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Old October 19, 2014, 11:42 PM   #1
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question for .223 wylde owners.

I have a PWS MK 114 that is chambered in .223 wylde. I have been running american eagle .223 55 gr fmj through her with awesome accuracy. I grabbed some american eagle 5.56 55gr fmj last week and when I shot it today my point of impact was about an inch and a half low. I switched back to .223 and it was right on the money. Has anyone else with a .223 wylde chamber experience this by just switching from .223 to 5.56 nato?
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I would expect a POI shift because you are switching to ammo produced differently from the batch that you zeroed with. I bet that you could get another box of American Eagle .223 with a different lot number and have your POI shift.

Doesn't have anything to do with the Wylde chambering.
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It isn't the Wilde chamber, or the ammo.

When you switch ammo.
Always expect a POI change on the sight zero.

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recently got a pws mk116, gonna test it out and see in the days to come

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The accuracy you describe with the Federal ammo is unexpected but realistic.

I bought some Federal FMJ projectiles from Graf's before Sandy Hook.

I loaded them up with my "usual" load of BLC2 which has given superlative accuracy with match grade bullets.
Imagine my suprise when I shot some through my AR and got 7/8"-1" 5-shot groups.

Very un-typical for full metal jacketed bullets in the .223/5.56
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Almost every load will have a different POI. Normal.
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totally normal for different loads to have different POI.
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Shooting 55gr from a 223 wylde chamber is going to be "not so great."

223 Wylde is throated LONG, to accomodate longer-than-magazine length 77 and 80 grain bullets which are single-loaded in to the action.

If you shoot magazine-length bullets (of any type, weight, manufacture) you're going to have a LOT of freebore - the amount of bore the bullet travels before encountering rifling.

Because of that, your velocity will be pretty inconsistent - moreso than a normal AR-15 / 223 / 5.56 chamber, when shooting magazine-length cartridges (cartridges that can fit in the STANAG magazine).

To get the most out of your rifle you need to figure out where the lands are with a comparator gauge, and handload ammunition for your rifle. The ammunition will NOT fit in a magazine, it'll be too long; you'll have to single load it.

With that being said, you can probably develop some longer range (600 yard) loads that are sub MOA.

The catch is, you'll have to load it like a single shot rifle to take advantage of it.

If that isn't what you'd planned on (you're shooting factory 55 gr ammo???), you really should switch barrels to a standard 223 or 5.56 barrel, so you can run normal ammo properly (and without the freebore/velocity issues).

Will a 223 Wylde shoot normal ammo? Of course.

Will it shoot it as good as a 223 or 5.56 barrel? Not very damn likely.

(If you are getting 'awesome accuracy' from 55 gr w/ all that freebore, imagine what you should get with proper handloads in that chambering...)

(I own a match barrel in 223 Wylde, it's a purpose built AR-15 for 600+ yard shooting)

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Probably different muzzle velocity or bullet shape/drag. Expected when changing ammo types.

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You didn't mention the twist. I have a 1:8 Wylde that can shoot 1/2" MOA if I do my parts. I normally shoot 69 grain ammo.

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Trent, you may be technically correct, but I disagree with your conclusion, "Will it shoot it as good as a 223 or 5.56 barrel? Not very damn likely." You can also say there's always an exception.

Out of a safe full of relatively nice rifles with a number of them being dedicated heavy-barreled varmint guns, I am routinely more accurate with my Wylde-chambered, 20" free-floated Rock River Arms AR-15. Although I don't generally shoot 55 grain bullets, my hand loads are 60 grain Sierras (FBHPs - 1375s). Not heavier match bullets. Even with lighter bullets - and I've ventured all the way down to 40 grain bullets just for fun - the rifle has been very accurate. Even with that long freebore, which isn't all that much longer than NATO chambers, especially compared to the other specs in the chart that crazy was nice enough to paste in.

A Wylde chamber is simply a chamber that's in the middle, if you will. It can be very suitable for .223 or 5.56. Your mileage may vary, but I've had a lot of good luck with mine.
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Yeah, Trent, I disagree also. I use an 18" 1:8 twist Wylde chambered AR for 3-gun competition. To prepare for the Rockcastle Pro/Am this year, I had to find out what my aiming point was for 300 yards using plain, cheap PMC Bronze 55 grain FMJBT ammo. Once I found my aiming point, I tried a 5-shot group on the head of a standard size silhouette shooting from a front rest and using a rear bag at 300 yards. Of the 5 rounds, 3 were in an almost perfect straight line measuring 1.1" (outside to outside) within the "kill circle" of the head.

I don't handload for .223/5.56 yet, but several varieties of 69 grain match ammo have ALL shot fantastic in the same rifle. I've really only found 1 or 2 brands of ammo that haven't done well and the grain weights of them were 55 grain and 75 grain. I think it depends more on the load than the weight bullet.

My view of the Wylde chamber is that it gives you the best of both worlds being able to shoot any ammo out there more accurately than the NATO chamber and without the concerns of overpressure of .223 ammo in the "wrong" chamber. I'm a big fan of the Wylde chamber.

To answer the OP, I agree with everyone else here. Different ammo gives different points of impact with the same zero.

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Trent, sorry to gang up, but I disagree as well. 223 Wylde will shoot any load as good as any other chamber. It will depend more on load, bullet and barrel twist. Also, my Wyldes will shoot all bullets including 55gr better than my other barrels. My Wyldes have been my most accurate.
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RRA 1:8 20" bull barrel, Wylde chamber:

55gr bulk nato 5.56:

77gr Federal Gold Medal .223 match ammo:
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Welding Rod
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Originally Posted by gotigers View Post
Also, my Wyldes will shoot all bullets including 55gr better than my other barrels. My Wyldes have been my most accurate.
My experience as well.

I had no idea how accurate some bargain 55 grain could be until I shot it in my RRAs, which are Wylde chambered.
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