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Your kit for safari in "The Lost World"

Discussion in 'General Gun Discussions' started by sixgun_symphony, Jan 13, 2003.

  1. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's "The Lost World" TV Series

    It's 1920, and you have been hired to go on an expedition to "The Lost World".

    What is your kit? (Remember it's 1920)

    I would take a Winchester M1895 chambered in .405 Winchester and a Colt New Service revolver chambered in .45 Colt.
  2. rick458

    rick458 Well-Known Member

    A nice Holland and Holland in .470 Nitro Express, and Colt SAA in.45 Colt and Many Many rounds and food medical equipment
    and nice Chikas for the cold night.:D
  3. El Tejon

    El Tejon Well-Known Member

    What about a double 8 bore? Lizards are slow bleeders.:D
  4. Lone Star

    Lone Star Well-Known Member

    We did this one at The Firing Line, and we kicked it around at www.lostworldtv.net and I had a blast thinking about it.

    Alas, on TFL, most of our replies came from people who refused to keep the 1920 date in mind. Many wanted to bring machineguns, not likely to be allowed a civilian expedition to South America. We discussed where the Plateau is, and I think it's most likely in Brazil or Venezuela; the syndicated TV show never says. (Don't confuse the series with the several movies based on the book.)

    My gun choices ranged from a Smith & Wesson Hand Ejector Second Model .44/40 to an M&P .38 of their make, to a Colt M1911 .45 like Lord Roxton and Ned Malone carry on the show when they aren't using Webleys, to a Colt SAA .45 Colt with 7.5 inch barrel. (Prof. Challenger on the show uses a 5.5 inch bbl. SAA).

    My rifles would be a 7x57MM (.275) Rigby, a Winchester .44/40 M92, a H&H .375 Magnum, and a H&H or Westley Richards .500 double. Keep in mind that Sasha Siemel was operating in Brazil at that time, and in, "Tigrero!", he noted the prevalence of Winchester and Smith & Wesson .44's... so we could get ammo resupply in .44/40, at least. (Up until we took the canoes upriver past the end of civilization.)

    Hey: I just thunk a thought! Remember the first two episodes, that they showed also as a separate movie? The guide said that he was only taking the expedition upcountry because someone in Manaus was trying to kill him, and he had to get out of town. So, it does seem to be set in Brazil. (The guns are much better in later episodes.) (Note Rachel's S&W New Departure Safety Hammerless .38, among others.)

    I offered to write an article publicizing the series, covering the guns, and the Reeves-Stevens couple (who are the primary script writers) frequent the board mentioned above, but no one came forward to put me in touch with a prop man who could talk about which guns they use and why. The interviews with the stars were useless; Will Snow said he doesn't know anything about guns. He just points them and shoots them when and where the director says to. (Rachel Blakely, who plays Marguerite, DOES know how to use a whip, and she fences. Can you believe that this foxy babe was a bouncer in a Sydney night club before she became an actress?) And someone has shown Jennifer O'Dell how to hold a knife in her role as Veronica. We're trying to set up an interview (online) with a prop man, similar to those done with several stars. Peter MacCauley (Challenger) will post an interview this month. See the board for details.

    If you like this swell fantasy/adventure series that has won the hearts of an even more loyal audience than did the original "Star Trek", get over to www.lostworldtv.net and join us. Members reside in about eight countries. For the forums (where we discuss all sorts of things besides the show), hit the "Message Boards" button on the main display when the screen comes up. And if you have video capability, watch the scene where Jen does her fight sequence that will later be dubbed in with a dinosaur fighting her. That gal can act a lot better than I at first gave her credit for, and all the Lost World cast seem like very nice people, which isn't often the case with actors. Jen and Rachel are even close friends who shop/lunch together and are learning to sew while the show is on hiatus. Most women stars seem to detest one another as competition...

    By the way, later this month negotiations should be well underway as to whether we'll see a 4th season. The Reeves-Stevenses post a weekly news update on this most Thursdays.
    Oh: Rachel posts on the board (very occasionally) as "Bubba", which is an Aussie form of "Baby"; what her boyfriend calls her. Jen frequently browses the board, and is said to be very sophisticated with computers. Not bad for a California blonde...

    End of "Lost World" commercial.

    Oh: in addition to your local listings, "The Lost World" appears on TNT at 6:00 AM Central Time in the USA, Monday-Friday.

