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    New Mexico Governor Suspends Carry Rights

    There’s already a thread open on the subject.
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    Tricky family estate settlment involving firearms question.

    It looks like the OP has what he wanted.
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    Tricky family estate settlment involving firearms question.

    The only other possibility I see would be for the beneficiary to, if possible, remove the condition causing him to be disqualified from possessing a gun. So, for example, if one is disqualified from possessing a gun because of conviction of a “crime punishable by imprisonment for a term...
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    Tricky family estate settlment involving firearms question.

    That he is not selling the firearm is irrelevant. Federal law (the Gun Control Act of 1968) and generally state firearm transfer and possession laws relate to transfer of possession.
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    Street reputation of various handgun loads?

    I've posted this before, but I think it's germane here. There is data, and there are studies, and we have a good deal of knowledge about wound physiology. What all that shows with regard to self defense could be summarized as follows: Pretty much every cartridge ever made has at times...
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    Atf proposing new rule on storing powder

    If someone has something new to discuss regarding this issue, I'd consider re-opening the thread.
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    So you think that Permitless Carry is legal in your state?

    In general, it’s kind of a ”sucker bet” to count on a court invalidating on Commerce Clause grounds a law one doesn’t like. it does happen; but the Commerce Clause is, as applied by the courts, remarkably elastic and gets stretched a good deal.
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    So you think that Permitless Carry is legal in your state?

    We say that here over and over again, and it bears repeating.
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    Yes, it works for driver's licenses -- because the States have agreed to it among themselves. I doubt that a similar agreement among the States is politically viable for concealed weapons licenses.
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    Why do you believe this? Have you done some research about the "full faith and credit" clause? Can you cite some legal authority that leads you to your conclusion? In fact, it's not true -- States recognize each others driver's licenses because they have specifically agreed among themselves to...
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    New Hampshire Resident With Carry Permit Wins Court Case In Massachusetts Over Carry Across State Lines

    However, this is a trial court level decision and therefore isn't precedential.
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    Using Force to Defend Another Person

    Except a story about a specific incident in which intervening with lethal force appears to have been appropriate does not mean that doing so would always be a good idea.
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    Traveling to Michigan - anything to be aware of?

    Except you said specifically that "no gun" signs aren't enforced. But, as I outlined, that's not true. When discussing legal issues, details and precision matter.
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    Requirements to buy gund in TN?

    Let's take a look at federal law. Under federal law, any transfer of a gun (with a few, narrow exceptions, e. g., by bequest under a will) from a resident of one State to a resident of another must be through an FFL. And a handgun must be transferred through an FFL in the transferee's State of...