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    Best Caliber? Modest Recoil for Antelope at 300/400 yards

    243 or the 6.5 creedmoore
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    Truck Guns

    I allways have a 40 cal pistol with me but keep a sawed off 181/4 " single shot 20 GA beside the rear seat various loads from 71/2 to 2 buck in the buttstock ammo holder it tucks between rear seat and cab wall, You cant even see it in my Tundra,
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    Help me choose a bolt-action rifle

    Savage 10FCP-SR change bottom metal to accurate mag and get 1 magazine for 205.00 243 is a great round have that in Mod 11, 6.5 creedmoore is supposed to be a great round I don't have one yet, I have 3- 308s so guess I like that one, The new BA Stealth is a shooter have one of them on the way...
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    Windham Weaponry 7.62x39

    I have an older windham bushmaster 5 shots at 100 yds 4 of then in one ragged hole the 5th was a flyer, This AR has allways performed 100% never a FTF or FTE, Ive put thousands of hand loads through it, It shoots 55 grn v-max with 25.3 grns of TAC like a laser, I would buy another WW in a...
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    Which rifle to buy and why

    Rem 700, Savage 10, Tika, Howa, Ruger, Winchester ? Looking to buy a 20"- 24" heavy barrel rifle, Have no preference, Have read about several but cant seem to pick that perfect one, What do you shoot and why, also would like magazine fed capable of at least 5 rnd would like a 10 rnd...
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    New personal 1000yd record!

    Very Happy for you and good shooting, Any day shooting over working is a good day in my book
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    Raid on home in AL over facebook video featuring guns

    I saw a guy showing a walk in closet full of guns and 3, 35 gallon drums full of ammo, This is just asking for trouble, Not very smart in MHO
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    What is the most efficient 9mm round you carry for Self and Home Defense

    I use 165grn critical defense or critical duty it does a great job, ? lol
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    State Constitutional Carry and its Effect on Reciprocity

    I fully agree constitutional carry is what should be, NO Law should over ride the constitution EVER, The 2nd Amendment clearly states to keep and bear arms, In the English language I was taught this means to have and carry, PERIOD It says nothing about permission or paying anyone do you have...
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    What Gun Owners Want From Trump

    I appreciate the fact our Supreme court is not going total anti gun this is #1 The second thing is in my opinion they need to do away with permits of any kind, The 2nd amendment is all any American needs, It does not say a darn thing about permission or paying anybody for the right to keep and...
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    The Perfect Sniper Rifle

    This question can not be answered, only in your own mind,
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    How long is Leupold repair service taking now?

    According to a big box retail store, Its taking them awhile, And they are iffy when it comes to its covered or you pay for it, One guy got his scope back with a deep scratch in the tube and scope was still broke, Changed my mind about buying one, Problem was reticles wouldn't move on both scopes
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    Vortex Strike Eagle

    Any pros or cons about this scope, Was also considering leupold MK AR with fire dot, But according to salesman they have had 2 returned for not being able to adjust scope reticle wouldn't move, 1 of them they said the owner screwed it up and they wouldn't warranty it, The 2nd one the guy got it...
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    1-6 powered scope

    Just sent my eotech back in, Want to go 1-6 power or in that area have been looking at Leupold MK AR Mod 1 in 1-4 illuminated but on and off button is cheap in my book and you have to have scope perfect alignment to work, Green dot is awesome even in sun, Vortex PST Cant even read reticle...
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    Do all EoTech suck or just some?

    In reading what I could from eotech 2014 they were supposed to have fixed a lot of the problems mine was a 2013 so I contacted them and they said send it in so I did, Having a heck of a time replacing it, decided to go 1-6 power so on 1 can use it as a red dot, But shoot for distance without...