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Old January 12, 2014, 04:54 PM   #76
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That BCG might work out just fine.

BUT -- The BCG and the barrel are two no-compromise parts on an AR (IMHO). Yeah, I spend up and buy the BCM BCG for around $180. I don't mind it.
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Old January 12, 2014, 05:01 PM   #77
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The BCG that came with mine "should" be properly matched. I bought mine used but the upper was sold as "factory RRA". So far, so good, BTW.
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Old January 17, 2014, 12:36 PM   #78
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Just put together another one a few days ago. I wanted a somewhat lightweight simple 14.5" middy. Got a Noveske skinny moe 14.5" upper, put it on an Anderson lower I already had, put in an alg trigger and a ctr stock. Changed the furniture colors to foliage green just for the heck of it...wanted something different. Still need to order the grip. It weighs somewhere around 6.25lbs (I haven't put it on an accurate scale to see for sure yet.

The Noveske upper comes with a magpul mbus rear sight on it which I might change. I'm thinking about adding an aimpoint h1 to it at some point but not 100% on that. I'll probably end up changing the alg trigger for an ssa. If I keep the irons on it for a while I'm definitely ditching the mbus though. Can't wait to shoot it!
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Old January 25, 2014, 07:28 PM   #79
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New rifle for a new house. This is what I've picked so far. Please excuse the dirty rug, it lives in the garage.

I chose the forend because its a great value. I dont need quad rails, and they are uncomfortable to hold.

I have a light mount in the bag behind the MIAD grip because I am building this for HD only and a small surefire with pressure switch is to be mounted.

Chose the grip because it's comfortable and I know it will color match the stock and forend I wanted. Everything is in FDE.

The trigger guard is because the flat one bothers me.

The stock just looks cool and it has a reputation for being very robust. I wanted the option to buttstroke on a collapsible stock.

16" BCM midlength light profile barrel, chrome lined. I like 16" midlength on the AR platform in general. Light profile because I think it makes the weapon quicker to point. Not sure if its true, but its just my perception. 16" makes sense to me after looking at my hallways/doorways.

The CMMG lower with parts kit factory installed was $170 and seemed like a fair deal for a quality lower.

I have a Quality Arms sidecharger upper with bolt/carrier on the way. Haven't owned an AR in ten years. A sidecharger just makes sense to me visually. Im used to it. No need to learn the AR charging handle and FA, just stick with what my eyes and hands already know.

Plan on getting a folding front sight/gas block just on the principle that I wont own a rifle without iron sights. Not a scope guy.

EoTech 552 to go on top. Put lithium batteries in, leave it on and change them once a month.

Undecided on rear backup sight.

Smith vortex flash hider. They're great.

Magpul gen2 pmags. FDE of course.

Texas Custom Guns to cerakote the upper and lower flat black and assemble, function test rifle. I'd do it myself as a project but its to protect my girl so I'll pay a professional and be sure. Obviously gonna take it to the range frequently and verify my aim and the functionality of the weapon too.

Just need a good place to keep it near the bed. She keeps a Mossberg 500 Superbantam in 20 gauge and Ruger SP101 4" in .357 on her side. I have a wicker chair with an afgan and an elderly cat sleeping on it on mine.
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i have a wicker chair with an afgan and an elderly cat sleeping on it on mine.
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Old February 4, 2014, 10:07 PM   #81
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18" AR Stoner mid-length fluted barrel. Samson 11" Evolution rail. YHM low profile gas block. Wilson gas tube, pin, and flash suppressor. SS&A stripped Billet upper. BCM charging handle, forward assist, dust cover, & barrel nut. Aim Nickle Boron BCG. UTG Bipod.

Barrel because it was a middy, heavy contour but fluted so lighter, and I like my 300 BLK AR Stoner barrel. SA&A Billet upper just to try it. Looks top notch. WEnt together easily and matched the M4 ramps on the barrel very well. Evolution rail because it was 11" and looked cool. Pretty nice, but would choose the Midwest K Series Key Mod 10.5" next time. BCM parts because they are quality (Samson bushings fit the BCM barrel nut, but not another brand I had laying around). Wilson flash hider because I wanted to try a three prong one and it "says" it doesn't affect accuracy. NB Aim BCG because it was on sale and I wanted to try a NB BCG without paying $175+. UTG bipod (Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain, er I mean the bipod on backwards )

This is for a fun range toy to ring the steel at 300 yards, and I might even shoot an F Class match with it here at 300. Probably let my son do that with it, as he wants to try that. Nothing fancy.
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Old February 5, 2014, 11:48 AM   #82
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My lower and build kit finally arrived. The buffer tube kit and buttstock have been here for several days. I now have everything to complete the build. I can't trust myself anymore to do anything complicated so I must wait for a buddy to piece it together... bartering for the labor.

