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    Gun Safe - Houston, TX

    What kind of ball park figures am I looking at for an install? I am thinking of ordering a Sturdy, so I guess I would just need it moved from the garage into a bedroom closet and then bolted down.
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    Pregnant Wife; Can the Husband still go shooting?

    Yes, first child! :eek: So I don't have to worry about lead vapor or whatever lingering on my body, provided that I clean up okay? I'm just worried about it, like how cold germs get transmitted.
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    Pregnant Wife; Can the Husband still go shooting?

    I'm not referring to the pregnant woman going to the range; that's been done to death already. Question is, is it generally considered safe for the developing baby if the husband goes to the outdoor range and cleans up hours before coming anywhere near her? There's also the issue of lead...
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    Perceived Recoil: .45 ACP Softball vs. 9mm?

    Thanks for the replies; keep them coming! The real issue that I'm getting at is this: I'm already into 9mm 1911s and I'd like to start reloading. People have said that the .45ACP is easier to load for several reasons. If I were to get a .45ACP 1911 and load up softballs, would it be...
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    Perceived Recoil: .45 ACP Softball vs. 9mm?

    Suppose one created a pretty light softball .45ACP load. How would the recoil compare to a 9mm like WWB?
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    OWB Leather holster: Snaps vs. Vertical Slots?

    I'm considering an OWB leather but have the option of going with either snaps or the standard vertical slots as found on many pancake holsters. Do the holsters with snaps support the gun as well as the holsters with slots? Do they hold the gun in as close to the body?
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    Marlin 60 vs. CZ-452 Varmint in terms of Accuracy

    Can anyone compare the two in terms of accuracy? I don't care about price, fit/finish, or anything else besides accuracy.
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    HD Choice if mulitple armed assailants, body armor

    Patrick Flanigan shot a record 12 rounds in 1.42 seconds with some sort of semi auto shotgun. 2/3rds of that would be 8 rounds in .933 seconds.
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    HD Choice if mulitple armed assailants, body armor

    Reloading an 870 is a tad slower than reloading a semi automatic carbine. It also has a bit more recoil, making follow up shots slower. If there are more bad guys, both shortcomings may have a practical difference between life and death. The second question goes well beyond my knowledge...
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    HD Choice if mulitple armed assailants, body armor

    I thought this was a strange response, considering that this is the more tactical corner of a gun board. Unless things have changed lately, you usually don't see too many posts stinking of the same arguments for gun control. I don't think that this is a ridiculous question anymore considering...
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    HD Choice if mulitple armed assailants, body armor

    If I lived in Arizona, I'd say yes. But it seems as though the bad guys are getting more dangerous across the board. First it's smash & grabs, to armed robbery, to home invasions, to home invasion teams, etc. And this is all in the "safe" suburb that I'm planning on moving to shortly. Pairs of...
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    HD Choice if mulitple armed assailants, body armor

    Will the 00 buck people switch their choices to .223/5.56 if there have been a rash of home invasions involving multiple armed assailants who might be wearing body armor? I understand that the shotgun, rifle, and handgun all have their places, but if the bad guys are starting to work in teams...
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    Is Coharie still in business

    ^ My CA94 has run fine on WWB and Blazer once I put about 100 rounds through it to break it in. The bad rep probably started back with Bobcat and SW and has carried over into Coharie, despite the improvements that have been made. I have no complaints about mine.
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    Ever get hosed on a used gun?

    I bought a couple of bad guns before. Be sure to check the feedback of the seller and it doesn't hurt to stick with a manufacturer that will stand behind their products. I once bought a used Springfield 9mm officer 1911 that had a bunch of incorrectly installed .45ACP parts replaced into it...