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    More Remington firearm models making it to shelves

    I own and have owned a few Remington guns. Some I liked more than others, but have alway appreciated the history that they brought to the table. It’s hard to be a gun enthusiast and not have an appreciation for their contribution. My Remington 1100 is one of the finest trap guns going. My...
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    Steel Case Ammo Yes or No?

    As one who enjoying hand loading about as much as shooting, I have stayed away from steel cases. However, I have several USSR vintage funds that I do not relate , and about all I can find are steel cased ammo. It has been fine and appears dependable.
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    I bought it for all the wrong reasons.

    Several years ago, I purchased an original Remington Model 51 manufactured in the 1920s. So when the new ones were put on the market, I was eager to buy. However Remington rushed it to market and sales stopped for a few years while Remington reengineered and retooled. Eventually they came back...
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    Light hammer strike problem.....

    I had a similar problem with a S&W 686 when shooting hand loads. Factory loads were fine, so I reloaded some with a softer primer (I was originally using CCI primers) and voila!, Issue resolved.
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    Would you? Remington R51 for $300 new?

    I originally was hot to acquire one when they first came out, because I have one of the original Remington Model 51s and so thought it would be great to add to my collection. However, after so much trouble and such a long time to solve their problems, I lost interest. That being said, I have...
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    I have a Tokarev TTC and am curious about the markings on it. As I understand it, the “C” in TTC stands for the Cugir Factory which is Romanian. However, it also has the circle 11 marking of Polish manufacture and is stamped, “Made In Poland”. Based on the serial number, it was manufactured in...
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    P938 anyone?

    I have a P938 that I carry frequently. As a result, I take it to the range often to stay comfortable with it and its workings. It is very accurate for such a small weapon, has never jammed or misfired, is a fun gun to shoot and is very comfortable to carry. All in all, one of my favorite pistols.
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    Striker Fired vs 1911 - a dispassionate discussion?

    Like you, I know little about striker fired pistols. I have owned an R1A in Stainless, and truly loved it. However, after I bought my Colt 1911, I traded it in for something different. My R1A was dependable and shot well and my only issue with it, it was a little finicky with reloads that had...
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    What is the lightest moderately priced .380 ACP you would trust fo SD ?

    Although I don't have one, the Sig P238 comes highly recommended. As I do own a Sig P938, which I really enjoy, I would certainly be comfortable with the P238
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    The Best 9mm Auto Pistol I've Ever Shot!

    My BHP was my all time favorite 9mm until I got my Beretta M9. Since then, my BHP has almost become a safe queen.
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    I have never had a PA-63, but do have a Bulgarian & Russian Makarov and a polish P-64 in 9X18mm. They are tough, dependable and virtually indestructible.
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    Best current production 9mm

    I have a Beretta M9 which I truly love. I take it to the range a lot, and I have yet to ave it fail. I put it right next to my Colt 1911. The price point is around $600.
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    Handled a R51 yesterday at Academy Sports

    I have an original model 51 manufactured in 1927. I was excited about the new model 51 but when as a result of it crashing and burnig, I have been reluctant to jump up and purchase one. Now that I am seeing some positive comments, I most likely will.
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    Best Vehicle Handgun?

    I keep a Makarov in my truck console. It is arguably the most reliable shooter out there, rugged and tough, and was very inexpensive. I don't stress over a few dings that it might get bouncing around in my truck.