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    Bear shrugs off spray, takes hikers dog

    There is way too much irrational fear of bears, and way too much irrational faith in guns as a cure for that fear. After 70 years of camping, canoeing, hiking, hunting, and many bear encounters of various kinds, a couple as close as 10 feet, I, and everyone I know, just don't think big bad...
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    Nolser BT vs partition

    Used BT bullets for a few years and found I got the best results when I used heavy for calibre bullets. My theory is that the added mass slowed them down a bit, and helped them hold together better. They were almost always pretty accurate, but I have since moved to Accubonds. Seems like the...
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    Can I use 22LR conversion kit to adjust windage only ?

    The key to managing accuracy is to reduce the number of possible variables so you can manage them one at a time until you get what you want. I have no idea how many variables your plan will introduce to the problem, but it is LOTS. You will likely learn nothing valuable.
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    Do you actually use the best most optimal firearm/cartridge you have access to when hunting?

    As with all my tools (and guns for me are just tools) I try to use the best tool for the job. I very seldom deliberately select a screw driver to remove a nut from a bolt, or pound a nail with a wrench. Same with guns.
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    Method of killing game and bullet selection

    If he argues that a sucking chest wound is the desired consequence of shooting an animal in the heart/lungs, he knows very little about anatomy, shooting, or terminal ballistics.
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    Is my Man Card in Jeopardy? .375 H&H Mag is too much for me

    When I think back about decisions I made about my own guns and cartridges, and about decisions I saw being made by my friends and acquaintances, it becomes pretty obvious that any thinking about how much, or how little, the choice reflected on my "manliness" was completely useless and often led...
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    Hunting coyotes with a 9mm PCC?

    That is, of course, true, and one need only consider bow hunting as a prime example. However, the OP never once mentioned, as most bow hunters I know often do, of doing it for the challenge, and the statement that "Shots likely sub 100 yards in the areas we have access too" makes me think...
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    Hunting coyotes with a 9mm PCC?

    Obviously, lots of cartridges will work just fine if you keep your shots within the severe limitations of your equipment. My advice is to use more capable equipment because I have serious doubts that you will be able to restrain yourself when an animal presents itself at ranges that make the 9mm...
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    Is my Man Card in Jeopardy? .375 H&H Mag is too much for me

    I should have a Man Card???
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    Always be sure to test your gun

    My reaction to the title of the thread was, "Duh....."
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    What caliber would you buy?

    There is no way you will ever think you made a mistake by choosing a .308 or .30-06 for the hunting you describe. I would never advise anyone to pick the .28 or .30 Nosler as a first rifle that will use factory ammo.
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    Bear Charge

    I think that suggesting this guy made a stupid choice when everything turned out just fine, means your choice would have been the wrong one. What he did was smart, compassionate, and prevented the unnecessary death of an animal that obviously didn't really want to hurt him. Why are you being...
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    Musings on hunting with a shotgun

    Your father's thinking is my attitude to buckshot too. A guy, who you admit killed lots of deer with buckshot, switched to a rifle at his first opportunity. That is a good indication that he knew buckshot is not the best choice for deer hunting, even though he got it to work well in some...
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    Teaching a couple boys to be men

    I would never introduce anyone to any gun during a hunting situation. Add dogs, and I have a real problem with the plan.
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    775yd moose

    The standard defence for extreme long range shooting of game is that I can make the shot because I do it regularly on the range. My response to that argument is that, as is the case in so many other circumstances in life that we can all imagine and likely have seen, the fact that you can do...