    Lone Star
    ("Explorer" on the "Lost World" board)
    Last edited: Jan 13, 2003
  5. GhostShooter

    GhostShooter Well-Known Member

    Um..everybody knows that dinosarus weren't around till the mid 90's [​IMG] (Jurassic Park) DUH[​IMG]

  6. GhostShooter

    GhostShooter Well-Known Member

  7. JMLV

    JMLV Well-Known Member


    I think that mostly the arms used by will snows caractor are excellent. Especially the boig bore double rifle and the bolt gun.
    I really like the nickeled webleys but would prefer a pait of nickled 24's in 44 special myself (loaded with elmers 44 "Special" loads of course. Thanks for the additional info on the series I have been having trouble finding it of late. great show. So far I have managed to get 4 versions of the made for tv movie on tape. Including one 4 hr epic from A&E. The neartest are the two different versiond of the TV series pilots. In the first will snow's caractor is evil and a villin, in the second he is as seen on the series. kinda neat seeing the two views.
  8. Lone Star

    Lone Star Well-Known Member

    Actually, the crew on the show have used quite a few guns. Will Snow usually has a bolt action. I think I've seen a Sako Safari Grade, a CZ ZKK, a sporter made on the M1914/1917 Enfield or Remington M30 action (the safety catch is distinctive) and several characters have used SMLE sporters, including Marguerite.

    Sometimes, Marguerite has a hammerless Webley .38 in lieu of her usual S&W break-top, and a number of actors have used Mk. IV Webley .38's as well as Will's white-butted .455's. He loaded one in an episode that showed a closeup, and he had the correct .455 ammo, too.

    Next time they show the episode, "Trophies", where the bad guys capture Veronica, look at the head bad guy's rifle. It's one of the .303's.

    We have a theory that the rental house sends over different guns at different times in the current filming season, according to what they have on hand and what the rental fees are. That's why the same guy who captured Veronica had a Ruger Blackhawk instead of the correct Colt SAA. But if the Reeves-Stevenses can set up an interview with the property master, I plan to ask about this.

    Don't forget to check in at the official site and read the archived interviews with the stars and watch for Peter's interview in the next week or two. The interviews are filed in the forum, "Treehouse News" and they're good. The stars were unusually generous with their time, and were very gracious. Rachel Blakely was just learning to use a computer, and struggled a bit, so she came back and answered additional questions after the official interview was over.

    You can help us decide one of the perennial questions that we kick around from time to time: which of the three gals (Veronica, Marguerite, or Finn) is the hottest?

    Lone Star
  9. Owen

    Owen Moderator Emeritus

    machine guns were totally available in the 20's, and not all that expensive. I want a Colt Monitor! (was that out yet?) The perfect tool for labor relations!

  10. Lone Star

    Lone Star Well-Known Member

    Owen, would the Brazilian govt. authorize you to bring in a submachine gun? Back then, who knows; the type was just appearing, and they may not have regulated it yet.

    One guy above wanted S&W M24's, a gun not made until after WWII! He'd have had to rely on Triple Lock or Second Model Hand Ejectors if he wanted a S&W .44 Special in 1920, and Elmer Keith hadn't publicized his handloads yet...

    See? This topic can be tricky, and you have to THINK what was out in 1920...

    Lone Star
  11. NotQuiteSane

    NotQuiteSane Well-Known Member

    I'd take one of the better WWI tanks.

  12. Uncle Ethan

    Uncle Ethan Well-Known Member

    I would take a Colt New Service in 44-40 and either a Rem 1914 Enfield customized or a Mauser customized in .416 . I'm not sure what knife would be best to skin out my trophies.:D
  13. mack

    mack Well-Known Member

    Easy, and yes I am one of those "bad" people who must ruin things by bringing up machine guns. However the question is what would you bring to deal with Dino's and assorted bad guys.

    Since, I would put a premium on staying alive, and since if I could afford to mount an expedition, I could also afford to bribe/pay gratuities to any brazilian or south american official that needed to have his palm greased, I would bring in those weapons that seemed most useful to ensuring my survival.

