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  1. huntsman

    Buckshot/Slug Choke

    I shot a lot of foster slugs with decent accuracy through mod choke, I patterned both 00, #4 buck through mod choke with even patterns. My answer, modified choke
  2. huntsman

    Any firearm can be used self-defense in a pinch. Do you agree?

    I don’t have a SD shotgun I have a BPS with a short barrel, rifle sights and choke tubes, I believe this gun gives me more flexibility over a shotgun with cylinder bore and bead. My BSS will be the last long gun I’ll part with for various reasons but two shots with minimal operation seems like...
  3. huntsman

    16ga ???

    I’m 64 and did a lot of hunting with a model 37 in 20. thanks to the Fed lead shot ban on waterfowl I had give up ducks and switched to upland hunting exclusively. I started buying up 16 gauge ( mostly sxs), ammo was available at local Kmart and used guns were cheaper. I did pickup a md37 in...
  4. huntsman

    If you could only have 5 handguns?

    LCP max Shield plus G19 Shield40 Blackhawk.45 convertible That’s the bulk of my current collection
  5. huntsman

    If you could have only one pistol?

    I own handguns to carry, so my current carry gun, Shield plus
  6. huntsman

    What motivates your gun-related expenditures?

    At this point in my life my sole firearm interest is CC, so while I view myself a minimalist it’s with a utilitarian purpose
  7. huntsman

    What is the last gun that you bought?

    This past weekend I picked up another Shield plus
  8. huntsman

    Do you own a Glock?

    I have a 19 and 23 to me those are the quintessential Glocks, no need for others.
  9. huntsman

    Too many Guns?

    My qualifier is when I can’t shut safe door and so far that hasn’t happened
  10. huntsman

    What is your “gun budget” per month?

    I have a small pension that the CFO lets me spend
  11. huntsman

    JHP or FMJ??

    I’d buy 10 boxes of fmj and borrow $20 from cookie jar to do the deal. LGS has pre Black Friday sale blaser brass 115gr $11.99 for 50
  12. huntsman

    Replaced my 380acp with a 9mm.

    My edc is LCP max, I live rural and the max is just more comfortable around the house. When I head to town its a Shield plus or G19, I’m a lefty so I get where you’re coming from and if the max didn’t come with a reversible mag catch I wouldn’t have bought it
  13. huntsman

    No, there's no such thing as a "national gun registry"

    Paper shuffling bureaucrats shuffle papers to justify their existence
  14. huntsman

    Ammo sale…not what you think…

    oligarch money has to go somewhere
  15. huntsman

    What do you do with your "decals"?

    I have a metal cabinet in the gunroom that is plastered with stickers
  16. huntsman

    Flash Mob, How Do You React?

    Avoidance first and foremost, I haven’t been in WM since they stopped selling handgun ammo. I live rural and shop locally if there’s more than 10 people in a store at one time I’d be on alert 🤣
  17. huntsman

    Should S&W bring back 3rd gen pistols?

    I owned and occasionally carried a 4566 for 9 years now I own and carry multiples from the M&P line, I see no reason to go backwards with a gen3
  18. huntsman

    Which .40 for carry?

    My favorite .40 out of the 3 I own is a Shield40 2.0, if it had a reversible mag catch(like plus) it would get more attention