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  1. 50of4064
    Caliber? We're these FL Sized? It looks to be that you are using combination seating/ crimping die, if so, was this round the first to be run through the die after you set the die? From just...
  2. kfd518
    Got it, only reason I asked is because I have seen factory loads look similar to this due to carbine gas system over gassing due to gas port being too large and unlocking too early but no ejector...
  3. 243winxb
    Pressure needs to drop, allowing brass to spring back before extraction begins, to avoid rim damage. The case body is showing high pressure. Would look same in a bolt action. No spring back of...
  4. kfd518
    Could this also be due to a poorly tuned gas system unlocking too early under higher than designed pressure, in the absence of other pressure signs?
  5. gemihur
    Fabulous condition for a prized classic Thanks for sharing
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