Image Title Text
ROFL ROFL :rofl:
Smile Smile :) :-) (:
Alien Alien :alien:
Wink Wink ;)
Angryfire Angryfire :fire:
Frown Frown :(
Barefoot Barefoot :feet:
Mad Mad :mad: >:( :@
Barf Barf :barf:
Confused Confused :confused:
Cool Cool :cool: 8-)
Stick Out Tongue Stick Out Tongue :p :P :-p :-P
Big Grin Big Grin :D
Eek! Eek! :eek: :o
Oops! Oops! :oops:
Roll Eyes Roll Eyes :rolleyes:
Er... what? Er... what? o_O O_o o.O O.o
Cussing2 Cussing2 :cuss:
Eek13 Eek13 :scrutiny:
Evil Evil :evil: :evil grin:
Fce32f95 Fce32f95 :neener:
Ninja Ninja :ninja:
Notworthy Notworthy :notworthy:
Shocker Shocker :what:
Thumbsdown Thumbsdown :thumbdown:
Thumbsup Thumbsup :thumbup:
Uhoh2 Uhoh2 :uhoh:
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