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Post Knife Publications, or, "I don't come up with all this stuff on my own."

Knife World - a great little monthly newsletter/magazine on newsprint that isn't as slick and commercial as the bigger magazines. Welllll, Knife World has become Knife Magazine and instead of becoming like the other knife magazines they've jump to a large color format with the ownership entrusted to Mark Zelaski after the passing of our good friend ABS Master Smith and publisher Houston Price. The articles range from homey to scholarly. They still publish a great range of books on knives and knife collecting. The small staff can be found at hammer-ins and shows and events and are very accessible. The rather famous Bernard Levine has his "Whut Izzit?" monthly article answering questions about mysterious and historic knives. Bruce Voyles has joined contributing a knife value article and an opinion piece as well. Knife Rights and AKTI have both agreed to share a page on the threats to knife owners, the work they're both doing to counter those threats and restore reason to knife laws, and to give us their separate perspective on each. Where else would you see two keenly competitive organizations sharing a column in the same publication!?!? Then there's the standard plethora of full color pictures to make you drool. If I sound biased, well, I am. This is the little family owned and run knife enthusiast publication that has never been part of a large publishing operation that the owner and publisher were both experts on knives and who enthusiastically shared their knowledge. Kinda like forums, before the internet forums came about. Gotta love that! Their subscription rate is $29.95/yr.

Blade Magazine - one of the "big 3" knife magazines and the folks that put on the Blade Show in Atlanta and Blade Show West in Oregon every year. Lots of slick articles and pictures with tons of ads. They do a pretty good job of being objective. Their focus has traditionally been more commercial knives than custom or "tactical", but they branch across all those fields. Kim Breed, one of our group buy makers, writes a monthly T&E article for them. Subscription price is $21.98

Knives Illustrated - was another of the "big 3" knife magazines which has traditionally focused on custom knives. Excellent maker articles and shop "tours". After a editor shakeup they've gone from monthly to 7 issues a year for $15.95

Tactical Knives
- the last of the "big 3" knife magazines, their focus is part of their name. The editor had been at the helm for longer than any of the other big 3 knife magazines. Good articles on knives and their use in "non-recreational" situations. Member Anthony Lombardo has written some T&E articles for them. Closed 2014

Blade Trade
- more of a knife industry magazine, but a great place to get a different perspective on the knife "business".

"The Newsletter" - the switchblade fans' publication. Just the thing for folks that like knives with recoil.

There are various club newsletters published on a monthly, bimonthly and quarterly basis, but those go to members. I do encourage everyone to join at least one club for knife enthusiasts. You meet some amazing people with vast stores of institutional knowledge locked in their minds and they're almost always eager to share it.
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Thanks sir,
good reaources
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