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Old January 11, 2011, 05:29 PM   #5751
FL Trainer
Join Date: December 21, 2008
Location: Florida
Posts: 14
My name is Carl and I've been perusing THR for awhile until recently posting. I've been into rifles (military), handguns and reloading since I was a kid back in N.Y. I now live in Florida where the firearms laws are much more too my liking.
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Old January 11, 2011, 05:54 PM   #5752
Join Date: September 25, 2010
Location: Virginia
Posts: 593
New member

I'm new here but do enjoy reading and posting on forums. I've always been around guns and have owned and fired about every sporting/military caliber around, both rifle and handgun. I've never been too interested in shotguns, however.

About 45 years ago I became interested in muzzleloaders. I now hunt exclusively with flintlocks and do most of my shooting with them. My interest in rifles and handguns is still strong. I particularly like lever rifles and bolt action sporting rifles. I've done much deer hunting with the .357, .41 and .44 magnums. I reload all my ammo and seldom fire factory ammo. I was a firearms instructor at a police academy and my pistol craft was quite good.

I would like to share my interest with the knowledgeable folks on this forum. I'll have questions and maybe even some useful comments of my own. I hail from central Va.
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Old January 11, 2011, 07:47 PM   #5753
Join Date: January 11, 2011
Posts: 1
Hi my name is Cody. I just found this site searching for NC CCP info. This is the 7th state I've lived in and hate trying to keep up with the laws. I'm hoping to meet some chill people and learn as much as possible.
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Old January 11, 2011, 08:29 PM   #5754
Join Date: January 8, 2011
Posts: 7,154
New here...Colt DA revolvers are my gun of choice, however I have others.
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Old January 12, 2011, 05:11 PM   #5755
Join Date: January 12, 2011
Location: Colorado
Posts: 1
Let's see...Born in England and moved to the U.S. with my wife twenty years ago. I've wanted to shoot all my life and now at mid-fifty's I'm just managing it. I can't hit a barn door if I'm sitting on the handle, but I'm determined to learn. I'm very lucky to have a very good friend (who's a member here) who knows guns inside-out and has a lifetime of experience, who's teaching me the right from the wrong. I've already learned that my Mossberg 590 makes bigger holes than my Taurus OSS 9mm. I look forward to learning all I can from the learned members here.
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Old January 12, 2011, 05:12 PM   #5756
Join Date: January 12, 2011
Posts: 2
New to THR

Just saying "Hi". I operate a channel on YouTube which may be of interest to some. I hope to contribute something useful as time goes by.
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Old January 12, 2011, 05:22 PM   #5757
Old Kinderhook
Join Date: December 26, 2010
Location: Phila., Pa.
Posts: 10
Hi, I live in Philadelphia and am fairly new to firearms. I just got a shotgun from my wife for Christmas. I intent to take up trap shooting, and perhaps a little target shooting with the Remington 572 .22 I inherited from my grandfather. Like Kenneth above, my family dates back to the early settlers.

Believe it or not, I've already seen some of the videos by ZombieTactics (immediately above) on YouTube. Not bad for the undead.
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Old January 12, 2011, 07:34 PM   #5758
Join Date: January 12, 2011
Location: MontereyCounty, California
Posts: 28
Hi all, new member from Monterey County California. I have benifited from several threads on the forum and decided to join.
I don't expect to get flamed because of my address. I was born in El Paso Tx, raised in the army all over the world and ended up outside of Fort Ord when my dad retired. I met an married a local girl 36 years ago and only left for a 6 year Army stint. I collect mostly older military guns. Not a huge collection but not tiny.
We are the keepers of the 2nd ammendment
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Old January 13, 2011, 04:20 PM   #5759
Join Date: January 13, 2011
Posts: 1
Noob requests permission to come aboard

Hello, folks. Not sure what to say.

I don't shoot much anymore, but we keep a fair assortment of (mostly older) hardware in a Liberty safe. Some is collectible, most just sentimental -- e.g. the .30-.30 I've had since I was a kid, which still says "JACK" in a press-on tape strip under the action, my grandpa's pre-'64 Mod. 70 with the Leupold that Dad screwed on, or the old hogleg that came down from my wife's family, taken off a Nebraska murderer by da Judge on hangin' day. That one's probably worth the rest of the collection, put together.