EDIT (updated parts list):

UPPER (20")
BUFFER TUBE KIT (please no criticisms re cost)
PSA Blemished Picto Lower and PTAC BLACKHAWK! Lower Parts Kit (Google "cached" link)
THIS CHEAP SCOPE (for now because I already have it)
Raised See-Through Scope Base (THIS ONE look about right?)
Do I Need To Mount the Iron Sights On 45 Degree Offsets and Forego the Raised Mount?? (something like THESE?)
If I do go with 45 degree offsets then I'll probably replace the existing hand guard with THIS ONE (or similar)

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Old February 5, 2014, 01:42 PM   #83
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BTW, this AR is mostly for fun but also for coyote. I'm limiting ammo to either 55gr or 75gr to minimize differing drop rates. I doubt I'll ever use it for HD but I'm not ruling that out and have some Hornady 55gr TAP for that and coyote. I currently have no 75gr SP but will be buying some... just because. I never intend to hunt whitetail with .223/5.56 but want the option should the need arise and I have no other choice. I have a .30-06 and intend to buy some Federal 150gr Fusion Lite for whitetail... no need for overkill.

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Old February 6, 2014, 08:03 PM   #84
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I wanted to do a precision build, the goal was to make a gun that is far more accurate than my current abilities and I am pretty sure I achieved that.

CMT Billet Lower - Lower that was available at the time, this was in the middle of the panic and I got it for a non panic price, no complaints whatsoever.
Geissele SSA-E Trigger - Hard to beat this trigger
Magpul PRS Stock - If I did it again I might switch this out for an adjustable Magpul stock just to make it a bit lighter.
Colt Upper Receiver - Was available at the time and paid non panic prices, would have probably gotten something different if more options were available but it works fine,
Rainier 18" Ultra Match .223 Wylde Barrel - This barrel is incredibly accurate and doesn't break the bank. I don't think I will ever out shoot the accuracy it provides.
Samson/Rainier Evo 15" Rail - I love long rails and I love smooth rails. This handles both and is plenty light and didn't cost too much.
BCM BCG and CH - Hard to beat either of these.
Burris PEPR Mount - Had one laying around, I would probably go with a QD system if I did it again.
SFWA SS10X Scope - Great scope for the money, I would rather have an adjustable magnification scope but I blew my budget on the rest of the gun and this is plenty for me to learn on.

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Old February 16, 2014, 04:55 AM   #85
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My AR's are built as CHEAP as possible...I carried an M-16A1 for quite a few years and I don't need a lot of fancy, and expensive optional items.

I picked up a 5.56 barrel from MidwayUSA for $145...lightweight contour with front sight, front HG keeper and complete barrel nut assembly including Delta ring. That rifle has an "Amazon" two-piece quad rail I got for like $45, and being an A3 upper has garden variety, "Amazon" A2 rear sight I got for $30. It's currently riding on a Fontier Arms POLYMER lower with POLYMER FCG I picked up during the "crisis" for $109 and the lower is nice...entire rifle weighs right at six pounds!
I built my .300 around a CMMG 8.5" barrel I got for $249 - now available for $169, paid an enormous premium during "the crisis" for a BCG - $250 though now similar BCG's are back down to as low as $90. Got a free float quad 6.5" for $50 from my favorite AR store - AMAZON. The FA lower came with a MilSpec pistol grip. I picked up detachable front and rear sights from Amazon for around $20 EACH and the rear is actually an A2 "carry handle" sight which I like very much! The lower is also a Frontier Armory polymer and the little gun weighs in at just 5 pounds!
Right now you can pick up a COMPLETE polymer lower from Frontier Arms...includes FCG, stock, buffer tube assy, grip...READY TO GO for a piddling $120! It's worth buying a half dozen just to have on hand for "the next build!"
I also have a half dozen 80% lowers machined and fitted out that are sitting in the shop because I simply LOVE these polymers! They're so light...and have held up to zillions of rounds...I'm looking at picking up another half-dozen POLYMER 80% ($50 ea) and polymer FCG ($30 ea).

I've got a 5.45x39 barrel inbound ($104) with bolt ($65), and carrier ($69).
Also have another CMMG 12.5" .300 ACC barrel coming - $179 and CMMG's quality is second to NONE...so why pay double for nothing more!
I also have a 10.5" 5.56 barrel coming for another "pistol" build...and contrary to popular misconception a 10.5" 5.56 delivers a lot more "hurt" than any 9mm/.45 pistol AR variant.

