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    Charter Arms

    I bought a charter arms Pink Lady about a year ago. It went back to the factory twice (once right out of the box) and they finally replaced it with a new one. I just bought this Smith and Wesson, and while it was a few $100 more than the charter arms version it shows far more quality and...
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    Kahr MK9 Range Report (and Kahr pistols in general)

    A few decades ago I had an MK9 and K9, both elite. They were great guns, but I sold and trade for Glocks because of the weight and capacity differences. Later I got a PM9 and PM45. the PM9 was great but I was in the need for a J frame so off it went. The PM45 was a dog for over 800 rounds before...
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    S&W J Frame- Centennial vs Chief’s Spl. vs Bodyguard

    In a J frame I prefer the centennial configuration. My latest acquisition.
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    Is a .38 Special S&W 686 possible?

    What he said.
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    S&W 351C thoughts

    Range trip went well (for me). Cci varmint load spewed so much unburned powder that it eventually bound the gun up when trying to close it. A quick wipe across the cylinder face and crane was all it took for normal ops. Cci maxi mags and hornady critical defense worked well. Only shot out to 5...
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    Pre Model 10 snub

    If you're getting a museum piece sure, but a shooter grade 2" model 10 is a $450 gun to me.
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    Clipdraw for J frame

    Yeah I'm not a hip grip fan either.
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    Braced Pistol stamp Watch Thread

    Didn't some federal court in North Dakota shoot this down recently?
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    Clipdraw for J frame

    What's your take on a clip draw for an airweight or airlight j frame? If you don't like it please state why from your personal experience. If you do like it please state why from your personal experience. As usual pics are always welcome.
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    S&W 351C thoughts

    Well here she is. Very light weight. The trigger pull is surprisingly heavier than I expected, the LCR22 has it beat easily. Hundreds of trigger pulls dry firing does not seem to help and now I have forearms like popeye. Lol. Will do a range test on Saturday and see what kind of bark this puts out.
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    Rubber J frame grip recommendations

    I like that grip but can't find it for sale on their site.
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    Rubber J frame grip recommendations

    Yes I have a set of those. I was thinking about adding another one, but was just wondering if there was another version that was a little more trim but still covered the backstrap.
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    Rubber J frame grip recommendations

    Which rubber grips covers the round butt j frame backstrap? Not wanting oversized or laser grips, nor wood. Got pix please share.
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    S&W 351C thoughts

    Order placed. Now to find a line on federal punch.