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    AR Builds -- What Parts Did You Choose and Why??

    Began my first AR-15 build today - Lower receiver is a Tactical Innovations T15BDX, it sure seems like a very nice piece. Now I have to start researching what I want for other components. Choices, choices!
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    Your "favorite" semiauto

    CZ75 and its derivatives. Kimber, Glock, HK USP, Browning Hi-Power, all fine firearms, but CZ is hands down my favorite.
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    Your Favorite Semi-Auto Pistol Caliber and Why

    I really like the efficiency if the 9mm Parabellum. It has excellent availability, excellent weapon selection and capacity, and adequate stopping power. That said, I still own handguns in 45ACP, 10mm, 40 S&W, 357 Magnum, 22LR. I still want a 44 Magnum, and a 38 Super Comp.
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    What kind of guns do the bad guys carry?

    CZ - choice of non- criminals!
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    Ignorant statement of the day....

    Here's the way I like to look at it... As far as bullet cross section goes 7 rounds of 45ACP = 10 rounds 40S&W = 13 rounds 9mm The smaller rounds will put more energy into the target, not round to round, but magazine to magazine. It's all about trade offs!
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    Should I be ok with this? (CZ SP-01)

    I would not worry about any of these.
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    Is a stainless CZ-75 really a stainless 85

    The CZ-75B Stainless may be as close as we ever come to a stainless CZ-85 COMBAT but there are some significant differences. As noted the CZ-85 (and COMBAT) have ambidextrous slide releases as well as the same ambidextrous safeties of the CZ-75B Stainless, the ambidextrous safeties of the...
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    Question for all the .45 cal. experts

    Your life is worth a few extra bucks! Get a good JHP round and don't worry about it.
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    Assault weapons remarks

    I need a semiautomatic so called "assault weapon" because the government has mini-guns that can fire 2000 to 4000 rounds per minute, guns that fire 30mm depleted uranium projectiles, 16" guns, cluster bombs, MOAB's, and thermonuclear weapons, and yet the government fears my semiautomatic? Does...
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    Montana Dems do about face

    MTmillitiaman.... "If they were even associated with gun control at any point in their career, they wouldn't be in office right now. That is a fact... " WRONG! Baucus voted for the Clinton "assault weapons ban", for gun free school zones, for closing gun show loopholes... Walking down the...
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    my first cz pistol need help

    Pick up a CZ-75B Stainless from CZ custom... $630 shipped. You will not be disappointed!
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    Is CZ the best available for price/function?

    The CZ-75 is a great firearm - no doubt about it. Are they a "great value".... good question. They once were a "great value", now I would say they are a fair value, the EAA Witness and Ruger P series I think have surpassed CZ in the "value" category IMO. I actually don't own either, but if...
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    Duty Gun: Hk USP .40 or Glock 22 RTF

    I own both a USP (40) and a Glock 17, I'd choose a Glock 22! Why? 1 - Magazine cost / capacity 2 - The barrel is too high in the USP.... at least in my opinion. 3 - I like the Glock trigger better (the USP trigger just feels spongy to me) I do prefer the DA/SA design of the CZ-75 over...
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    When you die, where are your guns going?

    gbw, I have four kids, two boys and two girls. The kids will get my firearms. The oldest, who just turned 10 last week has been enjoying going shooting with me for a couple of years. I have given some though however to setting up a "Firearms Trust" where the trust owns the firearms and...
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    Do you worry about others knowing how many guns you have?

    I live in a rural area and most of my neighbors are avid shooters. The one's immediately next door all hunt and shoot. I know they have guns, they know I have guns - it's all good. We really need to have a "neighborhood range day"!