The point is, I shop for CHEAP...I'm NEVER going to pay $300 for some brand name, full-length quad rail...and for sure not for any alternative FC parts...the AR trigger is already excellent for any practical purpose.

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Old February 16, 2014, 09:02 AM   #86
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Did everyone on this thread run out and buy 20 inch barrels? BCM is fresh out.
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Old February 16, 2014, 04:19 PM   #87
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i picked a 20" barrl up at RGuns last week
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Old February 16, 2014, 07:37 PM   #88
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In Post #82 I mentioned using a raised site base or 45 degree offset adapters for iron sights. I've decided to go with a fully railed hand guard instead to make things easier to mount the offset irons. I've already made some purchasing errors so I guess I'll be selling some small parts and a hand guard soon.
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Old February 17, 2014, 11:55 PM   #89
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here is the history of my AR-15.

First set-up: I bought a Double-Star stripped lower for like $80, some six years ago. I then bought the Mid-length Del-Ton kit and put it together. This was the best thing I ever did; I came to achieve an intimate knowledge of the platform. My two main features were a chrome-lined barrel (for tolerating cheap ammo and ease of cleaning), and the 5.56 chamber that is pretty much standard. I also slapped on an A2 detach. handle because I needed a sight, and...why not? I came across a used milspec one for cheap and took it.

Eventually, I sold it. I made a profit during the panic and bought a Glock 17 gen-3 on my 21st Birthday, and a decent safe to throw everything into.

my second set-up: the reason I sold it was because I wanted to get a heavy-duty, milspec in every way kind of AR. I went with CMMG for my upper. I got a discount for not opting for their BCG, and instead got a Bravo Co. milspec one. I eventually pieced together a DPMS lower parts kit and a milspec-diameter buffer tube and standard M4 stock - all from CMMG. I ordered a standard carbine buffer and spring from BCM (I was told that the dwell on mid-length was softer and didn't need the extra weight of an H buffer, which so far has turned out to work quite well). I wanted a fancy fore-end, and when with YHM's two-piece, because it was affordable. I also had a Phantom 5C2 put on because it was a free upgrade and it looked cool (not very insightful on that one, I know).

The gun eventually saw me drop the A2 handle for a MI flip-up BUIS and an EOtech 512. Not much longer after that, I put on DanDef's Omega 2pc quad. I chose the EOtech because it seemed more rugged and durable, and the ring made acquisition seem easier - at least for me. The rail system was a massive upgrade from the Yankee Hill, because of its slimmer profile, lighter weight and monolithic top rail that gave me more options with the EOtech. The MI sight had a very low profile and was simple to operate, and worked very well with the standard F-marked post. It also co-witnessed well with the HWS.

Eventually, rumors circulated that CMMG's uppers were not as they seemed. I bought it because it had a milspec'd and tested barrel, which was said to not be the case; many were saying that the barrel steel was just re-labeled 4150 standard and that they only batched pressure testing and MPI (this was against their advertisement at the time of purchase). I sold it off during another panic, and broke even.

My next upper was a BCM midlength with cold-hammer forged barrel; this cast aside all doubts about quality. I still kept the lower assembly, the sights, and the BCG - which had not been broken in enough to discard with the previous upper. Oh, and that Omega rail stayed . I then added a standard BCM composite VFG, which is used as a handstop for handling; I previously hadn't had one because I was thinking of throwing on an AFG instead, but I personally did not like them or the way they forced your hand. I also went with the ambi-grip over the big named grips, which is better than the A2, but I am thinking about dropping for an MOE instead.

So there you have it, my rifle thus far.

My next projects are as followed:
-get a new stock; there are way better stocks out there. I'm thinking about the VLTOR E-Mod, for the added weight to balance the heavy midlength contour and barrel - and extra storage.
-get a new grip; I want to try a few other grips out - namely the MOE, BCMGUNFIGHTERS, MIAD, and TangoDown's BattleGrip.
-get a shorter VFG, that would serve as a better hand-stopper. The standard lengthed BCM is unnecessarily long for its purpose.
-look into replacing my Midwest BUIS; there have been bad reports, and I think mine is having issues staying tight to the receiver. This is unacceptable for something that is meant to save my buttocks if the HWS has a hiccup.
-grab the Larue QD mount. My EOtech 512 goes directly onto the receiver and has no way of being yanked off in the event that it is rendered useless. I also like the idea of having another quarter-inch of clearance over the front post, which I don't want to change because I favor its lighter weight to flip-ups and railed as blocks.
-grab an actual sling. I have a $2 surplus sling that does nothing for me or the rifle, and could become uncomfortable or accidentally loosen.
-get more comfortable rail covers. I have the sandropene ladders and they aren't nice on bare hands - namely in ergonomics. I want something that enables a better forward grip on the rifle.

