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Old August 9, 2014, 07:15 PM   #51
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Results with new eyeglasses; iron sights w/ sling (SCAR17S again); Win =winchester white box; Hornady = hornady superperformance

For the heck of it I shot one string at 300 with my old glasses for comparison. The group with new glasses had all in the black. The old glasses I was getting quite a few 5's & 6's....

89-2x Win 200 yard rapid fire sitting
94-2x Win 200 yard rapid fire sitting
92-1x Hornady 200 yard rapid fire sitting
93-1x Hornady 200 yard rapid fire sitting
75-1x Win 300 yard rapid fire prone (old glasses)
88-3x Win 300 yard rapid fire prone (new glasses)
166-1x Win 300 yard slow fire prone

Got a ways to go yet - but now that the eyes are fixed up, time to hit the bench and work up some test loads and find out what the SCAR likes to eat.
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Old August 10, 2014, 10:40 AM   #52
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Yep, you need to see what you need to see. I recently got a set of prescription shooting glasses, and it helps a lot. I never needed glasses, but my ability to see up close has been getting worse & worse to the point I had to do something about it.

Interesting your average scores with WWB were nearly as good as with the Hornady match ammo.
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Old August 10, 2014, 12:47 PM   #53
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Join Date: December 6, 2010
Posts: 7,574

If I'd eaten lunch before I ran off to the range, those scores would probably have been higher. Was pretty shaky yesterday. Before I started on the High Power strings I played a little at 50 yards. Well, played a lot.

Got this new Archangel stock for my 10/22:

For this adjustable length of pull:

Now me, and the kids can both use the dang thing.

I had a Turner sling in the basement which went on the QD mount points, got it adjusted up before I left. (Still used the Harris bipod for sighting in - had to move the scope forward once I got to the range).

Did 150 rounds on that thing from noon to about 3 PM. Did 30 from the bench to get the scope moved, leveled, parallax set, and dialed in. Took awhile because the rifle either does not like the new stock or does not like the Federal ammo I was feeding it. (Leaning more towards ammo, since 1 of 10 shots would veer off 6" while the rest grouped about 1".)

Anyway after getting 'zeroed' as best I could, I did another 20 shots standing, 50 shots sitting, and 50 shots prone, before moving on to the SCAR on the longer side of the range.

So I was a bit tired and hungry to start on the high power strings. Which led to being downright grumpy towards the end at about 5:30 PM.

But back to the winchester ammo; yes it was grouping just as good;

First two groups of Winchester white box visible here (one set pasted, one set not) (10 shots each 200 yards sitting rapid fire)

First group of Hornady (10 shots 200 yards sitting rapid fire)

Second group of hornady (10 shots 200 yards sitting rapid fire)

OLD glasses: Winchester white box at 300 yards rapid fire prone

(Was all over the damn place)

NEW glasses: Winchester white box 300 yards rapid fire prone

No uncalled fliers - All hits were in the black except one which hit the line above and between 5 & 6 on the left side. I remember taking that shot, had a sudden muscle spasm and went "yea that went left, damnit".

The one thing I noticed about the new glasses; when I focus on the front sight, I can still make out a hazy black circle. Which is good. However, the prescription is so strong to correct my distance vision, that I get eye strain if I focus on that front sight long, and I can't maintain focus on it for very long. Anything < 1 foot from my face is *impossible* to focus on, and anything < 4' with these glasses on gives me varying degrees of strain to focus on.

So to compensate I close my eyes for a second between shots.
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