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    Which CC auto 9MM and why?

    Quoted, for truth.
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    Which CC auto 9MM and why?

    I will elaborate, just a bit more, on the utility of a compact that shares mags with the larger “parent” pistol. There are times I carry a Glock G17 as “bag gun,” especially when on road trips, or when going to a destination at which carrying a sling bag, or such, blends well. If my compact...
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    Which CC auto 9MM and why?

    I nominate the the Glock G26. Why? 1. Long-established reputation of reliability. Really long, extensive history. The G26 has aged well. 1a. There are credible reports of problems with the recoil spring assemblies, in the G43/G48. 2. The G26 can accept G19- and G17-length magazines. 2a. In my...
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    Back To Revolvers

    Revolving pistols? Yes, of course! The GP100 in my avatar image is my favorite, though I am more likely, day to day, to carry a 2” S&W Model 64 or Ruger SP101. There are others, but this is not a “list all of your revolvers” thread. I do know my way around several auto-loading pistol systems...
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    Why do/did you choose a revolver as your EDC over a semiauto?

    1. My aging right hand is not what it once was. A revolving pistol does not depend upon a firm grip and a rigid wrist in order to cycle the action for the next shot. I am, actually, sufficiently ambidextrous to shoot with my healthier left hand*, but, then, if I have to run the slide, it would...
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    This is why..............

    Nothing wrong with firing revolvers. Just remember to treat the business end of each chamber as a barrel. It is not a good idea to get body parts near the breech end of an autoloader, either, when firing it. There is no barrel/cylinder gap, but a blown primer, a blown case, or hot gases...
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    You Are the Target in a Home Invasion Scenario. Which Defensive Weapon Do You Reach For First?

    Well, it depends. Am I already carrying a handgun, or, have I already undressed, for the night? How close am I to my Benelli M2, a former duty shotgun? How close am I to my Remington 870P pump gun? (Another former duty shotgun.) If I am not wearing my prescription eyeglasses, at the moment...
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    Yard work revolver

    I do not have a dedicated “yard work” handgun. Any stainless-steel revolver, in a pocket, belt pouch, or waist pack, will do. We live in one of the safest cities in the USA, statistically. I think that it is a VERY good idea, however, to be adequately armed, while doing yard work, or tinkering...
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    Fighting Revolver

    In the duty revolver context, after seeing a colleague’s rear sight break, when she dropped it, during a building search, I soon switched to a fixed-sight duty sixgun, an S&W Model 58. Eventually, however, I settled on an adjustable-sight duty revolver, and fixed-sight back-up revolver, on my...
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    BUG carry

    I do not carry anything important in back pockets. Weapons are important! I am not acquainted, personally, with anyone who carries a firearm in a back pocket.
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    Carrying 2 guns to much?

    I can add that when my lower and or middle back muscles start throwing their occasional prolonged hissy fit, I can carry a balanced load, at waist/hip level, much more comfortably than even one compact handgun worn on one side. With shoulder rigs, identical weight, on each side, can keep the...
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    Carrying 2 guns to much?

    “Over Kill?” The objective of a defensive weapon, in most civilized places, is to stop/incapacitate an attacker. If “kill” is out of the discussion, then “over kill” is not a factor. 😉 Anyone who is concerned about parts breakage, or other difficult-to-fix malfunctions, may wish to have a...
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    Semiauto vs. revolver for home defense - Interesting day at the range, and a question

    Well, first, I must ask: Why a J-Frame for home defense? Why not the K- or L-Frame? (Rhetorical question; I am not requesting an answer.) A go-to defensive handgun should fit, in my opinion. A J-Frame is too little for me, unless I put over-sized grips on it, which makes it a medium-sized...
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    Anyone a fan of S&W 3rd generation autos?

    A fan? Yes. Presently carrying? Well, no, but that may change. Nostalgia, post-retirement, prompted me to buy a decently-preserved S&W Model 3913 TSW, to ”replace” an original-version 3913 that I had let get away from me, in the mid-Nineties. I liked this TSW enough to decide to accumulate a...
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    Should S&W bring back 3rd gen pistols?

    Faithful design copies? I would say no. The internal parts are not what I think of as being 21st-Century state of the art. A Fourth Generation of DA/SA, with similar ergonomics, and simplified parts lists? Yes, please! And, a hearty “AMEN” to the post that requested resumption of magazine...