I was previously thinking about a flashlight but I have no need for one at this time.

I don' see a point in upgrading the trigger, either, but then again I haven't tried out a nice single-stage trigger. If there are some good ones that are affordable, then I might be open to it, but it would be a low priority.
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My first AR build, I was in LGS/range, they had AR15 'kits', TWS, seemed like a great idea, all the parts in one box, picked out by one company, in theory, everything should fit, (they did), this way I can concentrate on actually building, not wondering if it wouldn't go together because of miss-matched parts or me! It went together perfectly, (looked at Brownell's youtube video), no problems. Finished it before all the vise clamps showed up, couldn't wait, didn't need to. Plain A2 fore grip, wanted as light and simple as possible. A buddy bought a Sig 556 piston gun, bipod, scope, seemed a bit much, so simple, half the price seemed a win-win for me. The gun shoots great, working on some new loads, having fun!
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Old March 2, 2014, 07:07 PM   #91
fearless leader
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Your abilities regarding your level of skill with your rifle will have a great degree of bearing on your success; more so than the bolt on toys. Having said that, I chose the CMMG 2 pound tactical trigger, and the collapsable stock on my 20 inch light weight barrelled rifle. I find it easiest to use on smaller or distant targets.
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Old March 7, 2014, 05:08 AM   #92
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Here is my list and build, finally completed. I switched it up a bit as it moved along and am extremely happy with the results.

Mega Arms forged multi cal.
MidwestPX LPK
ALG Defense ACT trigger
ACE Skeleton stock
Standard buffer/spring

Mega Arms forged
MidwestPX enhanced BCG
Mega Arms charging handle
Satern Machining 300BLK M4 profile barrel 14.5" with
Accuracy Systems linear "quiet" brake
Bushnell 1-4x24 illuminated reticle scope with UTG rings
Seekins Precision SP3R 15" handguard
Attached Images
File Type: jpg omg guns 006.jpg (123.1 KB, 56 views)
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Nice peace good job
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Old March 8, 2014, 04:32 AM   #94
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I chose what I thought I wanted. I went with a BCM carbine socom upper, aimpoint and magpul goodies. After shooting it awhile, I didn't like it very much. I'd run a mag or two through it and pretty much didn't care for it.


Then I watched a 3 gun match and put a few rounds through a friend's 3 gun rifle. Middy BCM upper 14.5" with a pinned comp and Troy rifle length rail. That was something I enjoyed. Especially the 1-4 scope.

So as of tonight I'm getting ready to put a 15" Troy rail on mine. I'm also ditching the aimpoint and a leupold 1.5-4x mark ar with firedot reticle is en route. I still need to sort out where to mount the forward sling attachment. I also need to sort out the irons. I liked the aimpoint because I enjoy shooting irons and the aimpoint let me do that. I don't care to grab an RTZ mount and pop the scope off often, so I may give the canted Dueck Degense buis a try. I also need a decent trigger assuming I like it after it's done. I'm cheap and dropping a couple hundred bucks into a Giselle trigger isn't something I want to do unless I start slinging a bunch more lead. A miculek compensator is on the way, too. I was impressed shooting a similar setup with a miculek, especially for the price.

I got bored and mocked it up tonight. Tomorrow I'll be cutting down the front sight post instead of buying a low profile gas block. I've got all the tools to cut it down and paint it, so spending $35+ on a low pro gas block that tightens arguably less securely seems to be not very worthwhile.

Now maybe I'll enjoy it enough to try a 3 gun match. I've always wanted to take a carbine class, so maybe this setup will be enjoyable enough to me that I'll drop coin on a good class. Even just mocking up the rail, I'm amazed at how it feels better balanced yet lighter. Well lighter I do understand, I ran Midwest Industries 2 piece free float quad rails and they were a bit weighty for a 9" rail.


So there you go. Build what you think you want and need. Try shooting a few different setups. Then rebuild it or buy another a couple thousand rounds later when you find out your wants and perceived needs were a little off!
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I've got three, two built and one factory assembled.

The factory gun is a Colt LE6920. It's my reliable gun, one that I trust to work when needed. I don't have plans of duty use or defensive use but its nice to know that should the need arise, that Colt will take car of it.