Army vet, dad, stepdad. Not a granddad yet, but you never know. We live close to Seattle.

Occasionally, we get get down to the range where my sweetie shoots her Glock 19. I usually take my Woodsman (cheap ammo, fun to shoot, had it over 30 years now).

Once the revenue stream improves, we'll buy more rounds.


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Old January 13, 2011, 08:13 PM   #5760
Join Date: January 13, 2011
Location: NW Iowa
Posts: 2
Just another new guy here....

Hey everyone...not really sure how much to put here so I'll just start rambling I'm 46 and like many have been shooting most of my life. I enjoy handguns primarily although I'm not too bad a rifleman either. Shot in a trap league for quite a few years and if time permits I'll get back into that. I currently own 9 handguns and was trying to research one when I came upon this forum...looked pretty good so I joined. I'm a member of a pistol league and use a Pardini as do most of the guys on our particular squad. I've got 12, 16 and 20 ga shotguns, 3 AR-15's and numerous other rifles. Oh and I'm a letter carrier for the postal service...needless to say I get my share of the "going postal" jokes I also farm 400 acres in iowa so I have ample room to target practice if I don't feel like driving to the club to shoot, just finding the time is always a problem. Looking forward to getting to know the forum and learning things along the way.
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Old January 13, 2011, 11:46 PM   #5761
country boy marksman
Join Date: January 13, 2011
Location: lower Alabama (NW Florida)
Posts: 76
howdy yall!

My name is Joel. I am 15, and have been in love with anything with a trigger for almost that long! I've learned a lot here before I joined, and since I am getting a Winchester Model 70 in .308 soon, I decided to go ahead and join! I own many guns already (in my dad's name of course) including a 1960's chinese sks with a simmons 3-9 x 40 scope on it, a 20 guage mossberg 500 (I haven't gotten a 12 guage yet), and a ruger 10 22 carbine with a red dot sight. I am more of a "rifleman" because I prefer long range shooting, hunt, and don't have much money to spend, but I can hold my own with an m1911! I am somewhat obsessive about survival techniques and gear, and am working on my first homemade ghillie suit! I look forward to learning a lot here, and will probably have many questions when I get the M70!

Are you quite certain, Mister Quigley, that you don't want that bucket a bit closer?

one of my classmates obsessed with MW3: "so.. what video games do you play?"
me: "reality, and it sure aint a game!"
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Old January 14, 2011, 02:37 PM   #5762
Axel Larson
Join Date: September 29, 2010
Location: Vermont, now Saint Albans
Posts: 485
Axel Larson.

Hello I am new to being a member here, but have been looking through the threads for a long time. My current guns are a Marlin 30--30. A Benelli Super Nova tactical with a pistol grip, with ghost ring sights.
"Those who would give up Essential Liberty to purchase a little Temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety." Ben Franklin
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Old January 14, 2011, 04:58 PM   #5763
Dennis Rousey
Join Date: January 14, 2011
Location: Puyallup Washington soon to retire in centeral Illionis
Posts: 1

I am very interested in communication from past AGI Master Gunsmithing Allumni
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Old January 14, 2011, 11:45 PM   #5764
Join Date: January 14, 2011
Location: Chippewa Falls, WI. 1 Mile from the home of DuraCoat
Posts: 128
Paul from WI checking in (actually right down the road from Lauer Weaponry for you DuraCoat fans out there). Browsed the site quite a few times, and decided to go ahead and register. I'm an avid collector and shooter. I'm starting to get into reloading as well, and I'm sure I'll find a lot of good info here.
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Old January 15, 2011, 12:32 AM   #5765
Join Date: December 4, 2010
Posts: 6
Smile new member

