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You have the right .. to move fast

Discussion in 'Legal' started by LAK, Apr 13, 2006.

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  1. LAK

    LAK Well-Known Member

    ... Or not at all.

    This one almost shocked me ....


    Elderly Woman Ticketed For Walking Too Slowly
    POSTED: 2:47 pm EDT April 10, 2006

    LOS ANGELES -- An 82-year-old woman has received a $114 ticket for taking too long to cross a street in the San Fernando Valley, Calif.

    Mayvis Coyle said she began shuffling with her cane when the light was green, but was unable to make it to the other side before it turned red.

    "It turned red before I could get over. There he was, waiting, the motorcycle cop," Coyle told the Los Angeles Daily News. "He said, `You're obstructing the flow of traffic."'

    Coyle is only one of seniors at Monte Vista Mobile Estates that are upset over signals they think are too short to safely cross five lanes of traffic, the Daily News reported.

    At least one of the seniors reportedly calls a cab just to cross the street.

    Coyle told the paper that she has been fighting her ticket. She doesn’t have a vehicle or a telephone, and said she was carrying her groceries home when she got the ticket.

    "I think it's completely outrageous," Coyle told the paper. "I can't walk without a stick and I lose my balance.

    "He treated me like a 6-year-old, like I don't know what I'm doing. I'm in shock that somebody's going to stop me on a green light while crossing the street."

    Los Angeles police Sgt. Mike Zaboski of the Valley Traffic Division said police are cracking down on people who improperly cross streets because pedestrian accidents are above normal. He said he could not comment on Coyle's ticket other than to say that it is her word against that of the citing officer, identified only as Officer Kelly.

    "I'd rather not have angry pedestrians," Zaboski said. "But I'd rather have them be alive."

    Others, however, supported Coyle's contention that the light in question doesn't give people enough time to cross the busy, five-lane boulevard.

    "I can go halfway, then the light changes," said Edith Krause, 78, who uses an electric cart because she has difficulty walking.

    On Friday, the light changed too quickly even for high school students to make it across without running. It went from green to red in 20 seconds.
  2. Kodiaz

    Kodiaz member

    Well what does she think motorcycle cops are for. You can only harass and torment law abiding citizens on those things. Here they have a printer built right into the bike so they don't have to write the tickets.
  3. El Tejon

    El Tejon Well-Known Member

    Another victory for freedom! For far too long the elderly have terrorized us! Out walking their dogs in the park, joining Kiwanis Clubs, playing golf, walking slowly to visit their grandchildren--it's high time we put a stop to these crimes!

    Thank goodness Chief Wiggum put a stop to this reign of terror. Is it too late to have the United States Attorney declare her Buick Roadmaster a Weapon of Mass Destruction? I say we RICO her walker and indict her bridge club as co-conspirators!:neener:

    I hope Ms. Coyle asks for a jury trial on this one. It would be fun to watch.:evil:
  4. The_Antibubba

    The_Antibubba Well-Known Member

    What ever happened to helping a little old lady cross the street?
  5. TrapperReady

    TrapperReady Well-Known Member

    Where's the revenue in that?
  6. molonlabe

    molonlabe Well-Known Member

    Officer Kelly is a Tur*
  7. Titus

    Titus Well-Known Member

    I'm pretty sure that's not the way my mother taught me to treat a lady!
  8. tellner

    tellner member

    Call it cop-bashing if you want, but that jerk needs to have someone's size 12 planted firmly in his butt. Ticketing grandmothers for not being able to hobble fast enough? Does he also knock down little children and "asset forfieture" their lunch money?
  9. Cuda

    Cuda Well-Known Member

    "It turned red before I could get over. There he was, waiting, the motorcycle cop,"

    If the cop was at any level a MAN he would have got off the scoot and helped the old lady cross the street.. What a ["bad person"]...


    (Art's Grammaw was here -- pax)
    Last edited by a moderator: Apr 13, 2006
  10. Sistema1927

    Sistema1927 Well-Known Member

    I'm just surprised that this cop didn't take her down to the ground and cuff her prior to writing the ticket.

    You never know when one of those scoff law grannies is going to turn violent! :banghead:
  11. grimjaw

    grimjaw Well-Known Member

    If it saves the life of one little old lady . . .

  12. Erebus

    Erebus Well-Known Member

    To Protect(Revenue) and to Serve(Citations)

    Who ever said anything about helping people?
  13. Scumbag on wheels

    I absolutly hate motocycle cops. I have yet to meet one that isn't a complete ass. Whatever happened to respecting ones elders. Freaking scumbag.
  14. Thefabulousfink

    Thefabulousfink Well-Known Member

    Well, unfortunately The Boy Scouts are outlawed in California for being a discriminatory group.

    Well mabey the old lady can call the ACLU to help her across the street:barf:
  15. Erebus

    Erebus Well-Known Member

    It died with chivalry, respect for stay at home moms, etc.
  16. ball3006

    ball3006 Well-Known Member

    I am surprised the cop....

    did not bust her for carrying an assult weapon.......her cane.......chris3
  17. shin_en

    shin_en Member

    No, the cane is registered. Plus it's legal for her to have it on her as she was transporting it home. :rolleyes:
  18. Creeping Incrementalism

    Creeping Incrementalism Well-Known Member

    Motorcycle cops...

    When I was a kid in 8th grade, there was at least one motorcycle cop in the suburban town where I grew up that loved to give tickets to kids on bicycles for the most minor infractions. Both me and my friend got tickets for failure to stop at a stop sign when there were no cars in sight. Another time, farther down the street, kids would cross the street and ride on the wrong side of the road, just before the school, since the school was on the opposite side of the steet. One day, a motorcycle cop stood out there and wrote a ticket to every single kid doing this. Keep in mind, there were never any accidents or problems caused by kids breaking traffic laws while on bicycles.

    My friend told a Berkeley cop he knew about this, and he described it with one word: "Chikens_t".

    Now, it's about time for Art Eatman to lock this thread...
  19. azredhawk44

    azredhawk44 Well-Known Member

    When I was a kid, we wanted to know how fast we could go on our bikes. There were two cops we would routinely see in the neighborhood, and we knew even back then never to ask the motorcycle cop...

    We asked the guys in the patrol car to clock us with the radar, found out we could get up to about 33 miles an hour on our bikes. It was a 25 zone, and nobody got a ticket.

    We'd probably get dragged into Homeland Security by a motorcycle cop.:rolleyes:
  20. pax

    pax Well-Known Member

    No, Creeping Incrementalism, Art Eatman isn't going to lock this thread.

    I'm going to lock it.

    I'm going to lock it because of the sweeping generalities about all cops, or about all motorcycle cops. That is cop-bashing.

    This particular cop did something stupid and bad. It sounds like he did something stupid and bad as a matter of policy. Criticizing him would be good. Criticizing the stupid policy would be even gooder.

    But griping about all cops based on what one cop did? That's knee-jerk stupidity right there, and that's what got the thread closed.

    (LAK -- my apologies.)

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