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  1. Seven High liked cundiff5535's post in the thread Don Williams (The Action Works) Custom Hi-Power.

    I’ve owned a good amount of BHP’s over the years. Only two of them were “custom guns", or had custom work to them. One was a fully...

    50337815558_bd65ea69b7_k.jpg 50338658137_129ce3fccd_k.jpg 50338658462_efeeccc984_k.jpg 50338501591_d4d21bf43e_k.jpg 50338658357_159432bb57_k.jpg 50338658257_d33261ae1d_k.jpg 50338657357_16abed4a26_k.jpg 50337814918_fb07f3d2a8_k.jpg 50337814818_b68bf8f8fc_k.jpg 50337814728_f0545874fb_k.jpg 50338657552_7a3b2b04cb_k.jpg 50338657412_2f6566fcbc_k.jpg 50338657277_7120325d97_k.jpg Sep 13, 2020 at 9:09 PM
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