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    1911 is outdated?

    Did you seriously compare Springfield to Lorcin? How's the view from your high horse?
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    1911 is outdated?

    That first part was mostly a joke anyway. I say mostly because not being an outright shill doesn't mean that his friendship couldn't create a conflict of interests when it comes to recommending 1911s. As to Glock VS RIA, they're both way more reliable than detractors of either would be...
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    1911 is outdated?

    But that's a conflict of interests. Guys like Bill Wilson (or his friends) don't want you to know that you can get a 1911-pattern that works every time and will hold the black at 50 yards for $600 or less. Honestly though, a lot of what people are saying is inconsistent. I mean, like how it's...
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    1911 is outdated?

    The naysayers' comments on the 1911's reliability are, unfortunately, true (to one extent or another) for the vast majority of pistols produced today due to a wide variance in production standards and design specs. It's for this reason that I tend to refer to any non-Colts as "1911-pattern...
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    New 1911

    Power racking was never an issue, but traditional thumb-forefinger racking would sometimes slip if I didn't make absolutely certain I had a good purchase because the Ruger, specifically, has cocking serrations that aren't terribly grippy. Once the spring was changed, I could rack it easily even...
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    New 1911

    I got an SR 1911 not too long ago. I generally like it, but there were a few problems with it out of the box. For starters, it comes stock with an 18lbs. recoil spring. I generally feel like that's too much and it exacerbated the problems I had getting a consistent grip on the too smooth...
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    Racking the slide hard vs. gently racking?

    Like Tuner said, it can depend on the magazine design. Most of the mags these modern guns use have short, straight feed lips that release the round pretty early rather than a slow steady rise like classic 1911 mags. The thing is, if the rounds are getting stuck when you ride the slide...
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    1911 45acp problem ftf...

    Sounds like a limp-wrist short stroke. If the injury is permanent then a reduced power recoil spring might fix the issue for him.
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    3rd Generation S&W's- what is/was the impression?

    I used to have a 5906. Nothing wrong with it, but nothing special either. Sold it 2 months later at a profit.
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    Colt 38 Super

    .38 Super is, unfortunately, one of those rounds that you pretty much have to shoot whatever you can find when it comes to factory ammunition.
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    Adjusting 1911 mags?

    That type of malfunction is called a stem bind and it usually indicates an extractor issue.
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    1911 Purchase Info

    If you have a Gold Cup, then you'll probably be disappointed by anything less. That is, unless you're just looking for a beater. If that's the case, then a Rock Island is fantastic. I might also suggest getting it in a different caliber.
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    Colt 1908 Vest Pocket

    I think that's just the reflection of the curtains. The 1911 is mirror polished with no imperfections that I've seen. Even though the rollmarks are more pronounced because of the elimination of a polishing step after they were applied, the finish on the Series 80 Enhanced is at least as good...