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    Chicago Second Amendment Freedom Rally, Friday July 9th!

    It's time once again for the third annual Second Amendment Freedom Rally, the largest (not to say "only") event of its kind in downtown Chicago, Illinois! When: Friday, July 9th from 11:00-1:00 Where: The plaza at the James R. Thompson Building on Lasalle St. Who: All are...
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    What Killed the 16?

    Dad loves them and has collected them for years, so this may be a little skewed, but I've seen a little bit of a comeback in the last ten years. Before that, dad figured the 16 was disappearing completely. I noticed last year during deer season that I carried an Ithaca 37 in 12 gauge, dad had...
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    Are Tec 9's as bad as their reputation?

    I haven't seen one in years, but when dad had his shop in the 1990s they were pretty awful.
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    Opinel - Thanks!

    Camillus CUDA Maxx. It also has an excellent D2 blade and anodized titanium grips with a frame lock. I do love it so.
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    Queen Knives

    You can't have everything. If you want a stainless steel that can be sold cheap, chances are it'll resist corrosion very well and be tough enough for the average user, but disappoint a knife afficionado. If you want very tough, hard, high-carbon steel, it's going to perform but require more...
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    Knives in Inaccessible Packaging

    Black Toe, you're right, but with Gerber and Buck and CRKT on the bandwagon, it's going to happen. But I prefer a knife shop for that reason, so I rarely buy knives outside Grand Prairie Knives anymore.
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    Illinois Supreme Court Rules on Diggins case

    I really think the legality of opening the container with the gun in the presence of a police officer who has just pulled you over for speeding is a non-issue. It's a bad idea on a practical level anyway. What would be the point of doing that in the first place? I imagine that if you did such...
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    Plenty of Legitimate reasons to be in a Bar other Than Looking for Trouble

    I completely agree. I often go to bars in an ambulance . . . . because that's where the customers are. :p Just kidding. You're right, but I couldn't resist.
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    Chicago PD to offer free pepper spray...

    Sorry for the necro-posting, but . . . . I found this thread today and wanted to add this bit of information in case someone else stumbles across it using the search engine like I did: Yes, the speculation above is true. It is illegal to possess pepper spray in public in Chicago. You have to...
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    Another day at the office.

    If this thread seems a little crazy, it's because I merged the two "Another day at the office" threads. I tried to put everything back where it belongs . . . .
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    Another day at the office

    If this thread seems a little crazy, it's because I merged the two "Another day at the office" threads. I tried to put everything back where it belongs . . . .
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    Don't know what is the fascination is with Russian firearms?

    Spoils of war, buddy. They lost the cold war and now we get their guns. It's only fair.
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    Hiring a Firearms Technical Copy Writer

    Too bad my BA is in education and I don't have two years' professional writing experience (unless blogger and bedtime stories count) because I'd be genuinely interested in working for Brownells and writing for a living, even if I had to go to Iowa to do it. Actually . . . I may make a call...
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    NRA Lobbied Against License to Carry Bill in IL

    Certainly, I agree. And here you've lost me again. I quoted you dismissing the need for self defense in the rest of the state. I realize you don't actually think self-defense isn't important outside high-crime urban areas in Illinois, but it seems to me that your position led you to write...
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    NRA Lobbied Against License to Carry Bill in IL

    Jeff, I guess I misinterpreted this post from you: That's what you posted, Jeff, in its entirety. All I'm saying is that it's significant to the people it's happening to, and we should leave that kind of dismissal of self defense to the other side. Yes, I know. And my point is that just...