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Old November 27, 2015, 04:09 PM   #1
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.35 Rem with LeveRevolution

My next caliber to reload is .35 Remington for my 1957 era Marlin. I plan to load Hornady FTX and also a JSP "to be named later", both at 200 gr. I've decided to start with LeveRevolution powder since that seems to be the latest "go to powder for the .35 Remington. I guess it is a kissing cousin of the powder Hornady uses for the factory ammo.

Hodgon's seems to have adequate load information and I'll plan to stay with that. What I'm looking for is any advice other reloaders might offer about this powder. Does it have any quirks I should be aware of? It is new enough I haven't found that much information about it here or on other reloading sites. I'm not looking for a bench rest load or something rivaling .35 Whelan, just a consistent load for an aging lever gun shot by an aging shooter.

Later I may experiment with some "gallery loads" but since I already have a Rossi lever gun in .357 Magnum, that seems to be duplicating what I already have.
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Old November 27, 2015, 06:38 PM   #2
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I load the same powder for my .35Rem. My advice is to take the time to play with how much powder your rifle likes, as with any reloaded round. My bottle of LR powder states the charge weight as 41.4gr for 200gr FTX. My rifle had much better groups at 39.1 gr instead.
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Only two powders I have ever used in .35 Rem are 3031 for full power, and Red Dot for reduced loads...
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Hi Skinned,
Worked up a load for my son's 6.5 Grendel with it and it loved the stuff!! We got the highest velocities with it and no pressure signs as we did with other powders. It seems that it was designed with that in mind for several cartridges. Looking in my Hornady manual at the 35 Rem, it bears out what I said, showing the highest velocity. With the 200 FTX, start load with Leverevolution is 26.6 gr and max is 42.7 gr with velocities of 1600 and 2100 fps respectively. In my son's Grendel, it shot 1 hole groups at 100. I've not tried it in anything else yet. Best of luck & keep us posted.

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I cut my reloading teeth on a Marlin 336 rc .35 Remington in 1971. I used 3031 back then.
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39.0 gr LVR with a 200 gr soft point shoots excellent and packs a good punch in my Rem mod 14. in .35 Rem.
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I suggest you skip the Hornady FTX. I didn't get good expansion from it. Also, it requires deep seating in the case and thus limits powder capacity.
I've gotten best accuracy and game performance from the Sierra 200gr RN. I currently only use cast in my .35. Due to limited availability of bullets recently, I bought an RCBS 200gn .358" fngc mold. It is perfect! Casts to .361" at 220gr. I size to .360". Over 39.0gr of BLC2, I get 2,050fps and 1.5moa groups.
Another good bullet is the Hornady 180grn SSP. They expand well, and hold together as they are interlocks. I'm led to believe that current production have the "recoil proof " flat tip, which makes them even better for use in tubular magazines.
The very best .35rem bullets are the Remington Corlokts, but Remington has abandoned the component market, again. But, they had become over priced.
Speer makes a couple of good .35 bullets, but they are too hard for .35rem. However, the 220 is liked by moose and bear hunters.
Best powders are LVR, H4895, and BLC2. Many others are good, IMR3031, 4064, H322 among the ones I've used. Most any powder from RL7 to Acc2520 works well in the .35.
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