The second was my practical accuracy build. It was the gun to get into 3 gun if I desired and also punch small hole into paper. The upper is a flattop. The hand guards are the cheapest DPMS basic rifle length float tube. PSA's BCG (one of their top tier version). A2 stock. WOA 18" SPR barrel with rifle gas system. Trigger group is a Geissele high speed. The barrel was the best bang for your buck, it was heavy but not unmanageable. The trigger I had from the days of trying Service rifle. I had no plans to mount anything on rails so a light aluminum float tube works great. The only two parts that would be swapped if I were to compete would be a quality brake rather than a birdcage and a shorter or adjustable stock.

The latest build was out of boredom and hearing a friend of a friend has a 30caliber suppressor but nothing subsonic to run through it. For this build I went 300blk. The barrel is a Wilson Combat 16" recon profile. Hand guard is an ALG EMR 10. Trigger is a Geissele SSA-E. Using a standard 6 position stock. The barrel seems to be a best buy of price and well cut muzzle threads, which when using another person's suppressor is a huge goal. I really like Geissele triggers and while expensive, they are good and robust. This should make for some fun, quiet shooting.
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Originally Posted by HOOfan_1 View Post
Armalite stripped lower: Like the name, the rollmark and it is what my LGS had ~$140
PSA LPK with Magpul MOE grip and Enhanced trigger guard: Heard they had a good trigger for the price ~$70
PSA Receiver extension, spring and buffer, end plate: All I could find at the time ~$60
Magpul ACS stock: Like the friction lock and cheek weld ~$105
Colt castle nut: All I could find ~$15

Daniel Defense stripped upper:Wanted a mostly DD upper-$90
DPMS Forward assist: all I could find~$13
PSA Dust cover:liked the black spring/all I could find~$15
BCM Charging handle:Heard it was great~$45
Daniel Defense BCG:best I could find in stock~$160
Daniel Defense 16" M4 profile 1:7" barrel:Best quality I could find in stock~$260
Daniel Defense clamp on low profile gas block: Daniel Defense did me well~$60
YHM gas tube: All I could find~$15
Midwest Industries T Series Midlength quadrail: wanted it to cover the gas block, wanted a quad rail~$150
YHM phantom flash hider:Just cause~$30
Added a new accessory.

Aimpoint Patrol Rifle Optic

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I'm awaiting the new handguard coming from RRA. I have everything else. Once it's all together I'll post an updated parts list and a couple of pics.
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Old March 13, 2014, 10:24 AM   #98
Brake Weight
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AR Builds -- What Parts Did You Choose and Why??

Anyone running a keyhole style rail?

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Noveske SPR complete upper
Larue index clips + hand stops (need to be reconfigured a bit)
MI low profile BUIS
Vltor A5 buffer and tube.
Vltor EMOD stock
Moe+ Grip
Geissele SSA trigger
Vortex Viper PST 1-4 in a Bobro mount

Noveske Skinny Moe complete upper
Aimpoint Micro H1 in Bobro mount and IO cover
Moe handguard, grip. MBUIS, CTR stock
QMS trigger
Ordered an Inforce WML for this too.

Still works in progress. I'll probably put in BAD selectors on both. Maybe reconfigure a couple of things. The gun on the left weighs about 4lbs more than the one on the right. Really! These are the 2 newest ones I've built. Still need to remount that scope, stake castle nuts, and a couple of other minor details too. I'll shoot the heck out of them when more of this snow melts.

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The latest build together. Since my fun money comes from OT at work, I didn't get to purchase the scope I wanted. We are in a little slow period for a few weeks. I put some glass on it while I wait on what I want.


Aero Precision Upper and Lower : I can always trust them
AR Stoner 223 Wylde 16" Stainless Fluted : I wanted a Wylde and the reviews were good
Seekins SP3R 12" Handguard : For hunting and the two piece barrel nut, easy to rest on anything.
WMD Guns Nickel Boron BBC : Wanted Nickel Boron and Spikes was out of stock, the reviews were awesome
Spikes Enhanced LPG : Quality and price for what you get
Magpul CTR : Rock Solid
BCM Gunfighter Small Latch CH : Never had one fail
A1 Flash Hider : I'm a traditionalist

These won't stay long:
DNZ Extended Scope Mount Quality and mounts the glass lower than most others
Nikon Prostaff 2-7x32mm : Had it laying around and it has finger adjustable turrets

As it sits, it tips the scales at a flush 8lbs.

I have been saving for a Zeiss Victory HT 30mm in 1.5-6x 42mm with the ASV turrets, but I guess it will be a month or two before that happens.

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