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  1. 243winxb Maximum would seem to be 11.2 grs of No.9 with a 164 gr lswc & WSPM. Starline brass. Retested at the starting load of...
  2. 243winxb
    From the International Ammunition Association: "Starting with the “dot” to the right of the NATO symbol and going clockwise, the dots are assigned a value of 4, 8, 16, 1 and 2. There are 32...
  3. oldschool45
    This was not my first knife and not to detract from Larry's first. This was the end result of that "tink" I was using pickling salt to determine my quench temp and I used cold water instead of...
  4. Thomasthedankengine
    How do you like that Sig Sauer dot sight? Does it return to zero pretty well? I'm always weary about really cheap stuff.
  5. misser
    My last 3 Barnes bullets and I find the loading I am looking for
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