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    As many of you know, bikerdoc- AKA Al Spiniello- is no longer with us. There are always extra expenses when someone passes. If you would like to contribute to support his family, please do so here: Bikerdoc GoFundMe page.

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  1. 243winxb
    Needed to load - A powder check die, or a method to check powder level before seating a bullet. My home made -...
  2. 243winxb
    Norma 9mm Brass has undersize flash holes. May break or bend the decapping pin . I just picked up 2 as range brass. Both have the smaller flash hole....
  3. BRatigan
    That'll do pilgrim.
  4. gemihur
    Nice shootin' :)
  5. 243winxb
    1 Hornady factory unturned brass will not hold a bullet after sizing with my .289" bushing. The neck walls are to thin. The other 19 brass provide .002" neck tension.
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