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    Large Pistol Primers for BP Loads

    My error. Powder Valley. 2pounds of powder an a K of primers. This sport is becoming expensive.
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    Dillon powder measure bars

    Ditto. And to creep it would have to actually rotate the screw that moves the adjustable slide in or out. Where would the rotational forces come from for that to happen?? I’m referring to my type of measure slides dating back to 1982 not a later or after market version.
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    Why 2F Instead of 3F - BP Handgun Cartridges

    It’s general knowledge that regardless of granular a pound of powder has a given amount of energy. We normally throw powder charges by volume so the energy equation will increase with the f value. It’s been discussed before in these pages and some have added other values that affect this...
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    Large Pistol Primers for BP Loads

    A few months ago I purchased a Pedersoli heavy barrel Sharps in 45/70. Due to a lack of large rifle primers I use Federal Large Pistol primers of which I have a generous supply. Loading 65 grains of 2F under a 405 grain bullet. Using a drop tube then a compression die, the bullet is just...
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    1851 colt?

    Yep the Army is round all the way back. About 8 years ago EMF had G&G’s on sale. I bought one. The “ receiver” back portion of the barrel is half octagon with clean flats and squared edges. I do believe the grip frame and grips are slightly smaller too. A sample of the four.
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    1851 colt?

    The real problem would be in not using a filler or wad and the loading rod not fully seating the ball on top of the powder. Seems airspace is a hazard in bp shooting.
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    1851 colt?

    What makes it an 1851 Navy in a fantasy 44 caliber and not an 1860 Army with a brass frame. ??
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    Another Black Powder Cartridge Day

    I’ve a number of the Italian made Colt and Remington percussion revolvers, while I do enjoy weekly outings with them as cap and ball, several have conversion cylinders in 45C. Loaded with a brimful charge of 3F bp and 200 or 250 grain bullets they do indeed breathe fire and smoke. I’ve been a...
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    Sharps Pedersoli 45/70 Rifle.

    Thanks for the replies. Still haven’t decided to buy. Got to look at it one more time. Beyond the gun1K plus there’s the dies, shell holder, and bullet mold(s) and brass. Brass is more pricy than loading dies, , and I haven’t seen any lying about at the gun club lately either.
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    Sharps Pedersoli 45/70 Rifle.

    I have an opportunity to buy one of these at. a reasonable price. Due to a pacemaker placement full bore smokeless loads are out of the question.TrailBoss loads?? Bullet weights. Anyone load the standard 70 grain 2F under a ? Bullet and can comment of felt recoil. I have a loose powder or paper...
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    Smith Carbine $1400 ( WDYT?)

    I’ve a reproduction, Pietta, Smith. It’s very accurate.I shoot a .518 bullet in it. At that price for an original with an armors cartouche I would have snapped it up. Paid as much for a Burnside. But then again I just like the breech loaders. I’m from Scott County Tennessee. One of my...
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    Opinions of Federal primers

    Good advise. With all the attention given to head space, cartridge length, OAL, and bullet seating, many shooters/reloaders over look primer pockets stretching. It happens. I had a lot of .308 cases that had loose primer pockets after several reloads. As to Federal primers I’ve used the with...
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    45 Schofield Bullets

    One could always do as I’ve seen the YouTuber, CapnBall do. Use unlubed bullets amd put a plug of lube over the chamber mouth just as many do for percussion. I’ve tried it with good results if a bit messy.
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    Coil spring prototype underway on 1858 Remington

    The ROA’s would serve as a model if one has the expertise to fashion them from scratch.
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    Incendiary cap 'n' ball experience.

    I experimented with and had good luck making lube pills by pouring molten 60/40 wax and solid Crisco onto the surface of cold water in a pan. Drained, dried then coated with cornstarch the 44 caliber pills were cut from the sheet with a 45ACP case. Works well and I still use them in 45C...