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Yugo 59/66 Checklist

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by Solinvictus70, Mar 5, 2004.

  1. Solinvictus70

    Solinvictus70 Well-Known Member

    Tomorrow AM, I'm getting a Yugo SKS. The internals on the thing is drowned in cosmoline (love the smell!) and I wondered what'd be the best option for removing it? I'm considering taking the bolt assembly to an auto repair shop and paying them to run it through a parts washer. I'd imagine mineral spirits would strip the crud off of the internals. Any other pointers or can anyone offer a checklist for cleaning it?
  2. glocksman

    glocksman Well-Known Member

    If you're careful not to strike a spark, gasoline works wonders.
    If you do strike a spark, you might see some wonders. :D
  3. jims98z28

    jims98z28 Well-Known Member

    I used mineral spirits to clean mine and it worked great.
    One word of advice, take the bolt apart and clean it! Its not hard. If you don't no matter how clean you think it is, there will still be some cosmoline inside that could cause some problems.
    Mine just took a few wacks with a hammer and punch and it was apart. A soak in mineral spirits and it was clean as a wistle.
    Good luck and enjoy!

    GLOCKT Well-Known Member

    2 cans of gumout and a bucket

    The way I did it was,break down the bolt and gas tube and the obvious other metal parts.
    Place inside a bucket.Spray down the barrel and stock into the bucket.
    Let metal parts soak in over spray.
    Then spray down metal parts with 2nd can.
    Heres a good website for alot of SKS info
  5. Zeke Menuar

    Zeke Menuar Well-Known Member

  6. pinetree64

    pinetree64 Well-Known Member

    I used mineral spirits on the wood and on a lot of the metal parts. WD40 seemed to dissolve the really thick stuff better. On my bolt, I ended up bathing in a 50% of Simple Green and it wooded very well. I will use this next time on the metal parts. On the trigger assembly I wrapped it in paper town and baked it at a low temp to melt the cosmo then soak it in the SG solution and then gave it a bath in WD40.

  7. Hazwaste

    Hazwaste Well-Known Member

    My son and I just got done this afternoon cleaning the unissued Yugo he got for his birthday yesterday.

    Used 3 cans of WD-40 and lots of Scott towels. You'll need to field strip it and soak/clean each part. Plan on 3-4 hours if you're doing it alone.

    What a great way to spend a Saturday afternoon! :cool:

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