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Charley C
Join Date: October 24, 2014
Location: Western Indiana
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Navigating THR

Navigating THR;

Even though I have been frequenting various forums for quite some time now, I still seem to have a fair amount of difficulty trying to "figure out" how to navigate most new forums.

My biggest problem with trying to use THR has oddly enough been with log-in;

I was able to register, no problem, picked a user name, (my own), (even I won't forget that); then the board up above says. "logged in as Charley C"; looked at topics, found one, typed out a reply to another post, hit the "submit" button.......everything disappears, screen says, "you must be logged in, etc etc etc".!

Does log-in "time out" every so often? If so, why? If not, what causes the aforementioned to happen?

Also, when I first bring up THR, there is no "log in" button I can find; does that mean I'm still logged in from the day before?

The first post I made was to ask several questions about my idea of wanting to switch barrels on a Glock 35; I must say, I'm almost blown away by the excellent level of knowledge, enthusiasm, and all-around "helpfulness" of the 4 or 5 (not sure) members that gave very knowledgeable advice, and I thank them all! Then, one member even sent me a PM in order point me in a particular direction! I mean, it was like Massad Ayoob emailing me to help! The problem came when I attempted to return his PM to thank him; "you must be registered" came up that time! ?????

Please.....do not take anything I've mentioned as criticism or complaining.......I'm really not......even though THR is extremely "complex" the way it's all laid out, but I'm positive I'll get it all figured out sooner or later; (of the two, sooner would be better! )

I'm still in need of getting the drill straight relative to receiving and sending PMs to others......I still need to find out if my second attempt to send a "thank you" PM made it to the other member. ( I hate to look stupid sending the same message twice. )

Any advice greatly appreciated, in the meantime, I'll keep working on it.
Charley C
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Mal H
Join Date: December 20, 2002
Location: Somewhere in the woods of Northern VA
Posts: 15,392
Sounds like everything you mentioned boils down to the fact that THR (like almost all vBulletin driven forums) does have a timeout period. After a set number of minutes with no activity at all on the part of the logged in user, the system will log out that account. For THR we have chosen 20 minutes as that time period. That seems to be a good compromise time period to allow for some idle time, yet log out members when they are no longer using the system. The log out is important for several reasons - security of the users own account, system resource usage, getting an accurate "Currently Active Users" stat, etc.

You can prevent the symptoms you experienced by either doing anything on the board (refresh a screen, open a thread, etc.) before the time expires; or, preferably, you should check off the "Remember me" check box when you login. That doesn't actually keep you logged in, you still get logged out after 20 minutes of idle time, but when you come back, you are automatically and transparently logged in. It's as if there were no timeout period. However, the only requirement to using the Remember me function is that you allow THR to place a cookie on your system. The default is to allow that, so unless you specifically don't allow cookies, that shouldn't be a problem.

The one puzzling statement in your post is, "Also, when I first bring up THR, there is no "log in" button I can find..."
In the upper right corner of the screen do you see the User name/password fields along with the Login button or is your user name already there? (It will say "Welcome, Charley C" if you are already logged in.)
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Contributing Member
Join Date: January 21, 2004
Location: Plain Ol', Texas
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Oh, and if you're using an iOS v8.x device - you're screwed.

The Safari browser updates brought in with the iOS 8 update doesn't manage these cookies properly at all and will not re-present or retain your credentials properly. I've noticed this with the LinkedIn, THR, and Facebook web sites, for example.

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