    In 1920 those weapons would be:

    1911's - best combat/personal defense weapon around - not for use against dino's but useful against man sized creatures and man - if a rifle isn't handy - available after 1911

    BAR's - nothing like a man portable machine gun in 30-06 - with 20 rounds a mag on tap - and 10 or more mags ready to go - available after 1918

    and of course your primary Dino weapon the Ma Duece - 50 cal. belt fed machine gun, available after 1918 - remember don't wander beyond the firing range of your Ma Duece

    when it is eat or be eaten - demand the very best - and at that time the best were the firearms of John Moses Browning.
  14. Andrew Wyatt

    Andrew Wyatt Well-Known Member

    I'd have a Model 70 in .30-06 with 220 grain bullets, a 1911, and my PH would be carrying a Colt monitor.
  15. Lone Star

    Lone Star Well-Known Member


    You can't have that Model 70: not introduced until 1937.

    And your porters deserted just before you took the balloon up to the plateau, if you guys watch the series. Who's going to carry a .50 caliber Browning? In the balloon? I wouldn't even want to lug one up into Veronica's treehouse, although it would have been useful in several episodes, once there.

    The BAR makes some sense, if you could carry scads of ammo. By the way, Prof. Challenger is probably reloading with black powder that he created on the Plateau. Well, Lord Roxton was actually shown reloading ammo in the Treehouse, but George makes the powder. I think they're low on smokeless ammo. How well would a BAR work with black powder?!

    As for knives, the men carry English style Bowies. I*XL and Wm. Rodgers would have been excellent brands. How Veronica is supposed to have that Fairbairn-Sykes is never explained...but similar daggers surely existed long before the F-S appeared.

    Lone Star
  16. MP-44

    MP-44 Well-Known Member

    Mannlicher Schoenaur 1903 6.5X54 using 160 gr solids & a DWM 1917 Artillery Luger, shoulder stock/holster, standard mags & snail drum. Also wouldn't mind a smuggled in case of WWI grenades.
  17. Roger C

    Roger C New Member

    You're going to run out of ammo (or at least primers, if you're reloading with homemade black powder) some time. How long has that show been running now..... :p
  18. AZTOY

    AZTOY Well-Known Member

    gatling gun :neener:
    45 LC
    470 Nitro Express
  19. Since reloading with homemade blackpowder is being used, I would probably bring along a Winchester 1873 and Colt SAA chambered in .44WCF.

    I will also bring in a big British 4 bore rifle. A big ouch to shoot but better than becoming a snack for some carnivorous dinosaur.

    A 500/465 Nitro Express Holland & Holland compared to a 4-bore.

    Return of the 4-bore Part One
  20. Lone Star

    Lone Star Well-Known Member

    Sixgun Symphony-

    I LOVE that photo showing the relative size of the double rifles! Your comments have been among the most practical yet.

    As for running out of primers, I guess that Prof. Challenger may have found a way to reprime them, if he can make fulminate of mercury. (George is one of the most eminent scientists of his day; it's amazing what the scriptwriters have him capable of making. Hey: for all I know, he makes SMOKELESS powder.)

    I want to see which questions the fans ask Peter McCauley in his interview this month. If you want to join the fan site, they can tell you how to submit a question for the interview, which Mr. M. will grant from his home in Christchurch, N.Z. (Not all the actors are Aussies; Jen is a Californian, and David Orth is Canadian, as is Michael Sinelnikoff, who played Dr. Summerlee in the first season.)

    The expedition has been on the plateau for three years now, I think. Three TV seasons, for sure. A fourth season is still being discussed, apparently depending largely on how much tax credit the Australian govt. will grant. That's a hot topic on the board.

    As for a Winchester .44/40, I chose the M92 over the M73 because it's stronger, it would take late factory loads not recommended for the M73, and because I like its looks and handling better. But if someone wants a M1873, at least it's a valid choice....

    I rummaged for old ammo info, and have concluded that factory ammo in .44/40 was probably loaded much closer to specs in the old days. Mike Venturino chronographed current lots (and his handloads) for a couple of his books, and the round is now pretty anemic, as is usually the .45 Colt. I guess the manufacturers are afraid of old guns...

    This is a good thread. I posted a link on it at the "Lost World" board, and got some good response. Some ladies there said their husbands would love this board, and some members there have given The High Road a look. Maybe some will join us here. It will surely be the only POSITIVE gun info that many of those people will ever see, as they normally see guns discussed only in a negative context in the general media.

    Lone Star

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