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You wheel gun guys made me do it-Shame on all of you

Discussion in 'Handguns: Revolvers' started by bushmaster1313, Feb 11, 2011.

  1. bushmaster1313

    bushmaster1313 Well-Known Member

    Reading on this subforum about the virtues of wheel guns infected me with an irrational need to get a quality revolver. Here she is, a 1975-76 Model 27-2--I hold each of you personally responsible:D

    Last edited: Feb 11, 2011
  2. heavyshooter

    heavyshooter Well-Known Member

    I just picked up a 1975-76 Smith 27-2 myself. I must warn you; you now have addiction for which there is no cure.
  3. kbbailey

    kbbailey Well-Known Member

    I doubt if I had anything to do with it ....but if I did, you can thank me later.

    Nice gun, I had a mod 27 6" once upon a time.
  4. surjimmy

    surjimmy Well-Known Member

    Very nice:what:
  5. forindooruseonly

    forindooruseonly Well-Known Member

    Well done! Way to jump into the revolver world with one of the all time greats.
  6. TexasBill

    TexasBill Well-Known Member

    You're welcome.
  7. Guillermo

    Guillermo member


    One would bet that you got a 27 based on the thought "if I have just ONE wheelgun just what would it be?"

    Well let me tell you with no equivocation...You are screwed.

    Better clear out space in the safe for the flood of wheelguns that you will surely acquire.

    Beautiful gun. She will be your downfall.
  8. Dain Bramage

    Dain Bramage Well-Known Member

    I'm sorry...what?

    I stopped reading when the picture came up. Mmmmmm.
  9. 22-rimfire

    22-rimfire Well-Known Member

    There is just something about revolvers (especially good revolvers) that are really appealing. You won't regret buying that revolver unless you paid way too much for it. Even then, you probably won't regret it because the pricing is part of the game and it is fun to play the game.
  10. AirForceShooter

    AirForceShooter Well-Known Member

    Welcome to the world of class and style.
    You have graduated from the school of slides.

  11. Guillermo

    Guillermo member

    you mean "bottom-feeding brass-chuckers"
  12. slicksleeve

    slicksleeve Well-Known Member

    Welcome to the good side of handgunning. There's nothing made in Austria or designed in the year 1911 that can measure up.
  13. kbbailey

    kbbailey Well-Known Member

    Since you won't be stooped over searching the ground for brass...your butt-crack tan will fade.
  14. Guillermo

    Guillermo member

    ewwww....bad image
  15. motorcycle-charlie

    motorcycle-charlie Well-Known Member

    Thanks Guys !!

    i want to the Dr. today for a slight case of being sick and while i was waiting for my perscription, i went to a local gunshop to browse some used Smiths. i told him i was looking for a 4 inch gun. perferably a model 27 or 28. he said no 27s but i have 2 28s. he said $400 each one had factory stocks and 1 Pachmyrs. i was in for $400. then he said either one he can let go for $350. i couldnt sign the paperwork fast enough. here she is.. my 28-2 Highway Patrolman. great shape. very very little holster wear, but that just says that this N frame was up and down the interstate a few times.
  16. motorcycle-charlie

    motorcycle-charlie Well-Known Member

    pics didnt work the first time


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  17. WC145

    WC145 Well-Known Member

    Nice looking piece. I love 3 1/2" N-frames.
  18. Cosmoline

    Cosmoline Well-Known Member

    Great looking revolver!
  19. Jeb21

    Jeb21 Well-Known Member

  20. motorcycle-charlie

    motorcycle-charlie Well-Known Member

    i was looking at a brand new N Frame, but couldnt justify the price with the hole on the side. this 28 feels great and i cant wait to shoot it. i can get 3 of these for the price of a new one. if i had the cash i probablly would have gotten the other one too, but now i have a great quality piece and freed up some cash to get a truckload of ammo.
    Last edited: Feb 11, 2011

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