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    Missouri Bullet order

    Could someone send me the code?
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    Please Don't Laugh is about the cheapest I've found. Prices include shipping and 10% of with coupon code ENOS. Items out of stock have always shipped within a couple of days...give them a call if worried about out of stock
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    Ramshot Competition & 124grain Lead RN

    Just thought I'd update folks, 2.6 grains @ 1.145 COL makes a really soft recoiling round that cycles a P226. Also, very little smoke.
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    Ramshot Competition & 124grain Lead RN

    I can't seem to data for this load anywhere, they list data for plated 124 grains and lead & plated 115 & 147. Does anyone have a source that lists load specs using Ramshot Competition and LRN 124 grain? I know, use at my own risk. I would like, if you could, please provide a source.
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    Dillon power funnels?
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    Are these reloads or am I just paranoid?

    It's military headstamped brass without a crimp on top of everything else mentioned.
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    Dillon powder drop die for shouldered rifle cases?

    Boat-tailed bullets make it much easier, but otherwise you do have to hand guide the bullets up into the seating die. In terms of bullets moving after seated, make sure your re-sizing die is properly setup. Possibly look at annealing your brass.
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    New Dillon 550b - lube

    What kind of defect? It's a pretty simple machine?
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    "Progressive" Loading?

    So many cost comparisons are not apples-to-apples comparisons. I have made a quick table to help with comparing the three most discussed presses (Hornady LNL AP, Dillon 550b and XL 650). Please...
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    "Progressive" Loading?

    Priming works the same on about every progressive, fill tubes -- You can get the Dillon RF100 or the vibra-prime to speed up the operation.
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    Powder Test: Win231 in .44 Mag

    I switched to True Blue from W231 just for a little more punch (I only keep 1 powder around for my pistols). But nice shooting on that 5.5gr charge. I'd say try +/- 0.1 of a grain and go at it again. Has to be a super light load though.
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    "Progressive" Loading?

    Everyone equates the 550 to lower volume shooting because of the change over time, but really the change over time for me on my 650 with priming system is like 7 minutes after several times changing it (and I use that opportunity to clean up everything, relube, etc). I love auto indexing (I...
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    Hornady LNL with S&B Brass?

    I had nothing but problems with my LNL AP EZ-Ject and 40 brass. Same issues, either hanging or indexing all the way to station 1. Using a lock washer on the shellplate bolt cut it down, but didn't eliminate the problem.
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    SMT Wet Tumblers

    Use cold water for both the tumbler and the rinse... it helps.
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    Scale Question

    Brian Enos over at sales top notch electronic scales. They are the only reloading grade scales I've seen with a warranty longer than one year (his cheapest one is 20 years and the big guy is lifetime). I am of the mindset a top quality electronic scale is sufficient. I use to...