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View Poll Results: Do you carry a walking cane?
This poll will close on December 27, 2010 at 08:24 PM
Always 47 9.96%
22-rimfire, ACP230, afwj52, Ahroun, AirForceShooter, alaskanativeson, ambidextrous1, AStone, azgun, BEEinAK, Berkley, Big Bill, bigger hammer, biohazurd, bobbo, Boomer..., Bopleo, Brian Williams, BullSkater, CaliCoastie, cane, Charlie_12, Christoefor, cjosb, CJ_74, Clipper, CLMN, ColeK, CollinLeon, conifer, Corbin, cordell, Cosmoline, cottswald, curbdoc1, CWL, DAdams, dan3, Dave Markowitz, Dave McCracken, daveinvegas, DDeegs, DeCocker, Deltaboy, deputy tom, Dirty Bob, DM~, Donny, Elm Creek Smith, emmie, Erich, Erik M, ewlyon, Flintknapper, Fred Fuller, GCBurner, Ghost Tracker, gibson_es, glistam, gopguy, Gordon, GreySmoke2, Grousefeather, grumps, gunner69, GURU1911, Hagen442, Hamilton Felix, Hammerson, Harley Quinn, hkdjoe, hso, IkenI, Invisible Swordsman, Iron Sight, Jack19, JackCrow, james huffaker, jcwit, jdooner, JimStC, jmresistance, Joe Demko, JohnnyOrygun, Jonah71, kayak-man, kBob, KCAce, KevininPa, klutchless, lagito, Leadbutt, LordDunsany, Loyalist Dave, Madcap_Magician, Mango88, marcclarke, Markus, mdauben, Metal Tiger, mgh, Mike1234567, Moo 2 Drvr, MQP, Mr Moose, mrjohnston, N.Schafer, narco99, nashlaw, njshooter, NMPOPS, NoAlibi, Nomad, 2nd, Old Guy, Old Sarge, oldbanjo, oldbear, Olde School, OldmanFCSA, oldways, Ole Coot, orion14, outdoorsman1, Owen Sparks, owlhoot, pabner, PastorAaron, pbearperry, PBR Streetgang, Piraticalbob, plateshooter, propex, Puncha, Rail Driver, Ray P, razzle, redmond, regularjoe, Rem.222, RevDerb, Rexster, Riverrat, RoboDuck, rockdoc806, rt1, RungSat65, rust collector, rvn67n20, RX-178, Sam Cade, Samari Jack, sbwilson51, sbwilson51@nc.rr.com, scaatylobo, SEE IT LIKE A NATIVE, seuss, ShadowsInSnow, sherpa, Sistema1927, sm, smle41, Smokey in PHX, Sniderman, Sniper66, sonick808, spiroxlii, SRYnidan, stanger04, stickwhistler, Tasmaniac, tbone1964, TeaCoffee.Guy, texascarl, The Warrigal, thunder173, Tom Hudson, tom43, Tom609, tomaz45, Tomcat47, Triphammer, Unkei, usmccpl, Valkman, velojym, verdun59, Vikar, wadcutter45, Wayfinder, wheelgunslinger, yinyangdc
191 40.47%
19-3Ben, 2WheelsGood, 41mag, 45crittergitter, 69Falcon, 737Driver, 88 Cutlass, 9mmforMe, a-sheepdog, Acera, ADKWOODSMAN, airlooped, Ale Golem, amwdc, Andela, ArfinGreebly, Auf Grosser Fahrt, auschip, aussiedog20, AWorthyOpponent, A_Matthew, B O, B1gGr33n, Barr, BBroadside, bdjansen, beeenbag, Birdmang, blackspyder, bobbydee, Bobson, Bonesinium, BRad704, bravo30, bromdenlong, Bronc72, bubba15301, bulltaco, Captain Brown Beard, Charlie T, Chevelle SS, Chicken321, ChristopherG, chuckfw, chute2thrill, ClusterNukes, clutch, CMC, Cornhusker77, CoRoMo, crackhead, Dagnabitblah, DaisyCutter, David G., dayid, DaytonDragon, DC3-CVN-72, dec41971, DeepSouth, Demitrios, devildog66, Dionysusigma, Ditchtiger, dovedescending, drichar9, dtvburns, Dunkelheit, duns, earlthegoat2, eddielewis, Effigy, EGGMAN240, el Godfather, FenderTK421, Fisherdave10, FlyinBryan, FlynnCastle, ForumSurfer, Friendly, Don't Fire!, gerbildood, Goosey, grant1265, gym, happycamper374, hdenton, hereiamnia, hogshead, IaDC, IMTHDUKE, indiandave, Irate Iguana, ivounnerry, janobles14, jh9x18ky, jim2, joeq, josephbw, josiewales, J_Hoss_Henry, kdf101, Kentuckiana rifleman, kris7047th, KURTS4X4, leadaddict, leadcounsel, liberty2009, LunchMoney, maddog39, Madjac, MARKMALL, mattp, MCgunner, mfldmike, Micha2u, MilitisDeii, MM44, mooboy76, mos_52, msb45, MuleRyder, Nushif, o Unforgiven o, oasis618, Odd Job, okey0, Ol' Badger, oledad86, paintballdude902, Papa Steve, phoglund, piratelooking@40, Pistola, PM40, PONTIACDM, Psa1m144, Quaamik, quackwacker58, Quiet, qwert65, readyeddy, Rem3006, riverwalker, robinkevin, RonDeer10mm, Rusty Shackleford, rwilson37643, sbombard15, schnauzer, Shaky, sherman123, Shienhausser, shooter_from_show-me, sidheshooter, SleazyRider, smcd1983, smithman 10, Snowshoe, spearpoint, Special_K, steveo452, Stumpknocker, Swing, tanvir, tdstout, Teh Ringworm, thedrewcifur, TomADC, towboat_er, TrailWolf, tschmittel, Tully M. Pick, USAF_Vet, V1ROT8, vba, VegasAR15, wankerjake, Water-Man, watson, wbwanzer, wep45, westy39, wheelyfun66, wonderfvl, woodsong, zhyla
185 39.19%
Concealed Carry is enough 66 13.98%
Multiple Choice Poll. Voters: 472.

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