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    Elevated threat level-will you now carry a rifle in the car too?

    Considering that the threat is pretty limited to the Wall st. financial district and the fact that my mother works in that area, I'd say other than keeping your eyes open, theres not much the average citizen can legally do. Living just outside of NYC, I make an effort to know the laws of both...
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    POSP w/Laser????

    I have that exact setup on my SAR 2. The laser is indeed american made by a company called "BeamShot". The optical clarity and sight picture are well beyond what a traditional 24mm objective offers. The laser is bright, fine and easy to see. Added to this is the robustness of the overall...
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    Yikes! Problem with Barnaul 5.45

    I've heard about Wolf throwing a 5.56 cartrige or two in with their cases of 5.45. Makes for an interesting day at the range from what I understand. Well, you can add Barnaul to the list of companies that throws us a 'ringer' every once in a while. I went out to my range of choice to have...
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    Softball Mom Says She Brought Gun Into Game For Protection

    Hmmmmmm. It appears she has some 'anger management issues' to deal with. There are plenty quotes attesting to how she acted in this and past incidents but where is the info regarding what the guy she apparently threatened did? Had anyone seen him before? seems pretty one-sided if ya ask...
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    Softball Mom Says She Brought Gun Into Game For Protection

    Possible 'good guy in trouble'? There may or may not be more to this than appears in this short article. Does anybody in the Decatur area know more about this? It seems she has a CCW permit so whats the problem? Why has she been banned from public parks...
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    Weaver-mount Iron Sights?

    FWIW, Heckler & Koch's SL-8 comes factory with a long weaver rail. Attached to this are a set of iron sights. A quick google search turns this up. You can find the rail and the sights on this page: Not sure where you could get...
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    New AK What Are My Optics Options?

    Hey, thanks for the speedy replies... Ill probably go with the PK-01V. Going in that direction, I have a few more questions. How long will the batteries last assuming use at the 'middle' brightness setting? Along the same line, is the look of the interior of the tube dark or is it nice...
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    New AK What Are My Optics Options?

    Ok, heres the deal, Im an AK newbie. Just got an SAR-2 (AK74 clone) and after a trip to the range, I've found the iron sights to be coarse and far off of point of impact. What kind of inherent accuracy should I be expecting? Anyway, after 400 or so rounds and a good cleaning, Im thinking...
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    "Mind the recoil"... or "Adventures in eye-relief"

    Im the 'usual shooting buddy' and I just want to add as an aside (although it may be the most important part). The newbie left happy. The fun he had at the small-bore range shooting at 50 yards more than made up for being whacked in the forehead with a scope shooting at something he cant see...
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    Price check on a 40 year old Marlin 30-30

    I, much like everyone else here am probably sick of these 'price check' threads. On the other hand, I can't think of a more reliable and diverse set of opinions and knowledge. So, the question is, how much would you pay for a 40 year old Marlin 30-30? Apparently its in used but good...
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    Can you find the gun in this picture?

    Maybe my eyes are playing tricks on me but is it in the bottom-right corner? Theres a small metallic glint on the leaf there. I dunno, call me crazy...
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    Shot Burglar to Sue

    No, disabled people don't have the right to defend themselves? No, using anything other than bare hands is illegal? No, the farmer should have let the robbers take anything they wanted? What gives? Could your answer have been any more cryptic? edited because I apparently I can't spell
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    Shot Burglar to Sue

    Not to fight anyone's battles for them, but what arguement was misrepresented? Mr. Bombastic's? Mr. Martin? Seems to me the comparison between disabled (sorry, 'differently abled') self-defense and this case is both apt and timely What if Martin had 'come clean'? Maybe testified that...
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    Shot Burglar to Sue

    So let me get this straight: Thief and accomplice try to burgle farmhouse and are foiled. Accomplice dies on the scene and thief is arrested. He goes to jail for 3 years. Upon release he may now sue for 'damages' Farmer is arrested and convicted. He gets to spend the next 7 years in...