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Old November 2, 2008, 04:38 PM   #2876
Join Date: October 18, 2008
Location: Hawaii
Posts: 17
I'm Nate hailing from Hawaii.

Got an Custom Charter Arms AR7,
Stag Model 2T With Eotech sight,
An airsoft "twin" of the aforementioned AR15 for training,
A pre 1964 Winchester Model 70 chambered in .270 Win

Next gun will be a Sig P226

No CCW as i live in the liberal stronghold of Hawaii.

Interested in getting the laws here changed, so I find myself slowly becoming an armchair lawyer...

Also loves photography, aviation, and computers.
To those who think that the 2nd amendment applies to the militia and not the individual, think about this. Thomas Jefferson, one of the founding fathers said this in regards to the 2nd amendment -- "The beauty of the second amendment is that it will not be needed until they try to take it." Take a while and digest that...
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Old November 2, 2008, 07:10 PM   #2877
Join Date: October 18, 2008
Location: Vegas/San Diego
Posts: 4
Checking in from Vegas or San Diego. I enjoy tactical shooting, upland game hunting, and deer or pig hunting.
Glock 22, SIG 228, Rem 870, Win 70, Win 94
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Old November 2, 2008, 10:45 PM   #2878
Join Date: November 1, 2008
Posts: 5
My name is Brian , I'm 36 and from ne Pa . I have several guns mostly consisting of hunting Rifles. some of which are mossberg 835's Browning invector, Marlin .22 mag, 300 weatherby mag, winchester 7mm wsm, thompson center omega, Ithica 22 cal. 1937 fulton double barrel 12 ga And one gun I know nothing about but would love to find some info on is a Geco sport buchse mod 33
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Old November 3, 2008, 01:03 AM   #2879
Join Date: November 3, 2008
Posts: 1

I joined yesterday, And recently bought my first personal pistol last week. Its a Springfield XD .40. Havent gotten the chance to fire it yet however Im not new to weapons. In my two years enlisted so far ive qualled sharpshooter onceand Expert once on my M 16, Expert on the 240, and fired countless rounds out of everything from Benelli's and the 500 shotty to my personal favorite the Ma Deuce. Anyhow If anyone has any tips or tricks to share for the XD feel free to shout out, in the mean time ill be surfin the old posts.
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Old November 3, 2008, 04:26 PM   #2880
Join Date: November 3, 2008
Location: aycliffe village North east England
Posts: 133

just a quick thankyou from gotgcoalman (Dave)

i,m 41 from North East England,
married for 21 years,
3 kids 1 girl 19, 2 sons 13 and 8.
Both sons shoot with me regularly
both clay(skeet) and rough shooting (live things)

We usually shoot 12 gauge but recently i got a muzzle
loading kentucky rifle .45 calibre (which i favour now)

i stumbled on the forum looking for Black powder tips and
felt the need to register because of the helpfull info i found and if i can i would like to help other people.
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Old November 3, 2008, 09:10 PM   #2881
Join Date: November 3, 2008
Location: BlackHills
Posts: 18
Hello all and thank you for a place to network and learn!
I am pretty new to gun ownership. I have always loved to shoot but honestly I am only now old enough in mind and maturity to own any.

I have a few, my first gun I ever bought is just a tuarus model 617 357 snub nose (don't know why buy just always had a thing for the 357 magnum snubbie. Probably bring a child of the seventys....LOL) next I bought a Henry Big Boy in the 357 I know I have heard it plenty should have got the 44 but I made my choice. On the fact I have a small wife and 14 yearold daughter in the home and I thougt the 357 would be less intimidating for them. I have turned this rifle into a wall hanging I live in the black hills and feathers and dream cathers are the home decoration of all here so a few feathers some leather and a bit of fine beadwork I did my self hung on the wall and its there if need and nobody thinks twice about it except to comment on the "nice wall decoration" plus I have close to 5000 rounds of Federal Hydro-shok so one bullet two guns it works for me. Last daddy bought himself a real nice CCW Kimber ultra carry 45 stainless with cocobolo crimson grips. This is sweetest thing I have ever shot!! Haven't had much experience with 1911's but omg this is nicer 4000 rounds so far and only one ftf and that was my fault I didn't seat the mag solid enough on only the fourth mag I ever put in it and click not bang. Live and learn!

Well there it is. That me in short I am here to learn learn learn so please any thing welcome. Thanks Angel
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Old November 5, 2008, 03:14 PM   #2882
Join Date: November 5, 2008
Posts: 9
New member from Florida

Greetings everyone.

