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    Latest build …

    This what happens when you put the blueprints wrong-side-up on the light table.
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    What rifle is this?

    It was common for photographers to keep various weapons on hand for when their customers wanted to look dangerous but left their guns at home. C.S. Fly was big on this, and several of his images of Apaches warriors feature the same Stevens Tip-Up rifle. Stagecoach Mary was said to carry a...
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    What rifle is this?

    '76 that likely belonged to the photographer and employed as a prop.
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    Midway clearance revolver

    Sure it does. It looks right on everything. 1911s, CZ-75s, Winchester lever guns, the cat, the canary, ALL OF IT.
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    Yazel single shot percussion pistol 36 cal.

    So, is it a percussion gun? Inline, or drum and nipple? Flint? Target or hunting piece? I think starting at 20 or 25 grains of standard 3F black or Pyrodex P should suffice for a starting point.
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    Walker Colt loading lever latch

    Aaaaannnnnnnnnd I struck out. What I recall about the piece is that it was discovered in a safe by the family of the original owner, along with a holster marked by a San Francisco maker. All original and in excellent condition, apart from the latch repair.
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    Walker Colt loading lever latch

    I am reminded that the last Walker to go up for auction had a period repair made with......wait for it..... a Dragoon loading lever latch. I'm looking for the auction details now. It may not have been the "last" Walker auctioned off, just the last one I'm aware of. Still searching.
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    Military Heritage- Firearms or finger eliminators?

    That's kind of what I figured, and I appreciate the responses. Guess I'll have to get a more legit Brown Bess repro and cut it down myself.
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    Military Heritage- Firearms or finger eliminators? This site popped up in another thread, and they have products which are relevant to my interests. My concern is that these are the Indian gas-pipe KABLOOEY guns of years past. Does anyone here own and safely use any of these arms?
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    Walker Colt loading lever latch

    I don't recall where I read it, but what I read was that in an effort to squeeze some lemonade from this lemon, users would employ the dropped lever as a sort of ad-hoc vertical fore grip. This is not advisable, especially in light of the tendency of original Walkers to violently disassemble...
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    Colt M1877

    Told to me by a Colt collector, supported by the an article in the NRA American Rifleman, this is my understanding of the ugly, freakish "Alaskan/Philippine" trigger: Though the date escapes me, Frankford Arsenal turned out a huge batch of .45 revolver ammo for the Army, and this particular...
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    Got An Email From Old South! Pt 2.

    Why must you knuckleheads make me spend money?
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    Looking for a Duckfoot I did NOT need to see this site.
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    E.K. Tryon Bowie Knife

    That looks a lot like some of the Wostenholm IXL knives I've handled.
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    Firearms Design and Engineering

    Very good thread. I just want to float it out there that while S&W engineers were developing the rebounding hammer, they were measuring time by looking at their pocket watches. Open the back of one of those once, and marvel at what was possible back in the day.