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Old May 13, 2008, 02:56 AM   #2226
Savior 6
Join Date: April 22, 2008
Posts: 4
Wink FNG

Yep FNG here. Looking forward to getting some good info and advice. Unfortunately the reason I started to post on forums was to bitch about bad customer service. Once I find the proper thread for that you will all hear more about the stg556. Anyway nice to be on board and better informed.
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Old May 13, 2008, 04:52 PM   #2227
Join Date: May 13, 2008
Posts: 2
Talking Yet Another New Member

Hi there, a not so old Mrs living in Mississippi formerly Canadian Army now married to retired American Army. I just got my first "non-issue" gun (so much more fun living in the US!) a Kahr CW9093 9mm and had it down to the range for a quick 100. Excellent so far, love that it fits my hand (as opposed to the browning) and considering it's brand spanking new it shoots fairly true, now if only I did...lol...

I'm looking forward to reading the forums and picking up pointers and information. I'm not a hunter (not opposed to those who do, though) I'm strictly into target and shooting for fun.
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Old May 13, 2008, 06:59 PM   #2228
Join Date: May 8, 2008
Posts: 2
I'm a new member from Missouri. I will be taking my CCW course on June 15th and look forward to learning more here.

I have the following now, and a S&W 642 soon for carry:

Sig Pro 2022, 9mm
Remington Speedmaster 552-A .22
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Old May 13, 2008, 08:25 PM   #2229
Savior 6
Join Date: April 22, 2008
Posts: 4
Thumbs up Squared away

OldMrsInMs, that's good stuff. I am also not an avid hunter and am more interested in the tactical side of firearms.
K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple Stupid)
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Old May 14, 2008, 06:19 AM   #2230
Join Date: May 14, 2008
Location: Phoenix, AZ
Posts: 15
Hello to all! I'm new to this forum as of today. I'm originally from Ohio, but have been living in AZ since 1994. I spent 15 years in the USAF. Since then I've worked at a gunshop here in Phoenix (Scottsdale, actually) and worked 4 years at Motorola. I've been employed at Intel since 2000.

A quick synopsis of my gun collection would be: Many "black" rifles, to include Colts, H&Ks, Springfield Armorys, Bushmasters, Armalites, Daewoos, FNs, several makes of AKs & SKSs, Garands...okay, I guess I'm straying away from "black" rifles now...I have a few old military surplus rifles as well. Handguns...Glocks, H&Ks, Walthers, Sig-Sauers, CZs, etc. I also have quite a few knives...Chris Reeve, Microtech, Benchmade, Cold Steel, Hideaway Knives, Paragon, CRKT, Boker, Puma, SAK, etc. I also have a rather extensive collection of high-end flashlights: Mr. Bulk, Gatlight, Drake/Draco, Surefire, Wolfeyes, McGizmo, SPY005, Fenix, etc. Last but not least...my motorcycles: I have a 2002 Triumph Sprint ST, a 2001 Kawasaki KLR650, a 2000 Kawasaki ZR-7, and a 1998 BMW R1200C.

Forums I've frequented: Battlerifles (which became AmericanBackyard, which then became EOTAC), ArizonaShooting, EDCforums, Flashlight-Forums, Candlepowerforums, & Motorcycleforum.

Hopefully I can contribute something useful to this forum, and learn from you all as well.
Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.
Benjamin Franklin, 1759
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Old May 14, 2008, 09:25 PM   #2231
Join Date: May 14, 2008
Location: Nashville, TN
Posts: 12
Hey guys, just thought I would stop in here to introduce myself. I am a member of several other gun forums, but I just found this one. I have enjoyed reading so far. Expect some stupid questions from me....(hopefully not)..

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Old May 15, 2008, 06:40 AM   #2232
Join Date: May 15, 2008
Location: Belgium
Posts: 461
I'm new here, known as "chriske" & I live in beautiful, surreal BELGIUM
I'm a short,skinny guy of 54 , a court clerk by profession & staunch
My main gun intrests are handguns & their recreational use, maintenance,
& reloading for them