I have a Taurus 85 Ultra Lite .38spl and a Taurus PT92AF 9mm. Very happy with both and looking to add to my collection.
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Old November 5, 2008, 03:43 PM   #2883
Join Date: January 3, 2003
Location: 0 hrs east of TN
Posts: 46,959
Welcome to you all.
"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has."
ó Margaret Mead
Please Read The Forum Rules

TheHighRoad exists to provide a higher grade of discussion than is found on some other gun forums so antis and undecideds can see that gun owners and RKBA advocates are not the reckless misanthropes they tell everyone we are. Personal attacks, group stereotyping, macho chest-thumping, and partisan hackery are low road and hurt all of us.
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Old November 5, 2008, 06:37 PM   #2884
Join Date: November 5, 2008
Posts: 1
Thanks for the site!

I'm a new reloader looking for 45 Colt loads and Blue Dot....I read something recommending this powder a year or so ago and can't find it now!
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Old November 5, 2008, 11:21 PM   #2885
Join Date: August 19, 2008
Location: in the sticks of nc
Posts: 1,235
well howdy! never saw this till just now..... i was a new member at one time lol
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Old November 5, 2008, 11:24 PM   #2886
Join Date: August 19, 2008
Location: in the sticks of nc
Posts: 1,235
i reload 45 colt too and find 5.8g trailboss WLP and a 255g cast RNFP (the-one big hunk of soft lead and a quarter stick of 50/50-kind of alloy) with two coats of LLA works wonderfully.... recently got about 8-10 inch group@100yds+
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Old November 6, 2008, 01:06 AM   #2887
Join Date: November 6, 2008
Location: Illinois
Posts: 7
Hey everyone!

Not much to say but I'm 23 and from Illinois. I love shooting at the range with my dad and hunt every once in a while.
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Old November 6, 2008, 01:48 AM   #2888
Join Date: December 31, 2007
Location: Bozeman, MT
Posts: 4
Sort of new but not really...

Alright, I joined this forum back in January with a question about Rock Island Armory. Well, now I have some new questions which pertain to some family guns.

My first question is about an antique .250 Savage lever action rifle. The butt plate has a leather cover which is severely damaged. Is there any way I can get a replacement cover?

My second question is about the value of a WWII Ruger P38 9mm Nazi Officer's side arm. It clearly bears the Ruger logo and has the Nazi Swastica markings in several places on the gun and on the holster it came with. The gun is in excellent shape with no modifications. The holster is a light weight "quick draw" type holster, which now bears the markings of the family farm.

I would also like to know the approxamate value of the Savage and how I can get another clip for the P38. Thanks guys.
*Remington model 700 .30-06 (Repaired under recall)
*Savage .250-3000 lever action (antique)
*WWII P38 w/ holster Nazi Officer's side arm (has Nazi markings stamped on it)
*NRA Member
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Old November 6, 2008, 10:45 AM   #2889
Join Date: November 3, 2008
Location: Ohio
Posts: 76
My name is Derek, I'm 23 from Gallipolis Ohio. I'm an accountant and a part time MBA Student. My hobby is collecting guns, and kinves. Good to be here and looking foreward to meeting all of you.
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Old November 6, 2008, 04:35 PM   #2890
Join Date: November 6, 2008
Location: Forks, WA
Posts: 2
Hey everyone,
I'm Jeff, 27 years old from Washington State, and have worked for over eight years as a Correctional Officer for the WA State Dept. of Corrections. My only real firearm experience has been my annual weapons training at work which consisted of qualifying with a H&K USP 9mm, Colt AR-15, and a Remington 870 12 gauge. I have always enjoyed weapons training and had interest in firearms, but never had the money to invest in one. I just now purchased my first firearm, a Taurus 24/7 Pro .45 ACP, and will be picking it up next Thursday. I chose this mainly as a home-defense and target shooting pistol. I plan on using it for target shooting with my wife at least a couple times a month, and hopefully will never need it in self-defense.
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Old November 7, 2008, 07:53 AM   #2891
Join Date: November 7, 2008
Posts: 8
Hello. Folks call me "D". I live in Houston. I did not come up around guns, the only one I ever owned (or fired) was a Ruger single-six I had in the 80's for about 5 years.

I'm here to learn as I plan our home defense strategies for myself, my wife, and 8 & 12 year old sons.

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Old November 7, 2008, 08:02 AM   #2892
Join Date: June 13, 2008
Posts: 3
I'm Dave from Grayling, Michigan.

I live 1/2 mile from the AuSable river here in a northern rural part of the state and like to fly fish and tie my own flies.

I'm also a dedicated reloader and shooter. I get the most enjoyment out of open sighted lever guns. I use aperature sights because my 61 year old eyes don't do the v-notchers too well anymore, although at 50 yards I can still hit clay birds with v-notch sights.

