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Old September 17, 2013, 03:56 PM   #8776
Join Date: September 17, 2013
Posts: 4
I'm an equal-opportunity collector. Whichever is the better deal; Colt or S&W.

Been a shooter/collector for 35 years. Don't shoot much anymore; just collect, mostly. Live in SW AZ.

(Why is there never any Rum?)
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Old September 18, 2013, 12:11 AM   #8777
Join Date: September 17, 2013
Location: Just south of Nowhere, SC
Posts: 54
Me? I'm the guy who isn't anybody else. I lean toward semi-autos (of any length) and bolt actions (of extreme length). I'm learning the gunsmithing trade these days, and I hope I never stop learning it.

Nice to meet everyone. Please excuse the "new guy smell". The guy behind me is apparently new too...
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Old September 18, 2013, 01:46 AM   #8778
Join Date: September 18, 2013
Posts: 3
Just joined

Just signed up and hoping to learn a little something. Lots of stuff to sort through here. Mostly here to gain a bit of knowledge on shotshell reloading. Been away from it for awhile, kids are starting to get interested and don't want to look completely clueless when asked a question. May very well start with handgun reloading in the near future. Have had a Swede Mauser fixation for years and finally got a CZ550 American in that Caliber. Highly recommend it. Only other caliber near it in my opinion in versatility is .243. At least for my purposes.
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Old September 18, 2013, 12:49 PM   #8779
Join Date: September 18, 2013
Posts: 1
Just purchased a 45-70 Browning/Winchester trying to learn about it.
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Old September 18, 2013, 02:30 PM   #8780
Iconic Industries
Join Date: August 7, 2013
Location: Northern California--East Bay
Posts: 3
I'll definitely let you know if we get the opportunity to head out that way.
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Old September 18, 2013, 02:41 PM   #8781
Iconic Industries
Join Date: August 7, 2013
Location: Northern California--East Bay
Posts: 3
Diva...well, only because I'm in charge of mediating between all you awesome firearm lovers and our team here at Iconic. I guess Diva works but probably more like Customer Service with a kick....lol Thanks for the welcome!
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Old September 19, 2013, 07:21 PM   #8782
Join Date: September 19, 2013
Location: California
Posts: 4
New member

Hi all,

I live in CA and wanted to connect with those who have an interest in AR15, 308 builds. Been playing around with this for a few months and found there's a large group of people who enjoy and or are interested in making their own. Looking forward to hearing about your own experiences or opinions on this topic.
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Old September 19, 2013, 07:24 PM   #8783
Join Date: June 5, 2006
Location: In a part of Utah that resembles Tattooine.
Posts: 12,665
welcome, yes a lot of us are doing it.
"I'm not saying we should kill all the stupid people. I'm just saying that we should remove all the warning labels and let the problem work itself out."
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Old September 20, 2013, 08:33 PM   #8784
Join Date: September 20, 2013
Location: The Not So Great Plains
Posts: 160
Obligatory FNG Intro

I read posts from here from time to time and finally decided to join.

I spent 23 years in the US Army retiring in 2008 as an 11Z5V. Most of my career was at Ft Bragg with 1BCT and 18th ABC. I have peacetime tours of both Korea and Germany. Stateside tours include Ft Jackson and Ft Campbell. Oddly enough, my last duty assignment took me to Ft Sill OK where I retired and still reside (The cost of living here is dirt cheap. Y'all come!)

I did two tours of Iraq and one of Afghanistan, all as a Platoon Sergeant.

Though retired I still maintain a pretty rigorous shooting regimen, getting out to the range 3-4 times a month.

I look forward to getting to know y'all and contributing what little I know to the discussion.
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Old September 21, 2013, 03:33 PM   #8785
Join Date: September 21, 2013
Location: Port orchard wa
Posts: 1
New to area looking for like minded people around port orchard

Looking for a safe place to target practice no crowds small caliber 22lr
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Old September 21, 2013, 06:37 PM   #8786
Join Date: September 21, 2013
Posts: 1
Originally Posted by Justin View Post
This thread is a place for new THR members to introduce themselves.

Tell us a little about who you are and what kind of gun stuff you're interested in!
hi elliott ' like bull`s eye shooting & skeet.
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Old September 22, 2013, 09:01 PM   #8787
Join Date: September 9, 2013
Posts: 4
Rossi .38 special

Howdy, this is for the ladies out there that are looking for a great home defense, and target shooting handgun! My husband purchased the Rossi Model 851 .38 +P 4 inch barrel revolver, I shot it today for the first time, and I am here to tell you it is a wonderful gun! Has great front and rear sights, light recoil, and being a petite framed lady the grips felt great in my hand. It is single and double action, with a very light trigger pull in the single action. I also have no problem shooting this gun in double action. This gun gets a 5 star rating from me!
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Old September 23, 2013, 10:41 AM   #8788
Join Date: September 19, 2013
Posts: 1
Hi From Kansas

Mostly interested in Concealed Carry but have also been a hunter most of my life.

I live in Lenexa, Kansas which is a suburb of Kansas City.

Almost 58 years old...generally old enough to know better...

I'm a biker...been riding Harley Geezerglides for a long time. Definitely my preferred mode of transportation.

Been married to my high school sweetheart for over 37 years.

Three kids, two boys and a girl...all are shooters and bikers. One granddaughter.

It's nice to be here. Thanks to the creators of this site. Hopefully good education here.

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Old September 24, 2013, 07:23 PM   #8789
Ken G Artillery FO.
Join Date: September 14, 2013
Location: Plano Texas
Posts: 11
Chuckwagon Ken.

