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    Best 45-70 Lever action rifle?

    My pick and what I own is a Winchester/Miroku 1886 Extra Lightweight lever gun. An original Winchester variation would be lovely but I don't have 3K plus to drop on a deer and black bear gun. Basically the 1886 ELW is about the same weight and handiness of a Trapdoor Carbine but holds 5 rounds...
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    72 hour wait question for Illinois

    What the other guys said about filling out the 4473 That's why there are two signature and date lines on the 4473
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    Disturbing failure in a Bersa FireStorm 22

    "After decades of neglect" "Does anyone know how I might make this gun safe?" Yes Take a four pound shop hammer and pound the pistol into complete useless File this experience in your lessons learned drawer.
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    You Can Run, But You Can't Hide From a Glock

    Been shooting Glock pistols since 1994 Not pretty, not fancy, not the most accurate pistols I own. I won't, don't, never will advocate shooting lead bullet anything in a factory Glock barrel All that said, they are the BEST general use service type pistol at an affordable pricing range available...
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    Opinions on USP .45.

    I have a USP Elite in .45 and a USP 9mm Variant 3 The Elite is hands down the most accurate .45 I have ever owned or fired and I have shot a LOT of .45s over the years. Better Trigger, longer barrel and sight radius the pistol is basically a SOCOM not adapted for suppressor use and with better...
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    Is your interest in guns narrow or broad?

    Broad. If I see a firearm type that interests me I'll try to locate a sample and try it out. If my enthusiasm wanes off it goes.
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    Steel Case Ammo Question

    You answered your own question mt friend. They sell the cases for scrap value and apparently don't want to waste the time sorting out the junk steel cases.
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    CCI CB longs and CCI quiet ammo rimfire

    I think CCi Quiet is going to replace the CB and CB Long offerings eventually if not already. The only .22 Short ammo I have seen in my area now is Lapua and they don't offer a CB type load.
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    AR pistol grip storage

    I keep a pair of soft foam earplugs in the grip of my AR rifles. If you actually shoot your rifle these will be the handiest most useful things you can carry
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    Browning 1911-22

    I've owned mine for several years now. A box stock full size and one of the first in my areas with the black oxide finish and double diamond grips that has become a favorite general purpose rimfire hand blaster. It isn't my most accurate .22 handgun, a S&W Model 41 holds that honor but it...
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    Military junkers

    My Dad told me the Army Air Corp tried sticking Reisings on combat bomber aircraft in late '43-early '44 after the Marines in the Pacific decided the guns were worthless junk. The guns had a habit of falling out of the aircraft while crossing over the English Channel. Lots of turbulence over...
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    Savage 24 .223 over what gauge?

    I'd choose 12 gauge with the .223 it will handle any load the 20 can plus some the 20 can't meaning the gun can reliably take any game animal on this continent and within limits. Heavier frame on the 12 means reduced felt recoil with 20 gauge type loads too.
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    CZ-452 at the Range

    I have a 2X7 Leupold on my 452 and have it in a set of excellent Warne rings.
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    92s......setup to keep broken slide from flying off?

    These threads are humorous. Most citizens won't fire 5000 rounds through a single pistol in a lifetime. For all the hoo ha talk about the Beretta pistols most won't tell you the 1911A1s the M9 replaced broke down just as often if not more so than the Beretta's. Only difference was the slides...
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    Putting the Garand Back Together

    My advice was in every way intended with good and knowledgeable intention. Have fun getting the trigger assembly back out of the weapon now that you have hammered it into place and hope you didn't split or knock chunks of wood off the internal bedding recesses.