Favorites include S&W da revolvers
Glad & honored to join, if you'll have me
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Old May 15, 2008, 10:26 PM   #2233
Join Date: May 14, 2008
Posts: 5
I recently acquired my pistol permit, mostly to make sure my family handguns weren't lost. My father passed away six years ago, and I couldn't believe that NYS law declared that pistols must be claimed within something like 5 days. Lucky for me we knew several members of the local law enforcement and were able to maintain possession of family fire arms for a few months while my mother was able to grieve properly before worrying about permit requests etc. It was a few years before I was of age to get my permit, however I am now the proud owner of a Colt Army Special .38 revolver, Colt Woodsman .22 s/auto and a Webley Mark V .455 Revolver. The later being the prize of my “collection.” I also just recently purchased my first handgun, a Beretta PX4 Storm 9mm. I am currently awaiting my amendment to be approved (unfortunately in my county this takes several weeks), but can’t wait to put several thousand rounds through my new beauty once approved. The moral of my story, always make sure your family fire-arms are properly accounted for, because you never know what treasures you might posses, and possibly lose if the worst is to happen.
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Old May 16, 2008, 10:10 AM   #2234
D B Howard
Join Date: May 16, 2008
Posts: 2
Haddy-do To All

i've just joined..im in Harlan County, Kentucky..the forum is very intresting...just learning how to use the internet...been retired out of the coal mines for a few years...still wake-up thinking ive got to get ready for work..to much time on my hands...like fishing and need to get back into it..like i said not to swift on here so bear with me.......Doug
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Old May 16, 2008, 02:08 PM   #2235
Join Date: May 16, 2008
Location: Norfolk, VA
Posts: 31
HI All

Been lurking on here for months now. Spent several weeks going thru old post first. Have had my CCW since 1999. My first carry gun was a used S&W .40 that was crap. Bought my current(and only gun) Taurus pt140 from the MCX for $380 in July 2004 that I carry in a IWB or OWB uncle mikes holster(wish I'd found this place sooner!). I'm broke, but have my sights set on getting a Dan Wesson compact this summer. I'm a Black man(old-school, never could board the "African-American" thing), Democrat(GO Webb!), liberal(oh-no), motorcycle lover, and have a daughter at ODU. My 20yr highly undecorated Navy career left me unprepared for this whole Bill of Rights thing. I'll have mostly(all?) questions, so I doubt I'll post much(the whole "someone already ask that" flame thing), so feel free to grill me, I might know something.
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Old May 17, 2008, 11:15 AM   #2236
Jeep Driver
Join Date: May 15, 2008
Posts: 7
What's up

Hi all,
I am new to this forum and am looking forward to learning alot here. I practice at least 2 times a month and looking forward to adding an XD 40 sub compact soon. Oh yeah I have a Patriot .380

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Old May 17, 2008, 09:31 PM   #2237
Join Date: May 17, 2008
Location: South Alabama
Posts: 858
New Guy from Alabama

Have lurked here for a while and have enjoyed reading the various posts. Hope I can offer something of value from time to time. I like Flintlocks, S&W Revolvers O/U's SXS's and Drillings.
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Old May 18, 2008, 01:31 PM   #2238
Join Date: May 18, 2008
Posts: 1
searching value

Hey ! I'm surfing this morning looking for sites that I can research a rifle I have to see what the value is. Found lots of sites but nothing for the specific rifle i'm researching. Can anyone help me find a good place to look?
I'm researching a Winchester 1894 Saddle Ring Carbine, with a serial number 10023856.

Your help is greatly appreciated !
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Old May 18, 2008, 01:44 PM   #2239
Join Date: December 24, 2002
Location: OKC, OK
Posts: 534

Welcome to THR. If you'll post this in the "Rifle" section I'm sure someone there will be able to assist you.

Things are a lot more like they used to be than they are now...
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Old May 18, 2008, 07:44 PM   #2240
Join Date: May 18, 2008
Location: North Georgia
Posts: 76
Just registered, new member.

Hello all. I've reviewed this board on several occasions and today decided to join in. Mostly motivated by the potential for infringement on gun ownership and carry. I am pretty much a strict constructionist and believe that the Constitution is very clear on the right to keep and bear arms. As a former Marine and Detective, I am positive that an educated armed people cannot be dominated or subverted. I shoot .40 S&W almost exclusively. Having carried both the 9mm and .45 ACP I like the potential and stated performance of the .40. I have two Beretta 96's, a Sig 2340, H&K USP, S&W M&P 40, Glock 22, and a Ruger P94. I shoot regularly with them and am a member at the local indoor range as well as an NRA member and an IDPA member. All the best to everyone, enjoy shooting and be responsible, active citizens-VOTE.
Illegitimus, non tatum carborundum. SEMPER FI!96 FS 92 FS H&K USP 40 SIG 2340 RUGER 94 GLOCK 22 S&W M&P 40 FNP 40 DASA 96 Centurion DAO Ruger 22/45 Mossberg 590 Military
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Old May 19, 2008, 12:56 PM   #2241
Join Date: May 9, 2008
Posts: 2
Greetings from The Bluegrass!