Don't get me wrong, I have a number of scoped high-power rifles, but I find them boring to shoot beyond just sighting them in for hunting.

I really like reloading and minor gunsmithing a lot. I don't know whether I reload so I can shoot more or shoot so I can reload more. I cast most of the bullets I shoot and have some acreage so I have my own range, a very handy thing.

de k8bor

de k8bor

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Old November 7, 2008, 08:44 AM   #2893
Join Date: November 7, 2008
Location: NW Arkansas
Posts: 23
New guy

Been a lurker for some time now located in NW Arkansas. Been married to the same women for 35 years and I will be 55 this month. Raising 3 of my grandchildren. I retired from the USAF in 1996, been building every since.
Iíve always been interested in weapons of all sorts. Besides shooting I also reload. Started reloading around 1989. I find it to be relaxing and very rewarding.

Thanks for allowing me to join your group.

My other passion is old iron this is a 1974 FLH shovelhead.

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Old November 7, 2008, 04:32 PM   #2894
Join Date: November 7, 2008
Posts: 4
i'm new to this cite. i own a number of handguns. i am ret from akron oh p.d. i'm 60 and love talking about guns. dave
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Old November 7, 2008, 06:34 PM   #2895
Join Date: November 7, 2008
Posts: 23
new guy

Hello, My name is Bill and I'm addicted to firearms. I could talk about firearms all day and half the night. I like to shoot, clean, customize, show and also admire them. I also love to hunt, fish (obviously)but I only like to work (I operate a remote control locomotive 'choo-choo' for a living...think of a 300 ton r/c car..how cool is that.) I live in central florida. I have been really getting into 22 shooting and love it. I would shoot all of what I've got but it's just 2 damned expensive nowadays....
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Old November 7, 2008, 07:46 PM   #2896
Registration in progress
Join Date: June 29, 2008
Location: Baltimore, MD
Posts: 68
Welcome, Bill.

Originally Posted by fishinbill85
I operate a remote control locomotive 'choo-choo' for a living...think of a 300 ton r/c car..how cool is that.)
I think that's extremely cool! How do I get a job like that?
Guy N. LaFrance
Maryland Shall Issue, National Rifle Association, Second Amendment Foundation, Grand Army of the Frontier, National Congress of Old West Shootists
Vous pouvez voir par mes vÍtements que je ne suis pas un cowboy.
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Old November 8, 2008, 08:04 PM   #2897
Join Date: October 25, 2008
Location: WA State
Posts: 5
Hi, My name is Travis, I am a 19 year old U.S. citizen living in Washington state. I found this site by accident and decided to join the ranks due to my strong belief in the 2nd amendment and love for my country.

It's a pleasure to meet you all.
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Old November 8, 2008, 08:23 PM   #2898
Join Date: November 8, 2008
Location: Washington Twp., NJ
Posts: 11
My name is Jason and I'm from New Jersey. Joined today because I'm just about to send in my application for a Firearms ID card this coming week. I've shot before with my dad, but have never owned my own. I figured it was time. I've "lurked" for the past couple of weeks to get a better of idea of what handgun I should purchase. I haven't decided quite yet on the firearm, but I have decided that this site and it's members are top-notch. I look forward to talking with you guys in the future. I also am a traditionalist when it comes to the American way and the Constitution.
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Old November 8, 2008, 09:33 PM   #2899
Join Date: November 8, 2008
Posts: 3
New home owner just bought a Sig 232..

Name is Toby
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Old November 9, 2008, 01:38 AM   #2900
Join Date: November 9, 2008
Location: Between Homer, Alaska and Wrington, Somerset. (Toledo, Ohio)
Posts: 56
New Replacement.

Hello everyone

I'm Mark, been lurking here for a bit, decided to register a few minutes. I'm 37, right now I'm living in Toledo, Ohio, but have lived in San Diego, California when I was in the US Navy, and lived in Homer, Alaska for a few following the Service.

As for my screen name, I was a Plane Captain for F-14A Tomcats, hence the name TomcatPC. I Served with VF-302 Fighting Stallions at NAS Miramar from 1990-1993. As for the title "Plane Captain", it means Crew Chief, I was NOT a Pilot/RIO/Air Crew, the title can be a bit misleading to people outside of the Naval Aviation Community.

I am the third generation from both parents families to be born this side (U.S.) of England. Being English American I have an interest in Lee-Enfield Rifles, Martini-Henry Rifles, and Webley Revolvers.

Other demographic facts about me is even though I am only 37, my Dad is a 85 year old WWII Veteran (Gunner in a TBM Avenger in the Pacific Theatre). Not sure what to include in my intro..LOL, so I hope to have fun here and learn some things.
Thank You
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info, ruger

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