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Why advertise directly on THR?

Because we connect you directly to your audience, at a lower cost, in a brandsafe and fraud-free way, while respecting the privacy of the people viewing your ads.

Display Advertising

Our main advertising offering is display advertising.  Unlike the other offerings you are likely considering, when you advertise with THR
  • There is no click fraud.  We charge based on how many times ads are shown, not how often they are clicked.
  • Your ad reaches our real, unfiltered audience.  Ad networks use programmatic methods to sort and sift users  in order to pull away the best prospects and sell them for a higher rate.  Here on THR every advertiser receives a fixed percentage of our pageviews, using a random number generator to create fairness.
  • You reach our audience at the lowest cost.  When you advertise directly the third-party ad network is removed from the equation, which results in lower costs for advertisers and higher payouts for THR.  Everyone wins (except for the third-party ad network.) 
  • Each advertising dollar reaches 51 different people (on average) that we can track.  We cannot track users who use ad blocking software, but our ad system shows ads to them anyway, so your advertising should reach 30% - 40% farther than this number suggests.
  • 53.3% of our visitors come from search engines; the rest are regulars.  This means you are getting a solid mix of reach and repetition.
  • It's a simple decision.  If our audience matches yours, choose an annual ad package.  Seasonality in our market will make prices whipsaw, but your ad budget is fixed and locked in. 
  • The independent demographic and traffic data available from Quantcast makes it easy to make sure our market matches your product or service.
  • Ad packages cost $1,950 per year, or $187 per month.  We are only taking annual commitments at this time.
  • You can manage your own inventory.  Once approved as an advertiser you can check the performance of your ads directly, and change banners at any time.
  • Choose medium rectangles or leaderboard ad formats.  We rebalance the number of ad slots of each type to maintain comparable visibility and performance.

Giveaways (still in testing)

Our newest advertising approach is a product giveaways.  If you are trying to increase awareness of a new product, we can set up a giveaway.  This creates a notification on everyone's page to let them know a giveaway is available, presents them with marketing information about the product, and allows them to enter the giveaway.  Optionally, if you are offering a discount to increase sales entrants can opt in and their address will be shared with you.  The winner is decided by a random number generator in our software, and is transparent to all participants.

Tests are underway, and pricing will be available in the future.


We believe we offer the best advertising ROI of any media that reaches the shooting community. For more information please start a conversation with @Derek Zeanah, send an e-mail to [email protected], or call Derek during business hours (EST) at (912) 852-4023.