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Yugo M92 eh, shrug

Discussion in 'Handguns: Autoloaders' started by zignal_zero, May 6, 2013.

  1. zignal_zero

    zignal_zero Well-Known Member

    This is considered a semi auto pistol so I put it here even though it fires a rifle round and is a breath away from a SBR. As it is sold, it is a pistol, if any mods feel this belongs in a different section, plz move it wherever you think it should go :)

    I was excited about the (psuedo) Krink..... til I shot it. I dunno, maybe it's just me but it is too jumpy too unstable just all round kind of ineffective.

    I realize these guns were meant to have shoulder stocks, BUT I have shot plenty of 12 or 12.5 inch AK pattern pistols and find them to be much easier handling. Now, I am assuming if I cut the muzzle nut off and put a brake on it, I could tame it a little, but as it is now I really feel 10" is a little too short.

    I'd like to hear from those of you who have shot either (preferably BOTH) and see if anyone shares this opinion. I know a lot of folks don't like ANY AK pistols, but I'm in
    that weird niche that likes the Draco sized but not the Krink sized.
  2. WardenWolf

    WardenWolf member

    My advice is to cut the nut off and install a brake. Though to be fair, you were asking for it when you bought a neutered pistol that couldn't take a brake without work. There's a lot of AK pistols out there right now, and most can take a brake from the factory.
  3. zignal_zero

    zignal_zero Well-Known Member

    WardenWolf -

    The Krink(ish) was acquired simply because the deal was right, in regards to current market trends. Basically, I knew I would come out ahead. I have experience with factory threaded (and threads not hidden) AKP's. The best one (without question) was one made from an AMD65 kit. It had the original CHF chrome lined bbl and was built on an AKM receiver with NO trunnion holes. This left the possibility of installing the Ace style rear trunnion offered by Curtis of AK Builder. AMD hg's were replaced with MI's and the dust cover is being replaced with the TWS Dogleg. It is without a doubt the best AKP ("P" stands for pistol) I have ever handled. So, I agree - I was acquiring a neutered version (no stock, no brake) of what might've been a great gun. It is not even close, the pistol built from the AMD kit stomps it flat.

    I just wanted to know if there were any others who dig 12" AKP's and feel kinda HoHum about the Zastava M92. Anybody feel the same?
  4. Giterboosted

    Giterboosted Well-Known Member

    I'm pretty pleased with my Draco, and it's a shade less in quality than the yugos, but I will say that a brake helped a good bit, quite accurate too
  5. zignal_zero

    zignal_zero Well-Known Member


    Yea, I noticed the Yugo seemed a little bit better built than the Romanian, not much, just a tiny bit. In fact, some things about the Yugo are too tight. It was the most difficult AK I have ever disassembled. Oddly, I'd still rather have a Draco, if I had to choose. Luckily, I don't :D

    I'm curious, what type of brake did you go with?

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