I'm an avid firearms "enthusiast", I Reload, Collect/shoot rifles/Hand guns.
Primarily, older arms; 1903 SPF, 303 Brit, 6.5 Jap Arisaka, (Dad's WW II Souvenir). The Moos 7.62x54R, Beretta Mod. 33 .380 Auto (Mom's WW II Souvenir). SKS (Russian), & 7.5 x 55 Schmidt-Rubin (Awesome tack driver)
also modern & Reproductions; a 30-30 lever, .44 Walker-Colt BP.
Assorted .22 LRs, Marlin Mod.60 (My favorite for now, love the sleek tube fed)
Not much interested in AKs (Shot at me to much!) though I Love the SKS
(Don't Figure). I Will obtain a M-14, I Qualified EXP in Boot With (1969)
An AR-15 in M-16,A2 configuration (Triangle hand guard & 3 Prong flash guard)
As I used in the Nam. Then there is the M-1 Garand & Carbine, On & on & on
Bla Bla Bla
Semper Fi.
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Old September 24, 2013, 09:26 PM   #8790
Join Date: September 24, 2013
Posts: 109
Hello from a Central Florida Newbie

Well, pretty new anyway. I'm rekindling my love of rifles and target shooting and just having a good time with some gentle competition.

My first ever purchase (as a kid all rifles were club owned) are a CZ 452 and a Henry Lever (H001). Simply more fun than should be legal.

And just yesterday, somebody hinted a Winchester would be fun. Obviously 'somebody' knows I have an issue ignoring the screams from my wallet. I'm going to be working till I'm 90 and having fun the whole way.
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Old September 25, 2013, 03:03 AM   #8791
Join Date: August 22, 2008
Location: Washington
Posts: 2
new member

New to site as user. Info is greatly appreciated on all posts that I have read through. Pacific Northwest hunter and Sav m99 user of 60+ years.
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Old September 25, 2013, 06:23 PM   #8792
Join Date: September 25, 2013
Location: Scandinavia
Posts: 1
Hej All

My name is Ryan and Iím new to the site, but Iíve been frequenting it for some time enjoying the nice helpful and informative debate. I live in Scandinavia and learned to shoot in the military with the M49 Sig P210 Neuhausen and have been target/terrain shooting ever since + 30 years. I shoot 3 times a week using my M49 Neuhausen and my Korthís cal. 22, 357/9 mm. When Iím not at the range I am an avid Fly fisherman primarily fishing for Trout, Salmon and Steelheads.

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Old September 26, 2013, 01:22 PM   #8793
Join Date: September 4, 2013
Posts: 1

hello. JOined the forum some days ago. Planning for lots of participation. HOpe i can make time for it. lovely community friends!


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Old September 26, 2013, 02:43 PM   #8794
Join Date: September 26, 2013
Location: eastern nc
Posts: 13
New Member

Hey everyone, just joined THR, spend a lot of time over at the cz forums and decided to join here. Looking forward to joining in and talking guns and such. Mostly I am a CZ addict since getting into guns but also have a couple others.

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Old September 27, 2013, 04:40 PM   #8795
Join Date: September 27, 2013
Location: Tennessee
Posts: 2
New member

Hello y'all, I'm new here,I will go by the name,"BigDaddyHarris" um let's see. I work in the EMS field, I'm an EMT-I/V. I'll just go ahead and say as far as political views, I'm Conservative. I stand firm on my (your) 2nd Ammendment Right. I enjoy firearms, I live in the country, so I can just step outside and shoot anytime I want to. I live in the great state of Tennessee, been here my whole life, all 39 years of it. I'm also a blade guy! I collect knives. I'm also a Tennessee Titan fan. Ok, that's about it. I'm glad I found this place, looks like some great discussions going on. Thanks.
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Old September 27, 2013, 07:05 PM   #8796
Join Date: September 27, 2013
Posts: 5
Greets from a long time shooter

Been some time since, reloading, used to have a gun shop business in Wisconsin. Had most all my firearms/tools/supplies, ripped off in Montana. Thank goodness all I owned were not in the same place. Now retired and finding time to enjoy the sport. Looks like I have a lot of catching up to do! Which includes on how to navigate this new Windows 8 operating system.

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Old September 29, 2013, 12:23 AM   #8797
Doc Mongo
Join Date: November 25, 2010
Posts: 24
Checking in from Eastern MO. Here to learn, meet, buy, sell, trade, laugh, the usual.

Been lurking a long time and just realized I never posted an intro.
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Old September 29, 2013, 12:42 PM   #8798
Join Date: September 25, 2013
Posts: 2
New guy from Ky. New to guns as well and look forward to learning from your experiences and wisdom.

Sent from my ZTE V768 using Tapatalk 2
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Old September 29, 2013, 01:48 PM   #8799
Join Date: September 29, 2013
Location: Norway
Posts: 56
Norwegian new guy.

Ola from Norway here.
Every time I google something, THR comes up with the answers...
So I thought it was time to register.

Hunter and soon-to-be collector. (just need the rest of the paperwork...)
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Old September 30, 2013, 10:21 AM   #8800
Join Date: September 29, 2013
Posts: 8
Hi I'm, Ed

Special Ed sometimes. I live in Lawrenceburg, KY and I have a CCDWP. I mostly OC in KY during summer months because I can. Most people don't even notice the gun on my hip. Oh yea, been a fan of THR and Oleg Volk for a long time, but just now figured I needed to join, and had something to say.
It is better to be unique than eunuch!

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info, ruger

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