THR was highly recommended from two very good friends of mine. I've been lurking for a few days now and decided to sign up. I'm looking to start reloading for my .44 spl. Since I have 0 knowledge of reloading I hope to learn all I can from the more experienced.
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Old May 20, 2008, 10:02 AM   #2242
Join Date: May 20, 2008
Location: Ohio
Posts: 1,118
Hi all. Just joined this site and it looks pretty cool. Just bought a Springfield XD9 and really like it. I also have a few other 'toys'.
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Old May 20, 2008, 09:45 PM   #2243
Join Date: May 20, 2008
Location: andrews south carolina
Posts: 4
Wink new member

needed a place to ask questions about firearms and found this site hello to all :
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Old May 20, 2008, 09:49 PM   #2244
Join Date: May 20, 2008
Location: andrews south carolina
Posts: 4
A While Back Someone Left Some Info On A Volunteer Commando Mark Iii Iwas Wonderinf If The Person Who Left It Would Please Tell Me Where To Find It I Have A Mark Iii That Is Broken And Need A Break Down Picture To Help Correct The Problem Thanks
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Old May 20, 2008, 10:14 PM   #2245
Join Date: May 13, 2008
Posts: 13
from south Louisiana

Hey guys I am from south central LA. Had a C&R license a few years ago and just applied again. I have a Marlin Mod 60 22 rifle, Marlin 336, Remington 1100 shotgun and a 410 single shot. In pistlos I have a Phoenix 22, S&W model 910 9mm, Norinco 45 and a Walther PP or PPK 32 acp. I am looking to aquire a SKS or/and an AK-47. I am really glad I found this forum. Tons of great info. Thanks
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Old May 21, 2008, 01:41 AM   #2246
Join Date: May 21, 2008
Posts: 2
I'm an Airman First Class in the US Air Force. Still kinda new to firearms in general. My only experience is with my M-16 training in basic and about 50 or so rounds in my new Taurus Millenium Pro 145.
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Old May 21, 2008, 08:18 PM   #2247
Milsurps 4 Me
Join Date: May 21, 2008
Posts: 4
Joined today to kind of clear the air on a subject.
I'm just a 37 yr old military surplus collector who loves rifles.

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Old May 22, 2008, 02:33 PM   #2248
Cred's Cariad
Join Date: May 21, 2008
Location: Texas
Posts: 12
Smile New Member Intro......

Just a Texan who likes guns in general. Fascinated in particular by 1911's, Glocks, iron sight rifles, and shotguns of the tactical 12 gauge variety. Glad to be here and looking forward to gaining knowledge.

Also, I am becoming more fascianted by the political nature of owning firearms.
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Old May 22, 2008, 04:08 PM   #2249
Join Date: May 22, 2008
Posts: 2
New Guy

My name is Joe, I'm an Air Force Vet of 8 years, now I work for the VA. I am working on my second collection as my first was stollen while on a deployment...totally sucks! So far I have... Colt Govt 380, Beretta FS-92, HK-91, Maverick 88, Beretta 1201 FP shotgun, Cobray M-11, looking for a bargain AR to round out my collection so I can do my first 3 gun. The HK is too heavy and not set up for it...not to mention the ammo is too expensive. I'm definately interested in any suggestions on a cheap alternative to an AR so I can get shooting now and get the AR later when I can afford it.
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Old May 22, 2008, 04:15 PM   #2250
Joe Cool
Join Date: May 19, 2008
Location: NJ
Posts: 140
Joe Cool here - it's an old nickname, not a self portrait!
A resident of the unarmed citizens' State of NJ.
I like many others shot 22 caliber rifles and pistols as a boy.

Fast forward a few decades when my own son wants to learn how to shoot and I find I have to wait 6 months for a Firearms ID card for no darn good reason except the local municipality's whims. I now own several pistols (a Kimber 1911, Ruger SR9, Glock 26), several rifles and soon multiple shotguns for turkey hunting!

But along the way I felt my rights were violated/restricted and infringed by anti-gun hysteria turned into legislative nonsense. So I have become a gun rights advocate and found THR through another member here. Also a lifetime member of SAF, a regular NRA member and a member over at NJCSD and PAFOA.
I've met a ton of great people along the way and will be working as hard as I know how to help secure and protect our rights under the Second Amendment. A pleasure to join here!
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info, ruger

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