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Join Date: October 4, 2011
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AR15 300 blackout poor accuracy : /

I have a stag lower with wilson combat barreled upper, 16". I built it as rifle for my kids to take game with but they prefer bolt actions, so I'm using it this year for south Tx whitetail. I will only be using the Barns TAC-TX 110 grn black tip bullet and maximum yardage is 130 yards.

I finally got a chance to do some shooting this weekend..I was averaging about 1.5-2" at 100 yards(9x optic). I had a red dot on this before and was zerod at 25 yards, so I never shot it for accuracy. While this is more than adequate for my intended use, I'd really prefer something better..

My load is 19.5 grains of W296 with a COAL of 2.245". Do you have any advice for load changes that might steer me on a more accurate path?

My nearest range is 1.5 hours away, so I can't easily try out a bunch of different combos, but I'll do the best I can.

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Join Date: October 4, 2011
Location: Rio Grande Valley, Tx
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In contrast my Savage 11 in 223 shoots 1/2" groups and I can usually do under 1" with the majority of my AR15s in 223 with crap ammo. Just saying so shooter error isn't factored in.
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The Barnes X bullets are designed for hunting, not target shooting, although I have seen them shoot some very good groups. You could try different powders, charge weights and seating depths, but it may come down to your particular rifle just not liking that bullet.

The rate of twist in most .300 Blackout barrels is designed to stabilize long heavy subsonic bullets and that's likely to overstabilize shorter bullets driven at high velocities.

Given the ballistic limitations of the cartridge/bullet, the 130 yard maximum range, and the size of a deers vitals, I can't think of many situations where a .5 moa rifle would give you any practical advantage over a 2 moa rifle.

Given how close we are to deer season (and the distance to your nearest range ), I'd worry about other aspects of the hunt if I were you.
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My nearest range is 1.5 hours away, so I can't easily try out a bunch of different combos, but I'll do the best I can.
Sure you can. Either load up the various combinations first or you can even take equipment to the range and load.
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2" at 100 yards is more than adequate if you don't plan on shooting farther than 130 yards. Barnes bullets can often compete with match bullets for accuracy, but they are very sensitive to seating depth. Many find better accuracy seated a little deeper than most others.
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One to one and a half inch groups at 100 yards is about normal that I get with both my 300 BLK shooting bullets ranging from 110 grain to 155 grain bullets at supersonic velocities.

I get a tighter group on occasions but not regularly. A bit disappointing but acceptable for the use I want the rifles for.

Others and various gun magazine scribes do better with similar rifles and ammunition.

I understand that Savage offered a 300 BLK rifle a few years ago and withdrew it because of accuracy issues. So, I wonder if the round gets finicky trying to eek out tight groups.

I would like to try a barrel with a bit slower twist than normally offered for the 300 BLK but I'm too lazy to contract for a special order barrel and the only "off the self" barrels are fast twist for suppressed, long, heavy bullets. (Note, I have not investigated this in a while so a slow twist barrel may be available.)

Just one data point.
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Join Date: October 4, 2011
Location: Rio Grande Valley, Tx
Posts: 180
I had read similar entries that it's just not inherently accurate but wanted some confirmation. I like it for what it is but was just disappointed. I'll try seating it a little deeper and see if that helps.

My only concern for wanting tighter groups is that it'll be my primary rifle and every deer rifle I've used for the last decade was under 1" at 100...overkill, especially in this situation but if given the opportunity I liked knowing it could reach out there. With the tac-tx, there's the potential for expansion out to 400 yards! Rainbows away!
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I'd change bullets. Hodgdon gives data for up to 230 grain bullets. Lotta versatility there. I'd be thinking 140's plus. Mind you, like jmr40 says, that accuracy is fine the way it is. Those wee Texas deer don't need benchrest accuracy. Neither do the big SOB's we have up here.
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I've moved this to handloading and reloading since the OP is asking about tweaking his handloads rather than factory loaded ammo options.
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