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Location: Spring, TEXAS....USA
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Do Pre-Ban AR's Sell for MORE in Recent BAN States?

Hey all,

Can you all tell me what you have heard or know about whether PRE-BAN AR-15's would sell for more than they would in other states in those states that have passed NEW AWB's like Connecticut and other New England states.
When I talk of PRE-BAN AR's, I am referring to those that were made PRIOR to the ORIGINAL Klinton AWB.

Thanks for the time.

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Unless the state maintained the restrictions of the AWB of 1994 after the federal ban expired, I doubt the prices of pre-1994 Ar-15s would command a premium price.

After the AWB of 1994 expired, things went back to pre-1994 levels, federally. No difference between pre and post ban rifles.

Now, depending on how the state's ban is worded, rifles made before the state ban went in effect, if still legal, may get higher prices in that state.
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I haven't really figured this one out. I see these things tossed around gun shows and local on-line gun sales sites. They usually are asking ~$500 over what the contemporary version is going for. Funny thing, I was around before he ban, was there when the ban expired. In my state, things all went back to pre-ban configurations. I have asked these guys what was the deal. All I get is "it was made before the ban." I usually respond with, "oh, you mean it's really old but just like the new one over here?" hahahaha Dirty looks is usually the response I get. Maybe I am missing something...
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1911 guy
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No, you're not missing anything. But a large majority of people, "gun people" included, are clueless when it comes to gun laws. Some sellers capitalize on that fact and some people fall for it.

It's sort of like the common "New and Improved". That actually means "We found a way to cut a corner and save a penny".
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Yes, and not just recent bans.
Massachusetts seamlessly adopted the 1994 AWB as the federal ban expired in 2004. That makes pre-'94 legally-owned-in-Massachusetts ARs (like my 1977 SP1 with pre-ban 30 rd. mags) rare and thus ridiculously over-priced in-state. And you have to have a Class A LTC to own one.

But it's a beautiful, accurate rifle with a Bill Springfield trigger job and I'll never sell it. My sons can fight for it when I'm gone.

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Steve CT
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I live in CT, I'm pretty sure the ONLY way I can ever get another AR is to buy a 1994 pre-ban, and yes they go for pretty substantial $$$ here.

Well, there is another way-LEO's can still buy "assault rifles" here
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I live in CT, I'm pretty sure the ONLY way I can ever get another AR is to buy a 1994 pre-ban, and yes they go for pretty substantial $$$ here.
Re-read the new laws, please. You can't legally buy ANY AR in CT anymore. It doesn't matter when it was made...and if you own one, you can only sell it out of state.

/Most of the LEO's i've talked to don't even understand the new CT laws fully.
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That is a beautiful rifle Tinpig. An SP1 will probably go for a premium under any circumstances. Although it is a good rifle to demonstrate "Pre-Ban" comparing it to current AR-15s is almost like comparing apples to oranges. Those were built better than the M-16A2 I was issued in the Marines. I wish I hadn't sold my SP1.
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I traded an SP1 + $300 for a new M1A1 so yes some prebans carry value over new issue.
I also have a Colt H-Bar that started it all for me regarding the AR's so I guess I'll keep it, I've seen similar rifles offered for over $1400 but I don't know if they are selling for that.
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