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    A .22 handgun for home self defense?

    There is the popular Sig P322 that has 20 or 25 round mags and probably more reliable any .22 revolver and with the optic more likely to actually hit your target. I also hear good things about the Tarus TX-22 and Glock 44.
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    A .22 handgun for home self defense?

    There are certainly many people that make the claim that revolver is more reliable than an "autoloader". However, from listening to some of the "common" expert trainers, and personal experience that is no longer the case today.
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    A .22 handgun for home self defense?

    I agree that there is a good selection of capable 380ACP handguns for sale today, however with 380ACP ammo being more expensive and the difference in size/recoil compared to 9mm, it really doesn't make sense to choose .380ACP The same can be said for the .22LR pistol today, with entries like the...
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    CCI Standard - CCI Blazer

    Have shot a lot of the CCI Blazer, they are the cleanest .22LR I have ever come up against. After shooting a few hundred the gun is cleaner than when you started. (Sig P322)
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    Massad Ayoob: "Are revolvers still relevant?"

    "can be just as reliable as revolvers" - more reliable is the norm. Look at the round count on well used Glocks to be in then 50K range is not uncommon.
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    Massad Ayoob: "Are revolvers still relevant?"

    "break contact with your attacker" - sure but why would you think you would have only ONE attacker and not several?
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    Massad Ayoob: "Are revolvers still relevant?"

    Yes, probably true, how many citizens will spend the time to master that beast when they get a better groups and more reliable goups with a Sig P320 or Glock 17 in 1/4 the time.
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    Massad Ayoob: "Are revolvers still relevant?"

    Of course, most carry more than one magazine, and if you have a failure with a wheel gun you most likely will require tools/gunsmith to fix, while most repair of a handgun like a Glock is done without tools.
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    in my book the 38 Special is alive and well

    OK, my question is are you "settling" for a revolver because you think the "blue" parts of the country are winning in the battle to get all semi-automatic firearms banned?
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    9mm target powder choice 124gr lcn

    Certainly, TiteGroup, W244, and CFE Pistol should be included in the list. Just because CFE Pistol is good for the most number of uses, that has become my choice. However, TiteGroup is probably the best overall for 9mm. I treat W244 as the going forward as a replacement for HP-38.
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    I don't understand the popularity of the M&P Shield guns.

    Certainly interesting. When I was first looking for a pistol, I shot a lot of the different brands, mostly in the compact or larger variants. The M&P 9 was just not comfortable or accurate, so I basically discontinued all of the S&W pistols. I left with a Glock 17 Gen 4 and it served me well...
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    380acp Out Of A 9mm Revolver?

    Since 380 ACP is about 50% more expensive than 9mm so why? Other than as a "range toy" why would you have a 9mm revolver?
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    What's with the P320?

    It is a lighter, has much better trigger, and has a modular design allowing more options.
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    What's the deal with Canik?

    The Sig P-320 did have a "drop problem" very early in its release, the early guns can be returned and upgraded for free, the guns after that fix have been very reliable and do not have any trace of a drop problem. The initial problem was serious, but way over blown by people wanting to make...