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  1. mrmike7189
    nice italian job!
  2. 357smallbore
    I had a 4in SS 689. No rib though. I loved the gun. But it was bought at a deal and was used for trade material.
  3. George Seashock
    Nothing like good old bluing and Walnut on a single action Peacemaker
  4. AZAndy
    @NIGHTLORD40K Looks-wise, you're right. It's something I added because it improves the handling for me; I even have them on my I-frame .32's. If Tyler would ever modernize enough to allow online...
    @AZAndy That plastic T-grip would have to go though, lol. Id replace it with a stainless one, if those are your thing. Personally, I think the factory Magnas are fine when shooting .38s.
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