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Old February 1, 2016, 05:51 AM   #1
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Quality HMC M1 Carbine

I'm not much of a US milsurp buff, but I've always liked the history of US WWII firearms. And I sorta like the M1 Carbine, looks wise.

Well, there is a Quality HMC carbine at the LGS for $700. I don't know the serial #, or if it's matching, or everything is original. Last time I was in there, the only M1 they had on the rack was sitting in a Mannlicher style stock (obviously not original).

What's the going rate for a typical M1, and is the Quality Hardware among the more rare carbines?
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Old February 1, 2016, 06:44 AM   #2
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You would need to completely dissect the carbine to determine which parts are those used at time of assembly. Quality used parts from numerous vendors and the " free issue" barrel program so a large variety of makers were used. Surely the Carbine has been through at least one rebuild so parts will be mixed anyway and later updates made. If it has a bayonet lug or adjustable rear sight you can be assured it was rebuilt. The price is ok if the barrel is not worn out, check with a gauge or at least a M2 ball cartridge before purchase. If I remember correctly Quality was a builder that made zero parts themselves and subcontracted the receivers to Union Switch and Signial (I think).

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Old February 1, 2016, 07:28 AM   #3
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I believe Quality Hardware primarily made the receiver with the rest of the parts coming from other manufacturers. Not too common as I think they only accounted for like 5% or 6% of total M1 Carbine production. If you're interested in learning more about M1 Carbines I would recommend Bruce Canfield's book, "Complete Guide for the M1 Garand and the M1 Carbine" as it is a great source of information regarding these two WWII weapons.
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Old February 1, 2016, 08:01 AM   #4
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Cmp had them available starting today iirc. Service grade was $685 iirc. That price gets you a nice case, and free shipping to your door.
I'd buy from the cmp, not a gunshop if I was getting one.
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Old February 1, 2016, 08:28 AM   #5
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Yes, they "have them available" starting today - after the announcement a few days ago folks on the CMP forum were so fired up that in one day a single thread was up to 11 or 12 pages the last I looked. In short those that collect carbines will be all over this brief offering at such a low price (but you don't get to pick -it's just luck of the draw) and my guess is that the first day's applications will quickly sell out the small amount they have available. To learn more about the sale go to http://forums.thecmp.org/showthread.php?t=183357

A quick survey of Gunbroker will show that milsurp carbines in questionable condition (understatement) are being listed for more than the CMP sale...

I'm a fan as well and learned to my chagrin that I should have bought one years ago when there were lots of them for sale at very reasonable prices....
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Old February 1, 2016, 04:48 PM   #6
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pretty much every m1 carbine has been rebuilt many times over the years and virtually none of them have all matching parts. $700 for a usgi carbine is pretty good these days. I'd check to see what kind of warranty or guarantee the guns hop offers to make sure it functioned. And if you feel comfortable, go for it.
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Old February 3, 2016, 12:15 PM   #7
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Location: N E Washington State
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I checked the books and Quality did in fact sub contract receivers, and other parts, to Union Switch and Signal, barrels from Rock Ola (and others on the free issue program)!most stocks from Rock Ola and a few in house parts. Rock Ola was just a few miles away so a convenient source.
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Old February 3, 2016, 10:31 PM   #8
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I just got an email from CMP. The carbines were sold in one day.

$700 isn't a bad price if the barrel has a good bore and muzzle erosion is less than 3. That would be what the CMP calls a service grade offering. Try to get a few USGI mags with it. Those are $20-$25 a pop and the only ones you want to use.

The parts are all available from sellers on the CMP forum. I've rebuilt several using NOS parts from sellers on that forum.

QH is just a run of the mill mfg. nothing special. Parts will probably be from the parts bin when it was rearsenaled, if you're lucky. Also, if you're real lucky it won't have an import stamp on the barrel.
It's only time and money.
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