Out of courtesy I thought I would play by the rules. About myself, I'm an old guy - 59. I like most any firearm, rifles, revolvers, and semi-autos. I am reluctant to give personal info because I am convinced big brother is watching. I am not particularly articulate so bear with me. I feel, no I know we are at war with those who would, no those who are oppressing us. I would like to address those of you who are proudly announcing your NRA membership. I formerly belonged, no longer. I realized none of us should have to pay lobbyists to protect 2nd amendment rights we have without the NRA, congress, the courts or anyone else. These rights are foremost YAHWEH GOD given rights. Secondarily the US constitution of 1789 guarantees these rights. The NRA simply compromises with the system (congress) and slowly bleeds us of privileges we previously possessed. As gun owners we need to circle the wagons and quit asking consent from anyone to possess, buy, and use firearms. The time is now. As a friend of mine says " How is that voting working for you?" Sorry to be so rough on my introduction. JJJ
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Old January 15, 2011, 02:15 AM   #5766
Join Date: January 14, 2011
Posts: 3
im the new guy

not sure if this is the right place to post this..but this looks like a great forum, Hi Everybody
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Old January 15, 2011, 02:18 AM   #5767
Join Date: December 1, 2010
Posts: 22
Hey there. There's actually a topic at the top of this forum if you want to introduce yourself.
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Old January 15, 2011, 02:20 AM   #5768
Join Date: September 23, 2003
Location: Houston
Posts: 3,512
Howdy, gf0. Yes, you're correct, this is a great forum. Welcome.
God and Texas!
NRA Benefactor Life Member
TSRA Life Member
GOA Life Member
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Old January 15, 2011, 04:26 AM   #5769
Join Date: July 31, 2003
Location: North Las Vegas, NV
Posts: 6,501
NRA Patron Life Member
Knives I've made http://s363.photobucket.com/albums/oo80/DLKnives/
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Old January 15, 2011, 05:01 AM   #5770
Join Date: January 9, 2011
Posts: 3
Just another new member on the forum. I'm here in washington state. I've seen a gun or two. Just thought it would be rude to keep lurking without saying hi.

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Old January 15, 2011, 06:15 PM   #5771
Join Date: January 15, 2011
Location: Walking horse capital of the world, TN
Posts: 68
Smile New member

Hi i am a new member to THR , i have worked in a gun and pawn shop for several years now and i love guns...i started working here when i was 16 so when i turned 18 i started buying guns...i am always buying and trading i currently own a remington sportsman 58 16gauge, ruger 10/22,remington nylon 66 ,and a ruger m77 mark II 30-06... I also have a brother in law who owns a gunsmith shop so im learning in that area as well....im 19 and cant wait till i'm 21 so i can start purchasing pistols!
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Old January 15, 2011, 11:02 PM   #5772
Join Date: January 15, 2011
Location: michigan
Posts: 4

This is my first gun forum. I love to hunt and shoot, and collect knifes and guns.
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Old January 16, 2011, 12:11 AM   #5773
Join Date: January 2, 2011
Location: Pacific NW
Posts: 42
New Member

Hello from the Pacific Northwest. Looking forward to learning more and hopefully contributing. Single-gun owner, with a Glock 17, Gen4.
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Old January 16, 2011, 12:12 AM   #5774
Paddy McWhipsmack
Join Date: December 2, 2010
Location: Charleston, SC
Posts: 4
I'm new to the forum (hence the post here). Mostly own handguns (Springfield 1911, S&W 642, HK P30 9mm, HK USPc 9mm, Kel Tec P3AT, a couple of others. Long guns include a WASR 10/63 7.62 X 39 and NFA Pardner Pump 12 gauge. Anyone in the Lowcountry of South Carolina feel free to hit me up. I plan on getting a CCW permit in 2011.


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Old January 16, 2011, 12:21 PM   #5775
Join Date: January 16, 2011
Location: princeton, WV
Posts: 72
reloading 300rum

My name is John. i am looking for information/tips on reloading for my 300RUM. I have tried most factory loads and the only one my 700 sps will pattern is the 150gr Scirocco loaded by remington. I have had great results with that load but they have doubled in price and became hard to find. I want to use the same bullet in reloading.
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info, ruger

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