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    Never understood the need to carry a DA/SA pistol in Condition One.

    It doesn't matter what the safety/trigger set up is. You should be trained enough where you can instinctively operate the handgun. Stress won't matter if you can operate with muscle memory and without conscious thought about it. The same could be said to be safe and accurate with a DAO pistol...
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    M4 configuration?

    Again, it was back in '08 and I don't have the serial numbers. The unit wasn't an organic AD unit. I wouldn't know where any of those rifles are nor would anyone who was formerly with the unit. They were turned in at the issuing post and that was the last anyone of us would have seen them. Our...
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    M4 configuration?

    Sorry, I lost track of that thread and didn't see the response. It's tough to tell what is a marketing gimmick in the AR15 market and what isn't with the desire for so many civilian owners to try to replicate issued rifles. The M4s my unit was issued were previously unissued at the time('08)...
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    M4 configuration?

    I understand that the feed ramps in question are cut into the receiver and I know what they look like. What I want to know is when/if they added them to M4s. Actual M4s not an AR15 marketed as one.
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    Legal to build a hi-cap magazine?

    "High capacity" is subjective. I would think it would only be technically correct if the magazine's capacity is beyond what is typical for the firearm in question lest we restrict ourselves to the 4 rounds typical in many hunting rifles and shotguns as "standard". In the OP's case it would be...
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    M4 configuration?

    I never understood where the "M4 feed ramps" came from. Can anyone explain it to me? The newest M4s I've encountered and used were new in '08. They did not have "M4 feed ramps" nor did any of the older M4s I've encountered. Is this something new added to newer M4s or is it a civilian thing?
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    IMHO "Assault Weapons" Ban Is Not Unconstitutional

    The AWB wasn't just a ban on cosmetic features. People sure do have a short memory. The AWB banned several makes and models. It also restricted magazine capacity to 10. You could have a magazine that looked like a standard magazine as long as it held 10 maximum. That isn't cosmetic. It's...
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    Are these M4 feed ramps?

    The genuine M4s(which is a military designation, not a corporate one) do not have the "M4" feed ramps that are in vogue on civilian rifles. They aren't part of the actual M4 specs. The newest actual M4s I've encountered were brand new in 2008 and none of them had them. I don't think it's...
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    Are these M4 feed ramps?

    You mean the standards of actual Colt M4s which do not have feed ramps extending into the receiver or that it meets the marketing "M4 feed ramp" specs? If for the first, no but no receiver extended feed ramps will. Since M4s do not have them. If for the second, it depends on which company's...
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    Mossberg Customer Service

    I had a free part sent to me from Springfield Armory and they didn't even put me on hold and they spoke clearly.
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    What to do with my $300

    My 10/22 never malfunctioned. I've fired plenty of HV and match and never had an issue. I use Butler Creek Steel Lips and Ruger factory magazines. You will find that my experience is typical of the 10/22 owner. If my Ruger had the problems you were having it would have immediately been sent...
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    What to do with my $300

    You can get started with Lee's Anniversary Kit: $150. It's how I got started years ago but it was cheaper then and didn't come with the quick change bushing. After that all you need are the dies and...
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    What to do with my $300

    This is the best option. It will save you money in the long run and make you a more knowledgeable and better equipped shooter.
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    The most (and least) armed states in the union (Daily Beast)

    NICS statistics aren't accurate to determine how heavily "armed" a state is. It simply indicates legal purchases from FFLs. It doesn't include firearms already owned, FTF sales, or illegal sales. Illegal sales being more prevalent in the stricter "gun control" states, of course. Not...
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    Plastic v. Metal or in harmony?

    Actually there have been at least one plastic-framed derivative of the 1911. I think Kimber once marketed one.There have also been plastic lowers available for the AR15. Cav-arms comes to mind as a company that once offered them. Personally, if I have a choice, I'd rather have a steel frame...