known Member

    Blingrat? LOL
  10. Steve Smith

    Steve Smith Moderator Emeritus

    Well, I been usin da RL15 and it shoots da knots. I be whackin da spotter dix at 600 if I got my thang on. I wuz axin bout da 140 cause Jeff and Tommy said it would do 25 fps less than 540 but wuz cheaper. No biggie, the 540 is da bomb huh? Good for 77s and 80s? Speed isn't da important thang. Fo 11 bucks a pound it beats da pants offa da RL15 expecially if its da supa dupa bomb.
  11. Correia

    Correia Moderator Emeritus


    I guess it is true what they say. High Power is old school. WORD. :)
  12. BlindRat

    BlindRat Well-Known Member


    Here be the true secret to shooting good standing. "Look good and get good looks".

  13. Steve Smith

    Steve Smith Moderator Emeritus

    I have already seen your Bling Bling coat.

    If you keep calling me Stevie you're going to become Christy, or worse have your IP address banned.
  14. SRM

    SRM Member

    Well, there might be others lurking here........
  15. BlindRat

    BlindRat Well-Known Member

    Steevie, Steevie, Steevie...I cannot believe you be takin' excepshun to being named after the Blingest Fellow Blind Brutha' around...Steevie Wonder!!!

    I think you need to go home, sit in your fav-orite seat in front of the Toob with a glass of fine wine like T-bird and fire up a fattie. It'll all feel better the next day.

    I'll tell you what...if you stop callin' me "Chris", I be stoppin' callin' you "Steevie". You think Ice-T likes being called "Tracy"? You think Snoop Dog likes being called "Calvin"? From now on please refer to me as "BlindRat", "BlingRat", "RatMan", "StinkRat", "AfroRat" or as a certain little chickie likes to call me..."Daddy Boom-Boom!"!!


    Yo SRM!
  16. Steve Smith

    Steve Smith Moderator Emeritus

    SRM, whassup, dude! Welcome!

    Blingin' Fool, didn't know you didn't like your name. No problemo. Shoulda told me a YEAR AGO dude! My sincerest apologies.

    You guys know you can use my name because, well, its my name and stuff.

    You three gunners had better move over...we be gettin' a Highpower posse 'round here!

    Oh, and one more thing my Blingin' friend...I ALWAYS smoke a fatty when I leave work. A fat cigar that is! Today it will be a La Gloria Cubana...aged and bloomed!
  17. Sven

    Sven Senior Member


    How 'bout a quick sketch showing your plans for the flame paint scheme on your AR?

  18. Steve Smith

    Steve Smith Moderator Emeritus

    How about a pic instead? I hope this works properly.

    BTW, I've been talking to Speedy Gonzales' paint guy about this...sounds like he can make something work. Maybe later this year.


    Hmm, that doesn work because they're hosted somewhere else. Try going here.

    Yes, that works! That flame job is what I want on one of my match guns. I've been discussing the paint type and AR material with the paint guy...he knows it needs to be ultra-durable.
  19. Sven

    Sven Senior Member

    No joy... link broken, yo. Oh, there we go. NICE. At least nobody will ask you, "so, you hunt with that?"
  20. yankytrash

    yankytrash Well-Known Member

    Steve, did he have any issues with the plastic and recoil abuse to the clear coats? Been thinking of doin somethin similar.

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