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Advertising on THR

  • 15 year old online shooting community
  • Mission: to promote responsible firearm ownership
  • Viewers represent the full spectrum of gun owners
  • Brand-safe, gun-focused, family-friendly.  Highest quality discussion on the Internet.
  • 909,000 different people visit every month (only those who view ads are counted in this number)
  • Broad Reach: 10.9 million different people visited over the last 12 months
  • Inexpensive: Each advertising dollar reaches (on average) 62 different people
  • Ideal Mix: 53.3% of our visitors come from search engines; the rest are regulars
  • Packages start at $550 per year
  • Independent demographic and traffic data available from Quantcast
We believe we offer the best advertising ROI of any media that reaches the shooting community. For more information please send an e-mail to advertising@thehighroad.org or call Derek during business hours at (912) 852-4023.

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